Reports of the Medical Officer of the Privy Council and Local Government Board [Great Britain]. 1865

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1866
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15. oldal - Against any such assumption two facts have been considered : first, that even healthy children, in proportion to their respective bodily weights, are about twice as powerful as adults in deteriorating the air which they breathe ; secondly, that the children will almost invariably have certain eruptive and other febrile disorders to pass through, from which adult life is comparatively exempt, and in which the requirement of space is greatly increased. And having regard to these two considerations,...
425. oldal - It travels along the great tracks of human intercourse, never going faster than people travel, and generally much more slowly. In extending to a fresh island or continent, it always appears first at a sea-port. It never attacks the crews of ships going from a country free from cholera to one where the disease is prevailing, till they have entered a port, or had intercourse with the shore. Its exact progress from town to town cannot always be traced; but it has never appeared except where there has...
40. oldal - ... leakage or soakage from drains or cesspools, or otherwise, gets access, even in small quantity, to wells or other sources of drinkingwater, it infects, in the most dangerous manner, very large volumes of the fluid ; that in the above-described ways even a single patient with slight choleraic diarrhoea may exert a powerful infective influence on masses of population among whom perhaps his presence is unsuspected ; that things, such as bedding and clothing, which have been imbued with choleraic...
58. oldal - For the purposes of this act, 1. any premises in such a state as to be a nuisance or injurious to health; 2.
379. oldal - Dhu'lhajja, the pilgrims slay their victims in the said valley of Mina, of which they and their friends eat part, and the rest is given to the poor. These victims must be either sheep, goats, kine, or camels ; males, if of either of the two former kinds, and females if of either of the latter, and of a fit age.
245. oldal - You are at liberty to make use of these few remarks, to make them known to the profession, or the world, as you please : and wishing you every success in your future efforts, good health, and happiness, " I am, Sir, yours sincerely, " JOHN YEOMAN." " Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, and Licentiate of the Apothecaries
379. oldal - ... and their friends eat part, and the rest is given to the poor. These victims must be either sheep, goats, kine, or camels; males, if of either of the two former kinds, and females if of either of the latter, and of a fit age. ' The sacrifices being over, they shave their heads and cut their nails, burying them in the same place; after which the pilgrimage is looked on as completed: though they again visit the Caaba, to take their leave of that sacred building.
380. oldal - It is considered a meritorious act to give away the victim without eating any portion of its flesh. Parties of Takruri might be seen sitting vulture-like, contemplating the sheep and goats; and no sooner was the signal given, than they fell upon the bodies, and cut them up without removing them. The surface of the valley soon came to resemble the dirtiest slaughter-house, and my prescient soul drew bad auguries for the future.
14. oldal - ... overcrowded' dwellings, I mean those where dwellers are in such proportion to dwelling-space that no obtainable quantity of ventilation will keep the air of the dwelling-space free from hurtfully large accumulations of animal effluvium — cases where the...
14. oldal - ... as is rather bestial than human. To be subject to these influences is a degradation which must become deeper and deeper for those on whom it continues to work. To children who are born under its curse it must often be a very baptism into infamy.

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