Tobacco: Its History and Associations; Including an Account of the Plant and Its Manufacture; with Its Modes of Use in All Ages and Countries

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Chapman and Hall, 1859 - 332 oldal

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143. oldal - With my little stopper prest ; And the sweetest bliss of blisses, Breathing from thy balmy kisses ; Happy thrice, and thrice agen, Happiest he of happy men, Who when agen the night returns, When agen the taper burns, When agen the cricket's gay, (Little cricket, full of play,) Can afford his tube to feed With the fragrant INDIAN weed : Pleasure for a nose divine, Incense of the god of wine. Happy thrice, and thrice agen, Happiest he of happy men.
85. oldal - Tobacco battered, and the pipes shattered, (about their ears that idlely idolize so base and barbarous a weed ; or at least-wise over-love so loathsome a vanitie :) by a volley of holy shot thundered from mount Helicon.
72. oldal - Doctor, do you hear? This is my friend, Abel, an honest fellow ; He lets me have good tobacco, and he does not Sophisticate it with sack-lees or oil, Nor washes it in muscadel and grains, Nor buries it in gravel, under ground, Wrapp'd up in greasy leather...
20. oldal - See what a wicked and pestiferous poison from the devil this must be. It has happened to me several times that, going through the provinces of Guatemala and Nicaragua, I have entered the house of an Indian who had taken this herb, which in the Mexican language is called tobacco, and immediately perceiving the sharp fetid smell of this truly diabolical and stinking smoke, I was obliged to go away in haste, and seek some other place...
8. oldal - Only thus much; by Hercules, I do hold it, and will affirm it before any prince in Europe, to be the most sovereign and precious weed that ever the earth tendered to the use of man.
122. oldal - from the cruel Odille. At length one of her suitors, a certain Count Herman, A highly respectable man as a German, Who smoked like a chimney, and drank like a Merman...
58. oldal - At these spectacles, and everywhere else, the English are constantly smoaking tobacco, and in this manner: they have pipes on purpose made of clay, into the farther end of which they put the Herb, so dry that it may be rubbed into powder, and putting fire to it, they draw the smoke into their mouths, which they puff out again, through their nostrils, like funnels, along with it plenty of phlegm and defluxion from the head.
111. oldal - Westminster: but it was the joyfullest funeral I ever saw; for' there were none that cried but dogs, which the soldiers hooted away with a barbarous noise, drinking and taking tobacco in the streets as they went.
221. oldal - Divine in hookas, glorious in a pipe. When tipp'd with amber, mellow, rich, and ripe ; Like other charmers, wooing the caress More dazzlingly when daring in full dress ; Yet thy true lovers more admire by far Thy naked beauties — give me a cigar ! XX.
83. oldal - ... with them. And further, besides all this, it is like hell in the very substance of it, for it is a stinking, loathsome thing ; and so is hell. And further, his majesty professed that, were he to invite the devil to dinner, he should have three dishes; 1. A pig; 2. A pole of ling and mustard; and, 3. A pipe of tobacco for digesture.

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