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84. oldal - Act annexed, or as near thereto as the Circumstances of the Case will admit...
86. oldal - I [or we, or the corporate title of a corporation], under the authority of an act passed in the year of the reign of her Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled ' An Act for affording further Facilities for the Conveyance and Endowment of Sites for Schools...
93. oldal - Acts, and upon trust to permit the said premises and all buildings thereon erected or to be erected to be for ever hereafter appropriated and used as and for a school for the education of children and adults or children only of the labouring manufacturing and other poorer classes in the Parish of [Z] and for no other purpose.
2. oldal - ... unless the right of inspection be retained in order to secure a conformity to the regulations and discipline established in the several schools with such improvements as may from time to time be suggested by the committee.
101. oldal - ... person or no such person able and willing to act, then the surviving or continuing trustees or trustee for the time being, or the personal representatives of the last surviving or continuing trustee, may, by writing appoint another person or other persons to be a trustee or trustees in the place of the trustee dead, remaining out of the United Kingdom, desiring to be discharged, refusing, or being unfit or being incapable, as aforesaid.
81. oldal - Provided also, that upon the said land so granted as aforesaid, or any part thereof, ceasing to be used for the purposes in this Act mentioned, the same shall thereupon immediately revert to and become a portion of the said estate held in fee simple or otherwise, or of any manor or land as aforesaid, as fully to all intents and purposes as if this Act had not been passed, anything herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding.
89. oldal - ... an Act passed in the second year of the reign of Her present Majesty, intituled An Act to facilitate the Recovery of Possession of Tenements after due Determination of the Tenancy.
1. oldal - Council to superintend the application of any sums voted by Parliament for the purpose of promoting public education...
83. oldal - ... by an Act passed in the seventh year of the reign of his late Majesty George the Fourth, intituled " An Act to authorize the Disposal of unnecessary Prisons in England.
4. oldal - ... her majesty having taken the said report into consideration, was pleased, by and with the advice of her privy council, to approve thereof, and of the rules and regulations set forth therein, in the words following, videlicet : — I.

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