Thrilling stories of the great rebellion

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J.E. Potter, 1866 - 494 oldal

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190. oldal - And they went on their way rejoicing. In the mean time General Grant, who had halted his army a few miles further back for a brief resting-spell, came in sight of, and was rather favorably impressed with, the appearance of this same house. Riding up to the fence in front of the door, he desired to know if they would cook him a meal.
40. oldal - Southern dead were buried. The loss of the enemy, as reported by some of their working party, was one hundred and sixteen killed. The number of wounded could not be ascertained. After the conflict had drifted away from the hill-side, some of the foe had returned to the field, taken away their wounded and robbed our dead. The loss of the Guard was fifty-three out of one hundred and forty-eight actually engaged, twelve men having been left by Zagonyi in charge of his train. The Prairie Scouts reported...
437. oldal - That makes no difference ; we know who you are, and we want you. We have here fifty men, armed with carbines and pistols. You cannot escape.' " There was a long pause, and then Booth said : — " ' Captain, this is a hard case, I swear. Perhaps I am being taken by my own friends.
190. oldal - Indiana cavalry regiment, commanded the advance guard, consisting of eight mounted men. About noon he came up to a small farmhouse, from the outward appearance of which he judged that there might be something fit to eat inside. He halted his company, dismounted, and with two second lieutenants entered the dwelling. He knew that Grant's incipient fame...
58. oldal - I went out with the officer as relief, I found that my post was upon a high eminence that overlooked the deep ravine in which our men had engaged the enemy, until Totten's battery came to their assistance. It was a dreary, lonesome beat. The moon had gone down in the early part of the night, while the stars twinkled dimly through a hazy atmosphere, lighting up imperfectly the surrounding objects.
57. oldal - Lee," she replied ; then placing her hand upon the captain's arm, she continued, " Captain, if he is not killed " — here her maternal feelings overcame her utterance, and she bent down over her boy and kissed him upon the forehead.
240. oldal - Then let us fight !" was the reply ; and to fight was the conclusion. Wright was plentifully supplied with revolvers ; he took two, and his wife another, loaded them carefully, and waited further developments. Monday afternoon three men rode up and inquired for Mr. Wright. He walked out, with the butt of a revolver sticking warily from his coat pocket, and inquired their wishes. The revolver seemed to upset their ideas. They answered nothing in particular, and proceeded to converse upon everything...
31. oldal - Bright swords flashed in the sunshine, a passionate shout burst from every lip, and with one accord, the trot passing into a gallop, the compact column swept on in its deadly purpose. Most of them were boys. A few weeks before they had left their homes. Those who were cool enough to note it say that ruddy cheeks grew pale, and fiery eyes were dimmed with tears. Who shall tell what thoughts, what visions of peaceful cottages nestling among the groves of Kentucky, or shining upon the banks of the Ohio...
189. oldal - The hero and veteran, who was citizen, captain, colonel, brigadier and major-general within a space of nine months, though a rigid disciplinarian, and a perfect Ironsides in the discharge of his official duties, could enjoy a good joke, and is always ready to perpetrate one when an opportunity presents^ Indeed, among his acquaintances, he is as much renowned for his eccentric humor as he is for his skill and bravery as a commander.
483. oldal - You do solemnly swear that you will support the Constitution of the United States, and see that there are no grounds floating upon the coffee at all times.' ' Yes, massa, I do dat,' he replied ; ' I allers settle him in de coffee-pot.

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