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Br. 486. Juriter hoc templum, ut, siquando relinquit Mente senes olim juvenis, Faustine, premebas, Olympum,

Nunc juvenum terres robore corda senex. Atthide non alius desit Olympus, habet.

Lævum at utrumque decus, juveni quod præbuit


Turba senum, juvenes nunc tribuere seni.

Br. 487. Civis et externus grati; domus hospita nescit Quærere, quis, cujus, quis pater, unde venis.

EXCEPT Æ hospitio musæ, tribuere libellos

Herodoto hospitii præmia, quæque suum. POMPEII.

Br. 487. Cum fugere haud possit, fractis Victoria pennis,

STELLA mea, observans stellas. Dii me aethera Te manet imperii, Roma, perenne decus.


Multis ut te oculis sim potis aspicere.

Br. 488. LATRONES alibi locupletum quærite tecta, Assidet buic custos strenua pauperies.

CLARA Cheroneæ soboles, Plutarche, dicavit

Hanc statuam ingenio, Roma benigna, tuo. Das bene collatos, quos Roma et Græcia jactat,

Ad Divos paribus passibus ire duces ; FORTUNA malim adverse tolerare procellas, Sed similem, Plutarche, tuæ describere vitam

Quam domini ingentis ferre supercilium. Non poteras, regio non tulit ulla parein.

En, Sexto, Sexti meditatur imago, silente,

Orator statua est, statuæque orator imago.

Dar tibi Pythagoram pictor ; quid ni ipse tacer

Pythagoras mallet, vocem babuisset opus.

Pulchra est virginitas intacta, at vita periret,

Omnes si vellent virginitate frui; Nequitiam fugiens, servatâ contrahe lege

Conjugium, ut pro te des hominem patriæ.

Prolem Hippi et sua quâ meliorem secula nul.

lum Videre, Archidicen hæc tumulavit humus ·

Quam, regum sobolem, nuptam, matrem, atque CRETHIDA fabellas dulces garrire peritam

Prosequitur lacrymis filia mesta Sam : Fecerunt nulli sors titulique gravem. | Blandam lanifici sociam sine fine loquacem,

Quam tenet hic, cunctas quæ manet, alta



Cecropidis gravis hic ponor, Martique dicatus,

Quo tua signantur gesta, Philippe, lapis. Spreta jacet Marathon, jacet et Salaminia laurus, Dicite, Causidici, gelido nunc marmore magni Omnia dum Macedum gloria et arma pre

Mugitum tumulus comprimit Ampbiloci.


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The above is a Version of a Latin Epigram on the Pastor Arabs : decies octo sibi Persa requirit. amous Jobo Duke of Marlborough, by the Abbé Sal Myriadas sibi pulchra duas, duo millia poscit vini, which is as follows :

Parthenope. 5 Novies vult tellus mille Sicana. Haud alio vultu, fremuit Mars acer in armis :

• Papa suo regit imperio ter millia quinque. Haud alio, Cypriam percutit ore Deam.

Cum sex centuriis numerat sex millia Tuscus.

Centuriâ Ligures & augent duo millia quartå. The Duke was, it seems, remarkably handsome in

Centuriæ octavam decadem addit Lucca” sehis person, to which the second line has reference.

cundæ. Ut dicas, spatiis quam latis imperet orbi 10 Russia, myriadas ter denas adde trecentis :

11 Sardiniam cum sexcentis sex millia complent. SEPTEM ÆTATES.

Cum sexagenis, dum plura recluserit ætas,

Myriadas ter mille homini dat terra " colendas. Prima parit terras ætas, siccatque secunda, Evocat Abramum dein tertia : quarta relinquit Vicenis quinas, Asiam ' metata celebrem.

Vult sibi vicenas millesima myrias addi, Ægyptum ; templo Solomonis quinta supersit;

Se quinquagenis octingentesima jungit
Cyrum sexta timet; lætatur septima Christo.

Myrias, ut menti pateat tota Africa " doctæ.
Myriadas septem decies Europa 's ducentis

Et quadragenis quoque ter tria millia jungit. • His Tempelmanni numeris descripseris or- Myriadas denas dat, quinque et millia, sexque bem,

Centurias, et tres decadas Europa Britannis. 18 Cum sex centuriis Judæo millia septem.

Ter tria myriadi conjungit millia quartæ, Myrias "Ægypto cessit bis septima pingui. Centuriæ quartæ decades quinque Anglia Myrias adsciscit sibi nonagesima septem

nectit. Imperium qua Turca : ferox exercet iniquum. Millia myriadi septem fæcunda secundæ Undecies binas decadas et millia septem,

Et quadragenis decadas quinque addit Ierne. 18 Sortitur *Pelopis tellus quæ nomine gaudet. Quingentis quadragenis socialis adauget Myriadas decies septem numerare jubebit

Millia Belga
Tor sex centurias Hollandia " jactat opima.
Undecimum Camber 19 vult septem millibus


addi. • To the above Lincs (which are unfinished, and can therefore be only offered as a fragment) in the Doctor's manuscript, are prefixed the words, “ Geographia Metrica." As we are referred, in the first of in Templeman and in Johnson's verses are alike. the verses, to Templeman, for having furnished the We find, accordingly, the Morea, in Templeman, to numerical computations that are the subject of them, be set down at 7,220 square miles.--Arabia, at his work has been accordingly consulted, the title of 700,000.-Persia, at 800,000.-And Naples, at 22,000. which is, “ A New Survey of the Globe," and which -5. Sicily, in Templeman, is put down at 9,400.professes to give an accurate mensuration of all the 6. The Pope's dominions, at 14,868.-7. Tuscany, at empires, kingdoms, and other divisions thereof, in 0,640.–8. Genoa, in Templeman, as in Johnson likethe square miles that they respectively contain. On wise, is set down, at 2,400.-9. Lucca, at 286.-10. comparison of the several numbers in these verses The Russian empire, in the 29th plate of Temple with those set down by Templeman, it appears that man, is set down at 3,303,485 sq. miles.-11. Sardinia, Dearly half of them re precisely the same; the rest in Templeman as likewise in Johnson, 6,600.-12.

re not quite so exactly done. For the convenience The habitable world, in Templeman, is computed, in of the reader, it has been thought right to subjoin square miles, at 30,666,506.-13. Asia, at 10,257,487.each number, as it stands in Templeman's works, 14. Africa at 8,506,208.–15. Europe, at 2,749,349.-10. to that in Doctor Johnson's verses which refers The British dominions, at 105,634.–17. England, as to it.

likewise in Johnson's expressiou of the number, at 1. In this first article that is versified, there is an 49,450.-18. Ireland, at 27,457.-19. In the three reaccurate conformity in Dr. Johnson's number to maining instances, which make the whole that Dr. Templeman's; who sets down the squaro miles of Johnson appears to bave rendered into Latin verse, Palestine at 7,600.-2. The square miles of Egypt we find the numbers exactly agreeing with those of are, in Templeman, 140,700.—3. The whole Turkish Tompleman; who makes the square miles of the empire, in Templeman, is computed at 960,057 square United Provinces, 9,540; of the Province of Holland, miles.-4. In the four following articles, the numbers 1,800 ; and of Wales, 7,011.


[blocks in formation]

Thy gentle flows of guiltless joys

On fools and villains ne'er descend; In vain for thee the tyrant sigbs,

And hugs a flatterer for a friend.

Directress of the brave and just,

O guide us through life's darksome way! And let the tortures of mistrust

On selfish bosoms only prey.

Nor shall thine ardours cease to glow,

When souls to blissful climes remove : What raised our virtue here below,

Shall aid our happiness above.

The rites derived from ancient days
With thoughtless reverence we praise,
The rites that taught us to combine
The joys of music and of wine,
And bid the feast, and song, and bowl,
O’erfill the saturated soul :
But neer the flute or lyre applied
To cheer despair and soften pride;
Nor call them to the gloomy cells,
Where Want repines and Vengeance swels;
Where Hate sits musing to betray,
And Murder meditates his prey.
To dens of guilt and shades of care,
Ye sons of melody repair;
Nor deign the festive dome to cloy,
With superfluities of joy.
Ah! little needs the minstrel's power,
To speed the light convivial hour.
The board with varied plenty crown'd,
May spare the luxuries of sound.

Stanza. 1. This stanza is omitted in Mrs. Williams's Miscellanies, and instead of it we have the following, which may be suspected from internal evidence not to have been Johnson's.

When virtues kindred virtues meet,

And sister souls together join,




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47 Paraphrase of the above, by Dr. Johnson 86 The Vanity of Human Wishes

bl | To Miss Hickman, playing on the SpinPrologue spoken by Mr. Garrick, at the


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ib. Prologue to the Comedy of “ A Word to Parody of a Translation from the Medea the Wise" 81 of Euripides

ib. Spring

ib. Translation of the two first Stanzas of the Midsummer ib. Song “ Rio Verde, Rio Verde."

89 Autumn 82 Imitation of the Style of ****

ib. Winter

ib. Burlesque of some Lines of Lopez de Vega ib. The Winter's Walk

ib. Translation of some Lines at the end of To Miss ****, on her giving the Author a

Baretti's Easy Phraseology

ib. Gold and Silk Net-work Purse of her Improviso Translation of a Distich on the own weaving

83 Duke of Modena's running away from To Miss ****, on her playing upon the

the Comet in 1742 or 1743

ib. Harpsichord in a Room hung with Improviso Translation of some Lines of Flower-pieces of her own painting

Mons. Benserade à son Lit

ib. Evening: an Ode. To Stella ib. Epitaph for Mr. Hogarth

ib. To the Same

ib. Translation of some Lines written unTo a Friend .

84 der a Print representing Persons SkaitStella in Mourning ib. ing

90 To Stella ..

ib. Impromptu Translation of the same ib. Verses written at the Request of a Gentle- To Mrs. Thrale, on her completing her man to whom a Lady had given a Sprig Thirty-fifth Year.

ib. of Myrtle

ib. ! Impromptu Translation of an Air in the To Lady Firebrace, at Bury Assizes 85 Clemenza de Tito of Metastasio

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ib. Epitaph on Claude Philips . 86 Poemata

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Friendship. An Ode

105 pettum

ib. | Translation from the Medea of Euripides ib

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