American Edition of the British Encyclopedia: Or, Dictionary of Arts and Sciences ; Comprising an Accurate and Popular View of the Present Improved State of Human Knowledge, 8. kötet

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Mitchell, Ames and White, 1821

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11. oldal - The memory of some men, it is true, is very tenacious, even to a miracle ; but yet there seems to be a constant decay of all our ideas, even of those which are struck deepest...
11. oldal - Any officer or soldier who shall strike his superior officer, or draw or lift up any weapon, or offer any violence against him, being in the execution of his office, on any pretence whatsoever...
3. oldal - I suppose some great heat and rarefaction of the air in or about the Gulf of Mexico ; the air thence rising has its place supplied by the next more northern, cooler, and therefore denser and heavier, air ; that, being in motion, is followed by the next more northern air, &c. &,c., in a successive current, to which current our coast and inland ridge of mountains give the direction of northeast, as they lie northeast and southwest.
13. oldal - ... from the centre of the earth to which» •we can rise, neither at the tops of the loftiest buildings, nor even on the summits of the highest mountains, it appeared to him reasonable to conclude that this power must extend much farther than was usually thought.
8. oldal - My Lord, I have undertaken this long journey purposely to see your person, and to know by what engine of wit or ingenuity you came first to think of this most excellent help unto Astronomy, viz. the Logarithms ; but, my lord, being by you found out, I wonder nobody else found it out before, when, now being known, it appears so easy.
3. oldal - I formed an idea of the course of the storm, which I will explain by a familiar instance. I suppose a long canal of water stopped at the end by a gate. The water is at rest till the gate is opened ; then it begins to move out through the gate, and the water next the gate is first in motion, and moves on towards the gate ; and so on successively, till the water at the head of the canal is in motion, which it is last of all...
11. oldal - But our ideas being nothing but actual perceptions in the mind, which cease to be any thing when there is no perception of them, this laying up of our ideas in the repository of the memory signifies no more but this, that the mind has a power in many cases to revive perceptions which it has once had, with this additional perception annexed to them, that it has had them before.
4. oldal - ... it had a degree of brightness about as strong as that with which such a coal would be seen to glow in faint daylight.
11. oldal - Napier lord of Markinston, hath set my head and hands at work with his new and admirable logarithms. I hope to see him this summer, if it please God ; for I never saw a book which pleased me better, and made me more wonder.
3. oldal - ... by deed indented, sealed, and delivered in the presence of two or more credible witnesses, twelve calendar months at least before the death of such donor or grantor, (including the days of the execution and death,) and be enrolled in his Majesty's High Court of Chancery within six calendar months next after the execution thereof...

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