A short List of Books, recommended by Knox, Simpson, and others, to the choice of persons, who are not professional students in Divinity, but who, occupied in worldly business, read in the intervals, for the sake of improvement in fiety and morality.

SCOUGAL's Life of God in the Soul of Man.
Baxter's Saint's Everlasting Rest.

Doddridge's Rise aud Progress.
Watts on the Love of God.

Rowe's (Elizabeth) Devout Exercise of the Heart.
Young's Night Thoughts.

Law's Serious Call to a Devout and Serious Life.
-Christian Perfection-

Thomas à Kempis on the Imitation of Jesus Christ.
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

Bishop Taylor's Holy Living and Dying.
Archbishop Leighton's Works.

Life of Halyburton.

Bogue's Essays on the New Testament.
Jennyns' Internal View of Religion.
Mason's Self-Knowledge.

Gibson's Family Devotions.
Nelson's Devotions.
Zollikoffer's Pious Exercises.
Knox's Christian Philosophy.
on the Sacrament.
Henry on Prayer, abridged.
Watts on Prayer
Sacra Privata.

Lives of Watts and Doddridge.
Wilberforce's View of Religion.
Fuller's Writings.

Edwards on the Religious Affections.
on Redemption.
Rev. John Newton's Writings.
Fashionable World Displayed.
Sermons-Barder's Village-Rev. Samuel Davies'.

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