99. This engraving represents the larynx, or 24. Here is a front view of the Vocal Organs: vocal box, at 1, near the top of the wind-pipe, 2;e is the top of the wind-pipe, and within and a the bronchial

little above d is the larynx, or vocal box, where tubes,

all voice sounds are branches of

made: the two the trachea,

horns at the top rep3, 4, going to each lung ;

resent the upper er

tremities of the thythe left lung is

2 whole; the


roid cartilage: the substance of

tubes up and down the right one

and transverse, are es removed, to

blood vessels: be show the ra

ware of having mifications of

anything tight the bronchial

around the neck, twigs, termi

also of bending the nating in the

neck much, impeding the free circulation of the air-cells, 7, 7,

blood, and determining it to the head. 8, like leaves on the trees.


POSITIONS OF FEET AND HANDS. al tubes are the three branches of

8 the windpipe, and enter the lungs about one third of the distance from the upper end: hence, how foolish for persons having a sore throat, or larynx, to suppose they have the bronchitis; which consists in a diseased state of the bronchia; generally brought on by an improper mode of breathing, or speaking, &c., with exposure. The remedy may be found in the practice here recommended, with a free use of cold soft water over the whole body, and bandages wet with the same, placed about the chest and neck, to be removed every few hours, as they become dry.

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23. Here is a horizontal view of the Glottis : N, F, are the arytenoid cartilages, connected with the chordæ vocales, (vocal cords, or ligaments,) T, V, stretching across from the top of the Brytenoid to the point of the thyroid cartilage: these cords can be elongated, and enlarged to produce lower sounds, and contracted and diminished for higher ones: and, at the same time, separated from each other, and allowing more condenBed air to pass for the former purposes; or brought nearer together, to favor the latter: there are a greet many musc.es attached to the larynx, to hve variety to the modifications of voice in poosh and song

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