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BANK INDIA |South Sea South Sea South Sea 4 p. Cent. 4 p. Cent. Bank An. 3 p. Cent. Ind. Bonds(B.Cir. Pf Wind at Weather Bill of Mortality from
STOC X.STOCX.STOCK. Annu. old Ann, new

1748-9. B. Annu.
præm. 1. S. d.

Deal. London. Dec. 24. to Jan. 28.
190 $
103. tr. 103iffy.
gl. 125 I 17 6 N. E. fresh cloudy


741 2 141

105 % 103 | 103

6 N. E. clou. fair


. 709} 145 3] 142

106 103}104 103 104

I 17 6 N. N. E, milling


S Males 1120
41 142 }

1033104 103104

5l. 145 1 17
6 N. fair

Femal. 1046

N. W. frosty fair Died under 2 Years old 83
103 104 103 104

sl. 1451 17 6 W. fair clou. Between 2 and
기 142

104 } | 104

51. 135 12 qS.W.byw. fair


S and 10 -
8 142 $ }

104 104
5l. 13s 2

W. S. W. fair frostyl

10 and 20-
9 143

104 104

51. 125 S. W. fair clou.


19 144

104 104
51. 1352 W.S. W. frain all d.

30 and 40

51. 138 12 of S. by W. fair

40 and 50 19
12 Sunday

s.w.byw. fair

so and 60

- 14 33 143 1441 192

118 106 104 104

sl. 135 2

S. fair mild
14 143 144 192
118 106

104 104

5l. 125 12
S..W. fair mild

70 and so

9 151 143 *

104 104

51. 125 CS.w.by W. fair mild
104 104

ON. E. hard clou. cold

go and 100 --
17| 144

CN. N. E. frost snow
104 104

N. by E. frost fair

Within the Walls
19 Sunday

E. fresh snow

Without the Walls 52
104 104

51. 135 12
S. E.

In Mid. and Surrey 93
21 143187



City & Sub. Weft. _51
22 143



gl. 128 | E. by N. clou. rain
231 143


sl. 125 2

6 N. E. hard cloudy

sl. 125 12
N. by E.

Weekly Dec. 31 cloudy

42 25 143

106 104 5l. 125 ON.W.by fair

Jan. 7 43 26 Sunday

N. E. cloudy


39 27

106 117

sl. 115


E. fog frosty 28 1441434) 187 117 106

23 104 1 104

51. 115

o S, S. W. milling 29] 143 1871 117 106


104 51. HIS S. W, rain

39 143


Sl. lis 2

o S. by W. fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 2s. 321 143 187

106 IC4

51. DIS 12

o W. S. W. cloudy Pease 20s. to 245. per Ouar,
Bear-Key. Basingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devises. Gloucester. Crediton,
Wheat 298 to 33$ qu
rol. gs load 10l. 175 load rol. os load Iol, os load Iol. cos load

355 to 47 9r 345 to 44 qr

45 gd buth. Barley 175 to 205 2 Is to oo qr 176 to 12 qr 195 to 22 qr 175 to 21 qr 205 to 22

198 to 22

28 gd Oats 125 60 to 16s • 16s to oo od

165 to 19 145 to 16s 145 to 19 155 to 17 od

is 6d to 25 1$ 60 Beans 188 to 228 od | 288 to 30 od

288 to 308 235 to 26

278 to 34 3s 8d to 45


16 144

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JAGUE, Dec. 29, N. S. The states


forbids all persons, foreigners as well as natives, to engage any artisan employed in any manufacture of this country, to go to work in any foreign country, under pain of death ; and promises a reward of 100 ducats in gold to such as shall discover and convict any one guilty of this crime.

Amsterdam, Jan. 17, N. S. The magnificent stone bridge, composed of three arches on the Heergraff in this city, fell down yesterday so suddenly, that many persons at that instant passing over it were buried in the ruins ; which occafions the more surprize, as the bridge appeared very solid and substantial, and was almost new. By ships arrived from Curalau in the West-Indies we have an account, that a bark belonging to our WestIndia company, and bound for that island, baving cast anchor at Oruba, was attacked there in September last by a Spanish frigate, which took her and carried her to St. Domingo, on the old pretence of contraband trade. As Oruba is an iland be. longing to us, the governor of Curalau immediately dispatched an express to the governor of St. Domingo, to complain of this hoftility and reclaim the bark; and that he might be sure of something in hand, he laid an embargo upon two Spanish vesels then at Curaffau ; but not content with this, as he received an evafive answer from the governor of St. Domingo, he had, when the last ships came from thence, ordered four stout vefsels to be fitted out for making reprisals upon the Spaniards, which we in this country look on as the only effectual way of treating with them upon this subject.

Paris, Jan. 3, N. S. The abbe de la Caille, who was lately sent at his majesty's expence to the Cape of Good-Hope, to make astronomical observations for various purposes, and among the rest for settling the true situation of that remarka. ble promontory, which some have suppored to lie 17 degrees 44 minutes eaft from the meridian of Paris, has, by repeated ob. fervations, determined it to be but 16 degrees 14 minutes east from our meridian ; so that its longitude is 36 degrees 16 minutes east from the old meridian, and its latitude 33 degrees 55 minutes south ; which is made publick for the common benetic of all trading nations ; for without observing this, a lip may in a dark night run upon the western part of this dangerous coast, when the is thought to be a good many leagues off at fea.-21. Saturday last an arret of council was published, authorizing the East India

47 company to borrow 18 millions of livres in order to increase its commerce ; and the subscription was filled the very firit day the books were opened. In one of the last thips sent out by this company, a most superb French suit of cloaths, with two fowling pieces, and two pair of pif tols, exquisitely wrought, were put on board, to be delivered as a present from his majesty to the king of Golconda. 24. The abbe de Prade, a licenciate of the Sorbonne, having publickly supported in that house a thesis tending to deism, he has been by the archbishop suspended from all ecclesiastical functions, degraded of his degree, and his name erased out of the books of the Sorbonne ; and his thesis has been unanimously condemned by that learned body, who are going to lay it before the parliament, in order to obtain permission to have it burnt by the hands of the common hangman.

We have had this month from Madrid the following account of a naval victory, and of his catholick majesty's gratitude to his seamen, viz. Don Pedro Stuart y Portugal, younger brother of the duke of Berwick (who had already distinguished himself against the Moors, by taking, about two months ago, two Algerine Thips in the feas of Catalonia) has taken off Cape Vincent an Algerine man of war, called the Dantzick, of 60 pieces of cannon and 564 men, which, in company with another large ship that sheered off, was cruizing in quest of some Spanith register ships. The engagement continued four days, from the 28th of November last to the ad of December, The Algerine commandant hung out the white fag the second day, but the crew obliged him to continue the combat, and did not Atrike till they were on the point of linking. There were 194 of them killed, and 320 made Naves, including the arraez op commandant, the officers, and 16 renegadoes ; and 50 christian Naves on board were set at liberty. The Spaniards, in the whole, had but three men killed, and 27 wounded, amongst whom there was not any officer. This is attributed to the conduct of the commander, who, to save his men, contented himself with reducing them by cannon, without coming to close quarters ; and with whom the king is so well pleased, that he has created him chief d'Escadre. His majesty has recompensed the other officers in proportion; the sailors of each ship (there being another in company with Don Stuart) are gratified with a month's pay ; and pensions are allowed to the wounded, and to the widows of those who were killed in the engagement.



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The Monthly Catalogue for January, 1752.

26. Esays Moral and Miscellaneous. By DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. J. Fortefeue, D. D. pr. 1$. Baldwin.

HE Doctrine of the Saints final 1. T . J.

27. A Method to prevent Robberies in

London and Westminster, pr. 6d. Swan. pr. 6d. Keith.

28. A Letter concerning the Mainte2. Thoughts on the Perfeverance of , nance of the Poor, pr. is. Corbett. the Saints. By J. Wesley, M. A. Trye. 29. A Discourse on Government and

3. Deism genuine Antimethodism, pr. Religion, pr. is. Roberts. 6d. Trye.

30. Letters from the Inspector, to a 4. An Esay on Mr. Hume's Efray on Lady, pr. 1S. Cooper. Miracles. By W. Adams, M. A. pr. 25. 31. A Tour from England through Part Cooper.

of France, Flanders, Brabant, and Hol5.

A second Letter to the Author of land. By A. Monsanto, pr. 6d. Noon. the Enthusiasm of Methodists, &c. By J. 32. The agreeable Medley, pr. 35. Wesley, pr. 6d. Robinson.

G. Woodfall. 6. An historical Compendium of the 33. Tort Account of the Eye and Bible. By M. Noliet, pr. 35.

Millar. Nature of Vision. By J. Ayscough, Op7. Dissertationes II. Critico-Sacræ. Auc- tician, pr. 6d. Strahan. tore G. Coftard, A. M. pr. 1$. Baldwin.

34. A faithful Narrative of the base 8. A Charge to the Clergy of the East- Arts practised on the Brain of H. Hilding, Riding of Yorkshire. By J. Sterne, LL.D. pr. 6d. Sharpe. pr. 6d. Knapton.

35. Proposals by the late Prince of 9. A third Letter to the Author of the Orange, for increasing the Trade of the Enthufiasın of Methodists, &c. By V. Republick, pr. is. 6d. Kent. (See Mag. Perronet, A. M. pr. 60. Roberts. for 1751, p. 556, 597.)

10. Obfervations on the second Vision 36. Miscellaneous Observations on the of St. John. Noon.

Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, 11. A Defence of Dr. Foster's Sermon

pr. 15. W. Clarke. on Catholick Communion, pr. 6d. Noon. 37. Observations on the Defects of the PHYSICK.

poor Laws, ard on the Cautes and Con12. A Compendium of Anatomy. By fequences of the great Increase and BurLaurence Heister, M. D. pr. 6d. Innys. then of the Poor. With a Proporal for 13. The Theory of the Moon made

redressing those Grievances. By T. Alperfe&t. By S. Hardy, pr. is. Cooper. cock, A. M. pr. is. Baldwin. 14. A new Effay on the Cure of the

38. Treaty of Peace with the State of Gout. By Mr. Drake, pr. Is. 6d. Author. Tripoli, &c. pr. is. Owen. (See p. 41.)

15. A Differtation on Suppuration. 39. Instructions for playing at Andro, Tranflated from the Latin of John Gra- a new Game at Cards, pr. 6d. Cooper. Thuis, M. D. pr. is. Knapton.

40. The Art of making Sugar, pr. 15. MISCELLANEOUS.

6d. Willock. 76. A Treatise concerning the Militia, 41. An Essay on Sugar, pr. 6d. Comyns. Millar. (See p. 3.)

42. Worldly Compliances. Dedicated 17. Chinese Architecture. Part IV. By to Lady F. Shirley, pr. 1$. 6d. Job. W. Halfpenny, pr. 25. 6d. Sayer.

Poetry and Entertainment. 18. The Ordinary of Newgate's Ac- 43. The Adventures of a Valet, in two count, Jan. 18, pr. 6d. Corbett.

Vols. 12mo. pr. gs. sewd. Robinson. 19. The Works of Horace, with the (Sec p. 25.) original Text, the natural Order of Con- 44. Secret Memoirs of the late Count struction, with Accents for the right Pro- Saxe, pr. 25. Owen. nunciation, and a close and truly literal 45. 'Two Hymns on the Nativity of English Translation, rendring this Author Christ. By R. Rolt, pr. 6d. Owen. exceedingly easy and familiar to every 46. Fair Rosamond to the Fair HiberReader. Vol. I. Part I. pr. is. 6d. nian, pr. 6d. Howard. sewed, 2s. bound. Baldwin.

47. The Apotheosis of the Fair Sex, 20. The Petition of the unborn Babes, pr. is. Cooper. pr. 7d. Cooper.

48. Taste: A Comedy of two AAts. By 21. A Defence of Dr. Pocus, &c. against S. P'oote, pr. is. Franklin. (See p. 4, 33.) the unborn Babes, pr. 3d. Cooper.

SERMONS. 22. Animadversions on Mr. Browne's 40. A Sermon preached on the Death • three E(Tays, pr. is. Noon.

of Dr. Obadiah Hughes. By John Allen, 23. A Letter to the Bishop of Clogher M. D. pr. 6d. Noon. and Lord Orrery, pr. is.


50. Solomon's Preference of Riches con24. A particular Description of the fidered. By E. Pickard, pr. 6d. Noon. Highlands, pr. 18. G. Woodfall.

51. A Discourse upon the intermediate 25. A Letter from a Gentlemao to a State between Death and the Resurrection. Physician, pr, 6d. Walker,

By B. Regis, D. D. pr. 6d. Oliver,

pr. is.

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T Davies
Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For FEBRUARY, 1752.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variery, and more in Quantity, tban any Monthly Book of the same Price ! I. An Account of the new Tragedy of Eu- XIV. A Censure on the Breakers of Pro

genia, with the Prologue and Epilogue. mises and Appointments. II. Of the Nature and Qualities of Iron. XV. Of the Government of Venice. III. The Life and Character of the late cele- XVI. Account of Harlequin Sorcerer. brated Dr. Boerhaave.

XVII. POETRY: On seeing a Lady fit for IV. Origin of the German Empire, History her Picture ; on a fine Spring Morning i

of the Emperors, and of the Kings of the a Moral Vision ; Epitaph on a Scotch Romans,

Baronet ; a Character ; the Question ; V. Number of Houses, Inhabitants, &c. in Acroftichis; Songs ; Epigrams; Rebus's,

the City and Suburbs of London, with a &c. the Miller's Wedding, a new Song, Proposal for regulating the Watch.

ser to Musick. VI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli- XVIII. The MONTHUY CHRONOLOGER :

tical Club, &c. continued : Containing Earthquakes in the West-Indies Admithe SPEECHES of C. Salonius, and T. ralty Sessions ; a Soldier shot for DesertiPotitius, on the Question relating to the on ; Pardon and Reward for discovering General and Staff-Officers of the Army : Cary's Murderers ; Sellions at the Old And the SPEECH of Servilius Priscus, in Bailey, &c. &c. &c.

favour of the Bavarian Subsidy Treaty. XIX. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; VII. A Description of Monmouthshire. Deaths ; Bankrupts. VIII. A Scriptural Criticism.

XX. Alterations in the Lift of Parliament. IX. A useful Problem, with its Solution. XXI. Monumental Inscription for Sir John X. A Geometrical Question.

Hynd Cotton). XI. The Origin of Money, and the Coinage XXII. Prices of Stocks for each Day. of several Nations.

XXII. Monthly Bill of Mortality. XII. Remarkable Account of a Robbery, XXIV FOREIGN AFFAIRS. XIII. Debates in the General Court of the XXV. A Catalogue of Books.

Free British Fishery. With a new Map of MONMOUTHSHIRE, and a neat View of MELTONCONSTABLE, the Seat of Sir Jacob Astley, Bart. in Norfolk, curiousy engraved,

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON : Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rofe in Pater-ivotter-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any single Month to complete Sets.

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C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.
A cegemist of the new tragedy of


Origin of the German empire ibid.


51-53 History of the several emperors, with the

The prologue, written and spoken by Mr. infolent behaviour of the




78, 79, 80

The epilogue, written by Colley Cibber, First foundation of the Electoral dignity
Esq; and spoken by Mrs. Pritchard ibid.

Number of houses and inhabitants in the Of the councils which compose the go-

city and suburbs of London, of the con- vernment of the republick of Venice
Itables, headboroughs, watchmen, &c.

ibid. G
ibid. E. Account of the new entertainment, called
How the cities of Hamburgh, Dublin, &c. Harlequin forcerer


are watched

55 A censure on tlie breakers of promises

Proposal for regulating the watch here ibid.

and appointments, in the character of
A description of Monmouthshire 56 Aliger

The JOURNAL of a learned and political Portry. The miller's wedding, a new

CLUB, &c. continued

57—67 sung, set to musick


SPEECH of C. Salonius, in favour of the A country dance


question relating to the general and Il Meditante, from a perfect copy ibid.

staff-officers for his majesty's land forces On looking out of a friend's window in

57 the country, on a fine spring morning

Speech of T. Potitius, against the quer-



59 A new song, inscribed to the duke of

SPEECH of Servilius Priscus, in favour of Grafton

the subsidy treaty with the elector of To the earl of Orrery



63 Acrostichis, being advice to a

Remarks on the nature and qualities of



67 On seeing a lady fit for her picture ibid.

of the English, American, and Swedish Rebus's and solutions

86, 87


68 A character


The manner of making Neel

69 Epigram


A criticism on a text of scripture 70 The moral vision


The life and character of the late celebra- A song


ted Dr. Boerhaave

70-75 Epitaph on Sir James Sooty ibid.

His birth and education

70 The question, occafioned by a serious ad-
How he came to quit theology, and turn monition


his mind to phyfick


His accidental conversation about Spino. Earthquakes in the West-Indies 89, 95

film, and the result of it ibid. D

A prodigious deep snow


He is admitted doctor of physick 72 Audacious robbery near Chester, and bra-

He is made professor of physick, botany, very in apprehending the robbers ibid.

and chemistry, and ftill holds private A soldier shot for desertion



ibid. Pardon and reward for discovering Cary's

His improvements in chemistry 73



His behaviour to his pupils

ibid. Another general court of the Free British

He publishes his Institutiones Medicæ and Fishery


his Aphorisms
ibid. C Admiralty feffions held

90, 91

His improvements in botany

74 Sessions at the Old Bailey

His death

ibid, G New member's


His character, great estate, and how ac- Marriages and Births






A very useful problem, with its solution Monumental inscription for Sir John


Hynd Cotton


A geometrical question

ibid. Ecclesiastical preferments


Debates in the general court of the society Promotions civil and military


of the Free British Fishery 75 G, 76 Persons declared bankrupts


The origin of money

76 Prices of Itocks and grain ; wind, wea-

The coinage of several na ions

77 ther


An account of that higt dignity in the Monthly bill of mortality


German empire, called king of the Ro. FORMIGN AFFAIRS



78 Ca alogue of books


N. B. We have received a Speech on the important subject of the army; bee being before-
bard Supplied witb fufficient maiter for iins ment and tbe nexi, are obliged to defer it iill after
ebat vine, when we shall sad: sbe forgif pori wanity to give it our readers.


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