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Medium of Intercommunication




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EXPERIENCES of a BARRISTER'S LIFE. Fourth Edition. In 2 vols, crowa 8 To. 283. "The work teems with innumerable anecdotes of most laughtermoving sort; there is not a dull page to be found in either volume"

Daily Tdegraph.

HOPE-EDWARDES. Now ready, in 1 vol. large crown 8vo. 10s. 6d. "• Eau de NU' is, without exception, the most amusing work on Egypt we have seen for a long while; it is thoroughly roadable from beginning to end, and gives one a remarkably good idea of Egypt as it is to-day."

Morning Post.

The HISTORY of ANTIQUITY, EAST of the JORDAN: a Record of

From the German of MAS DUNCKER. By EVELYN ABBOTT, Travel and Observation in the Countries of Moab, Gilead, and Basha M.A. LL.D., of Balliol College, Oxford. The first 3 vols, are now during the Years 1875–77. By SELAH MERRILL, Archæologist of published, in demy 8vo. 218. each.

the American Palestine Exploration Society, and with an Introduction by Professor ROSWELL HITCHCOCK, D.D. In 1 vol. demy

870. with 70 Illustrations and a Map. 168. The HISTORY of ROME. From the

German of THEODORE MOMMSEN. By the Rev. W. P. DICK: The RISE and PROGRESS of the
BON. With an Introduction by DR. SCHMITZ, The Library
Edition, 4 vols. demy 8vo. 753.; or the Popular Edition, 4 vols.

ENGLISH CONSTITUTION. By Sir EDWARD CREASY, late Crown 8vo. 468. 6d.

Chief Justice of Ceylon. Twelfth Edition. Crown 8vo. s.


the German of ERNST CURTIUS. By A. W. WARD, M.A. of the WORLD, from MARATHON to WATERLOO.

By Sir 3 yols. demy Svo. 908.

EDWARD CREASY, late Chief Justice of Ceylon. Library Edition
Demy 8vo. 108. 60.; or the Popular Edition, the Twenty-seventh,

crown 8vo. 68. The HISTORY of the GREAT

FRENCH REVOLUTION. From the French of M. TRIERS, by The HEAVENS: an Illustrated HandFREDERICK SHOBBRL. With 41 tine Engravings, and Portraits of the most Celebrated Personages referred to in the Work, Engraved

book of Popular Astronomy. By AMBDEE GUILLEMIN. Edited on Steel by William Greatbach. A New Edition. In 5 vols. demy

by J. NORMAN LOCKYBR, F.B.A.8. Revised Edition. Demy dra 8yo. 388.

with over 200 Illustrations, 123.


BRITAIN, 1793—1827. By WILLIAM JAMES. With & Con- Library Edition. Printed from the Original Editions Annotated by tinuation by Captain CHAMIER 6 volo. erown 8vo. with Por

the Author. In 6 vols, price 21s.; or separately, 78. each. traits, 388.




Second Edition, demy 8vo. cloth, price 78. 8d.

Great Rusgell Streetopposite established 99, Great Russell Street. A Gallery of Fine Works of Art,

embracing Pictures of the Italian, German, Dutch, and French By J. 0. HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, F.R.S.

Schools, always on View, and also many interesting examples by

deceased British Artists. Gentlemen desiring their Collection of The object of this work is to furnish the reader, in a plainly written

Piotires Oleaned, Restored, Relined, or Framed. will find this

establishment offering work esteemed for its durability and artistic narrative, with details of all that is really known respeoting the life

quality. Picture restoration and cleaning is treated with the best of Shakespeare, random conjeoturos and aesthetic fancies being judgment and the highest skill, oil paintings and drawings framed

after the most beautiful models of Italian, French, and English excluded LONGMANS, GREEN & Co.

carved work. Catalogues arranged and Collections valued.

E. W. STIBBS'S CATALOGUE Lester B. De beste in BURNS, First Edition, Kilmarnock for SALE.



and most Subjects of Literary Interest,

Fine old Preface (i-vi) in fac-simile, Comprising One Thousand Articles,

otherwise perfeot. -Offers to F. W. KNOX, 39, Welsh Street, Belfast. Is now ready, and can be had gratis by sending one stamp to No. 82, Museum Street, London.


SECOND-HAND BOOKS for JULY includes the Works of

Macaulay, Froude, Buokle, Defoe, Cervantes, Lytton, Scott, LivingCATALOGUE of ENGLISH and stone, Thackeray. Kingsley, &c., in handsome library condition FOREIGN BOOKS, Early Bibles, Scarce Liturgical Works,

many Works Illustrated by Bewick and Cruiksbank-Large-Paper Ancient Church Music, and many Curious and Scarce Articles. Post

Copies of Prince's Worthies of Devon, Risdon's Devon, Seott's Border free for one stamp.-JOHN S. LESLIE, 18, Henrietta Street, Covent Antiquities, Walpole's Royal and Noble Authois-Early Children's Garden, W.O.

Books-Yarrell's Birds-Manning's Sermons-Devon. A8800. Trans.. fine Complete Set-Monstrelet's and Froissart's Chronicles-Boydell's

Milton, and several hundred Works in all Classes of Literature.
BOOKS. Catalogues issued regularly, and sent post free on application to 230,

High Street, Exeter.
Now ready, gratis, GEO. FINDLEY'S CATALOGUE, No. 47.
Apply 89, Bigh Street, Leicester.



NUMBER of the above Periodical must be forwarded to the Publisher



MESSRS, PUTTICK & SIMPSON will SELL by by the 7th, and

BILLS by the 10th, of July.

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, ,

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street. MONDAY, July 17, and Nine Following Days (Sunday excepted), at ten minutes past 1 o'clock precisely each

day, the THIRD PORTION of the celebrated SUNDERLAND LIBRARY.


, The Catalogue includes a vast number of Rare and Valuable Books, of which the following are a few of the most important:

EDITIONES PRINCIPES of the most celebrated ancient Authors, TISEMENTS intended for insortion cannot be received by the Pub. including Decretals of Pope Gregory IX. (Louis XIII.th's copy),

Lishers later than MONDAY, July 10th. Hadus, De Amoris Generibus, Heliodorus, Herodian, Herodotus, Hesy

London: LONGMANS & CO. 89, Paternoster Row, E.O. chius, Hierocles, St. Jerome, Hippocrates, Homer, Horace, Joannes Damascenus, Joannes Grammaticus, John of Salisbury, Josephus, Isidorus, Jus Canonicum, Justinianus, Juvenal and Persius, Lactantius, Iascaris, Leo the Great, Livius, Longinus, Longus, Lucan, Lucian,

A SHORT STORY by the AUTHOR of "JOIN INGLESANT” Lucrotius, Macrobius, Thoma Magister, Manilius, Ammianus, Marcel

appears in Unus, and Martial. BOOKS PRINTED UPON VELLUM.-Customs of Orleans by A. de

MAGAZINE, Harlay, printed at Orleans by S. Hotot la 1583-Hornce with the Com

No. 273, for JUNE. Price 18. mentary of C. Landino, printed at Florence by A. Miscominus, 1482--The Epistles of Horaco, printed at Caen in 1480 by Durand and 'Quljono

Contents of the Number. The Works of Josephus, printed at Verona by Peter Mauser, in 1980– Justinian's Institutes, printed by Peter Schoiffer at Mentz in 1468– TWO NOVELETTES. By J. Henry Shorthouse, Author of "John Juvenal and Persius Satires, the Lyons counterfelt of the Aldine Inglebant." edition, 1500—Lactantius' Works, with imprint Venetiis Adam, 1471, illuminated-Livy's Roman History, Decades I. and IV., with beautiful

1. The Marquis Jeanne Hyacinth de St. Palaye. Iluminations-Georgius Logus, Hendecasyllibi, Elegiæ et Epigrammata,

The LONDON POLICE. By M. Laing Meason. printed at Vienna Pannonia in 1529, by H. Victor Silesius-Lucian of Samosata's Works, printed in Greek type in Florence in 1496.

A SONG for WOMEN. By A. Matheson. EXCEEDINGLY RARE and FIRST EDITIONS of IMPORTANT SOME THOUGHTS on BROWNING. By M. A. Lewis. FRENCH BOOKS. - Guill. Geroult, Epitome de la Chorographie d'Europe, 1555-Jacques de Guyse, Illustrations de la Gaule Belgique, FORTUNE'S FOOL. By Julian Hawthorno. Chapters 29-32. 1531 - Louise Labé Poesies, 1555 – Lafontaine's Fables, first edition

The POISONS of the DAY: A New Social Evil. By Henry W. Lancelot du Lac, J. Petit, 1533-La Legende des Flamens, first edition, 1622-Lorris, Roman de la Rose, s.a.-Magny's Amours and Odes-Lé

Hubbard, L.R.O.P. Maire de Belges, Illustrations de Gaule, soveral rare editions-Marguerite PERSONAL REMINISCENOES of GENERAL GARIBALDI. By de Vallois, L'Heptameron-Dialogue en Forme do Vision, &c., first

bis Aide-de-Camp. editions, Clement Marot, &c. UNCOMMON BOOKS RELATING TO AMERICA, - Fordinando

MACMILLAN & 00. London. Gorgos, America Painted to the Life, 1659-Antonio de Gouvea, Journada do Arcebispo de Goa, 1606—Fernam Guerreiro, Relaçam Annal da India Oriental, 1605—Luis de Guzman, Historia de los missiones en la Now ready. Volume I., forming a handsome 8vo. Library Book, with India Oriental, 2 vols. 1601-Hakluyt's Voyages and Travels (with the mady Ilustrations. Only a very few Copics romain for Sale original Cadiz Voyage)-several works of Ant. de Herrera-Hubbard's Prico 88. od Present State of New England, 1677—and others by Huygen Van Linschoten-Cleça de Leon-Lopez de Gomara-Pero de Magalhanes-Marco Polo's Voyages, fret Latin edition- Luys de Marmol y Cara vajal.

Monthly, prioo One Shilling. July begins a New Volume. RARE ENGLISH WORKS-Lydgate's Siege of Troy, printed by R. Pynson in 1513-Gower's Confessio Amantis, printed by Berthelot in

MAGAZINE and 1632-Grafton's Chronicle, 1568-0-Halle's Chronicle, 1550—Harding's

Chronicle, 1550_Higden's Polychronicon, printed by P. Treverls at
Southwark in 1527-Holinshed's Chronicles, with the Custrations-Chap-

Contents of No. 7 (JULY).
man's Translation of Homer-Pine's Horace, uncut-James I., Poetical
Exercises, Edin., Waldegrave, 1591-Adamson's Muse's Welcome to

An UNKNOWN PORTRAIT of JOHN MILTON. By the Editor. James I. on his Return to Scotland-the Bcotch Prayer-Book of Arch- On some OBSOURE WORDS of SHAKESPEARE, By Dr. O. bishop Laud-and numerous other rare English and Foreign Books and

MacKay. Part II.
Tracts relating to England.
In addition to these thero are numerous Works, printed on large paper

The “TITUREL" of WOLFRAM VON ESCHENBACH. By and bound in beautiful bindings, and having the Arms of the former

Julia Goddard. Part II. Owners on the sides.

The HISTORY of GILDS. By O. Walford, F.S.S. Chap. 8. There are also numerous early and rare Translations of Classic Authors, chiefly in French, Italian, and Spanish, many of which are of great

The COPPER COINS of QUEEN ANNE. value; as well as many important and exceedingly rare editions of the The FIRST DISCOVERY of AMERICA. Alfteenth and sixteenth century in the Original Languages: and other ANTIQUARIAN NEWS, NOTES, CORRESPONDENCE, &o. very rare Books in all Languages and Branches of Literature. Catalogues may now be had, price Bs.; by post, 6s. Bd,

W. REEVES, Publisher, 185, Fleet Street, London.






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writer's accuracy be believed in. Yet the present

writer desires to be correct according to his light, CONTENTS.--No 131.

and, so far from having any intention to deceive, he NOTES:-The Beks of Lincolnshire, 1-A Series of Eight is himself only anxious to be instructed. Now

Anonymous and Confidential Letters to James II, and his here we have an instance of what must needs
Queen about the State of Ireland, 2-Shakspeariana, 4-
Wood's “Athenæ Oxonienses" : _Oliver Cromwell, 5--Books happen in a hundred cases if the evil day should
gone astray “L'Allegro " Mispointed - Boston Church,
Lincolnshire-Welsh Care for the Agus-Care for the King's ever come when all our parish registers are torn
Evil, 6.

up by the roots and tra lapted into the very QUERIES:-St. Candida or St. White-Old Bank.notes region of a cavernous 'Oubalós, in Fetter Lane

“Bewray," 7-"The Ladies Calling"-"Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting," &c. - The Rood Loft-Sir R.

or South Kensington. In such a central receptacle Paston, Bart. Winstanley' Family–Anthologia Hibernica -oupalós Blooupòv å póuevov öyos—they will -A Scotch Colony in France National Songs of Servia and be left to be deciphered by a band of gentlemen Montenegro, 8-The “Liber Regalis "-Slavs in England Bishop Patrick Forbes - Nigger” –Wedding Ring Super- of whom I have every reason to speak with sincere stition-Oxfordshire Folk-lore" Corrept: Variol”-M8S respect and gratitude, but who will, of course, be of the "De Imitatione Christi" –Malone and the Stratford London men, and compelled, by the very nature of

Bust of Shakspeare-Taft Family-Authors Wanted, 9. REPLIES: -John Gilpin, 9-The Allen Mystery, 10

The their studies, to be moreand more exclusively London Verbal Adjective in .ing-Elizabeth Elstob, 11-Wound. residents; the blunders such experts will make in

, 12 - The , North and P. Carey's "Poems":="Stil " and "Yet* -Two Portraits: 3 Medal— local names will necessarily be many, and fre

Gabriel Vardon" 13–"Changed" - Weather- quently be ridiculous, and with every such blunder lore-Book-plate Query -“Backstring" Blechenden of Aldington — “Kickshaw" —

confidence in the professional will be shaken, and, Election of a Mole-catcher, 14–“Kings' fingers " --Jack-an: pro tanto, the spirit of the local antiquary will Apes Lane-Libraries in Churches-Curious Book-plate, 15 be taken out of him. “I paid this man for this

"All upon the merry pin"-Muggins-John Boys the Dean-Robert Russell-“ Flitteras," 18-The Devil and & or that transcript, and look at the hash he has Halfpenny-Lady Byron's Answer, &c.—Duncan I. and II., made of it, sir !" But to return. Kings of Scotland - Bred and born," 17"Nothing venture," &c.--Translations of the 151st Psalm-"Double I. In the aforesaid year 1276, the Beks of Monasteries-The " British Amazon"-Authors Wanted, 18. Eresby were represented by three brothers. John,

ON BOOKS: - Jamieson's “Etymological Dictlonary of the Scottish Language " -Stevenson's - Familiar the eldest, had the estate, and that same year Studies of Men and Books"-Cunningham's Growth of received from the king a licence to crenellate his English Industry and Commerce,” &c.

manor of Eresby (Pat. Rot. 46). Notices to Correspondents, &c.

Thomas, the second brother, was archdeacon of Dorset, and

keeper of the king's wardrobe. Antony, the third, Notes.

was archdeacon of Durham, prebendary of St. Pan

cras, and (I think) governor of the Tower of London, THE BEKS OF LINCOLNSHIRE,

besides holding one or two other preferments. Of In the fourth year of Edward I. (i.e., in A.D. 1276) these brothers, Thomas became in 1280 Bishop of there were at least three considerable families in the St. David's, to which see he was consecrated on county of Lincoln, all sprung from the same stock. October 6-a day very memorable for the diocese They traced their descent from Walter Beek, who of Lincoln, for then St. Hugh’s body was translated came in with William the Conqueror, qui habuit to the shrine prepared for it, the expense of the hereditatem suam in Flandria et habuit ex dono ceremony being borne by Thomas Bek aforesaid. conquestoris Eresby et multa alia maneria." This The third brother, Antony, became in 1283 Bishop Walter married a daughter of Hugo Pinsonne, of Durham and (subsequently ?) patriarch of senescallus, and had by her five sons, with three Jerusalem, and died on March 3, 1310-11, his of whom only are we concerned. l. From Henry episcopate being marked by an important dispute - to whom came the manors of Eresby, Spillesby, with John Romanus, Archbishop of York, about Schriuelby, and Wisspington – were descended which much may be found in the Rolls of Parliathe Beks of Eresby. 2. From John—" qui tenuit ment, and being further notorious for his pillage maneria de Botheby in Kessedenene et alia duo"- of the estates of the see, for the damage to which sprang the Beks of Botheby. 3. From Walter, during his tenure of it his executors agreed to pay to whom_fell the manors of Luceby, Wynceby, two thousand marks. Neuton, Farlestowe, and Ingoldmels—sprang the II. At the same time the Beks of Botheby were Beks of Luceby.

represented by John Bek, one of the jurors for the At this point I pause. Any Lincolnshire man wapentake of Boby (Testa de Nev. 325), and a reading the above few lines will at once perceive commissioner of sewers in the same neighbourthat the present writer knows nothing about Lin- hood (?) in the year 1284 (Abbrev. Placit. 205). colnshire and is an utter stranger to the place- III. The Beks of Luceby were represented by names of that important county. The chances are Walter Bek, constable of Lincola Castle, whom that the more the present writer goes on with his the citizens of Lincoln did not love because he had Darrative the more plainly will the Lincolnshire stolen from them their recreation ground, so they reader detect his blanders and the less will the said, but whom his kinsman Antony, Bishop of


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