Dedication Services at the Unveiling of the Bronze Statute of Maj.-Gen. G. K. Warren: At Little Round Top, Gettysburg, Pa., August 8, 1888

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Press of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle Book Print. Department, 1888 - 93 oldal

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9. oldal - My native country! thee, Land of the noble free, Thy name I love; I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and templed hills; My heart with rapture thrills, .Like that above.
9. oldal - Let music swell the breeze, And ring from all the trees Sweet freedom's song! Let mortal tongues awake; Let all that breathe partake; Let rocks their silence break, The sound prolong! 4 Our fathers...
5. oldal - And never may they rest unsung, While liberty can find a tongue. Twine, Gratitude, a wreath for them, More deathless than the diadem, Who to life's noblest end, Gave up life's noblest powers, And bade the legacy descend, Down, down to us and ours.
87. oldal - The skill and promptitude of Major-General Warren and the gallantry and bearing of the officers and soldiers of the Second Corps, are entitled to high commendation.
38. oldal - I, 1850, standing second in a class of forty-four members. He was at once assigned to the Corps of Topographical Engineers, in the grade of Brevet Second Lieutenant. The first duty which devolves upon a young officer often exerts an enduring influence upon his professional character; and Lieutenant Warren was fortunate in the experience which he gained as assistant to Captain (now General) Humphreys upon the investigations and surveys of the Mississippi delta.
84. oldal - Hooker, who had just assumed command of the Army of the Potomac. The two Corps of Engineers were consolidated by Act of Congress approved March 3, 1863; and on June 8, General Warren was appointed Chief Engineer of the Army of the Potomac, acting in that capacity until August 12. During the six months in which he thus served on the staff, his papers prove that he discharged highly responsible duties. In the Chancellorsville campaign he took a gallant part in the action of Orange Pike, the storming...
82. oldal - Sometimes an officer of the regular army, desirous of distinguishing himself, and having enough of influence in his State, raised a regiment and obtained from it an admirable result. Thus, a young Engineer Lieutenant named Warren was marvellously successful with the Fifth New York Regiment, of which he was the Colonel.
83. oldal - Mill, and Colonel WARREN was highly commended for gallantry and good conduct. After leaving the Peninsula, Colonel WARREN'S brigade was landed at Aquia Creek and took part in the movements of the Fifth Corps to reinforce General Pope. In the desperate battle fought near Manassas, on August 30, 249 out of the 490 soldiers of his own regiment were killed and wounded, and his bull-dog tenacity did much to cover the withdrawal of the remnants of the Corps. Recommended by his superior officers, and urgently...
93. oldal - He is now peacefully at rest beyond the reach of praise or censure ; but his memory is a sacred legacy to West Point and to the Army of the Potomac. There is no nobler name upon either roll.
85. oldal - August n he was assigned to the temporary command of the Second Corps. He had thus in two years, without influence other than the recommendations of his commanding officers, fairly fought his way from the command of a regiment to that of an army corps. His first important service in this grade occurred in Lee's flank march upon Centreville, in October, 1863. On the night of the...

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