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See the gloomy gath’ring cloud 570 Though small the drops of falling rain 579

See, the world for youth prepares, 583 Though sore beset with guilt and fear 598

Shall nea pretend to pleasure 586 Thus saith the Lord to Ephesus 599

Sight, hearing, feeling, taste, and smell 603 Thus saith the Holy One and True

Simon, beware! the Saviour said 520 Thy mansion is the Christian's heart 512

Sin, when view'd by Seripture-light 615 Thy message, by the preacher, seal 553

Sinner, art thou still secure

586 Thy pronise, Lord, and thy command 620

Sinners, hear the Saviour's call 587 Time, with an unwearied hand


Sin enslar'd me many years

610 Time, by moments, steals away 544

Sin has undone our wretched race 547 'Tis a point I long to know


Some author, (no great matter) who 623 'Tis my happiness below

- 591

Sometimes a light surprises

604 'Tis past, the dreadful stormy night 593

Son of God thy people's shield 497 To keep the lamp alive

Sov'reign grace has pow'r alone 521 To tell the Saviour all my wants 604

Stop, poor sinner, stop and think 586 To thee our wants are known


Strange and mysterious is my life 535 | To those who know the Lord I speak 590

Supported by the word

496 | Too many, Lord, abuse thy grace 613

Sweet was the time when first I felt 476

Sweeter souuds than music knows 557

Uubelief the soul dismays


Uncertain how the way to find 599

Ten thousand talents once I owd 611 Unless the Lord had been my stay


That was a wopder-working word


That man no guard or weapon needs 480

The church a garden is

516 Wearied by day with toil and cares 571

The God who once to Israel spake 549 We seek a rest beyond the skies


The grass, and flow'rs which clothe the What a mournful life is mine



557 What contradictions meet


The Lord our salvation and light

559 What thousands never knew the road! 614
The Spirit breathes upon the word

568 What think you of Christ ! is the test 506

The gath’ring clouds, with aspect dark 569 What various hindrances we meet 567

The book of nature open lies

576 When Adam sell he quickly lost 448

The moon in silver glory,shoje

577 When first to make my heart his own 464
The moon has but a borrow'd light 578 When first my soul enlisted

The ice and snow we lately saw,

579 When Hannah, press'd with grief 463
The subile spider often weaves

580 | When Jesus claims the singer's heart 503

The Saviour calls his people sheep

581 When Joseph his brethren beheld 454

The water stood like walls of brass 582 When Israel, by divine command 566
The billows swell, the winds are high 592 When Israel's tribes were parch'd with
The Saviour hides his face!



The new-born child of gospel grace

612 When Israel heard the fiery law 459

The Lord receives his highest praise

613 When Israel was from Egypt freed 480

The wishes that the sluggard frames

615 When Joshua, by God's command 461

The saints Immanuel's portion are

621 When Peter boasted, soon he fell 508
The peace which God aloge reveals 622 When sinner's utter boasting words 500
The Father we adore

622 When the disciples crossd the lake 510

The castle of the human heart 515 | When the apostle wonders wrought 531

The evils that beset our path

484 When descending from the sky 507

The kine unguided went

465 | When any turn from Zion's way 525

The Lord will happiness divine

490 When the belov'd disciple tonk 542

The Lord proclaims his grace abroad 495 When Peter through the tedious night 546

The lion that on Samson roar'd 463 | When Moses wav'd his mystic rod 519

The manna, tavour'd Israel's meat 457 | When Paul was parted from his friends 554


message first to Smyrna sent 539 When on the cross my Lord I see 565

The prophets

' sons, in times of old 474 When the sun, with cheerful beams 576

The Saviour! what a noble flame 565 | When a black o'erspreading cloud 576

The saints should never be dismay’d

450 When slumber seals our weary eyes 583

The Shunamite, oppress'd with grief 547 When darkness long has veil'd my mind 594

The signs which God to Gibeon gave

462 When niy pray'rs are a burden and task 595

The word of Christ, our Lord.

537 When my Saviour, my Shepherd, is

There is a fountain Gill'd with blood 500


This is the feast of heav'nly wine

565 When the poor pris ner thro' a grate 599

Though Jericho pleasantly stood 472 | When the wounded spirit hears 607

Though in the outward church below 504 | When Hagar found the bottle spent 608

Though cloudy skies and northern blasts 555 While with ceaseless course the sun 543

Though troubles assail

451 While Joshua led the armed bands 570

Though the morn may be serene 556 While I liv'd without the Lord



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504 606

Why should I fear the darkest hour 604 Ye sons of earth, rrepare the plough
With Satan, my accuser, near 498 Yes! since God himself has said it
Winter has a joy for me

617 With Israel's God who can compare

621 Write to Sardis, saith the Lord 540 Zaccheus climb'd the tree

Zeal is that pure and heav'nly flame Ye saints on earth, ascribe with heav'n's Zion! the city of our God high host


519 613 552

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Στύλος και εδραίωμα της αληθειας, και ομολογουμένως μέγα έξι το της ευσεβείας

μυςηρων: Θεός εφανερωθη εν σαρκι

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little name

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The following Discoarses were drawn up about twelve months since, when I expected a speedy opportunity of delivering them from the pulpit. As the views I then had are now over-ruled, I take this method of laying them before the public ; that those who have thought proper to foretell the part I would have acted, and the doctrine I would have taught, if my desires had taken place, may be either satisfied or silenced.

Yet I should not have thought it worth my while, to give either myself or others this trouble, merely for my own vindication. Attempts of this kind usually imply too much of a man's importance to himself, to be either acceptable or successful. Or, at best, it can be a point of no great moment to my real happiness, what the few persons to whom my is known, are pleased to say or think of me. Nothing but great inattention to our true circumstances, can afford us leisure either to censure others, or to justify ourselves ; unless when the interest of religion or morality are evidently concerned. A few years will fix and determine our characters beyond all possibility of mistake ; and till then it would be vain to hope for it.

The true reasons, therefore, of this publication are, the importance of the subjects treated of; and the probability that, upon this occasion, many persons who have not yet considered them with the attention they deserve, may be induced, (some from a motive of friendship, and others from curiosity,) to read what might appear in my name, the rather for being mine.

Had I wrote with a design to print, I should have chose to put my sentiments in another form : and perhaps a desire to avoid the censure of severe critics would have made me more solicitous about expression and method. But as I profess to publish not what I might, but what I really would have spoken, I could not allow myself to deviate from my first draught

, except in a few places where I thought the sense entangled, ambiguous, or defective. For the same reason, I am forced to decline the judgment and correction of my friends, the advantages of which, as well as my own great need of them, I have more than once experienced.

If there is found in some places a coincidence of thought, or expression, I hope it will be excused; as I had not the least apprehension, at

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