The Zozimus Papers: A Series of Comic and Sentimental Stories and Legends

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Kenedy, 1889 - 318 oldal

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260. oldal - Well, then, it's my last will and testament, and may — give me over the jug " — here he took a long drink — " and may that blessed liquor be poison to me if I'm not as eager about this as every other part of my will ; I say, then, I bequeath the little plot at the crossroads to poor Con Cregan ; for he has a heavy charge, and is as honest and as hardworking a man as ever I knew. Be a friend to him, Peter dear ; never let him want while ye have it yourself; think of me on my deathbed whenever...
99. oldal - Throw this out," said the squire, handing Andy a jug containing some cold water, meaning the jug to be replenished with the hot. Andy took the jug, and the window of the room being open, he very deliberately 10 HANDY ANDY.
258. oldal - My father did not lose much time at his toilet, for he just wrapped his big coat 'round him, and slipping on his brogues, left the house. I sat up in the basket and listened till they were gone some minutes ; and then, in a costume as light as my parent's, set out after them, to watch the course of the adventure. I thought to take a short cut, and be before them ; but by bad luck I fell into a bog-hole, and only escaped being drowned by a chance.
97. oldal - ... the squire afore he wint out or afore he wint in ;" and, after spending her entire day in this idle way, at last the squire made his appearance, and Judy presented her son, who kept scraping his foot, and pulling his forelock, that stuck out like a piece of ragged thatch from his forehead, making his obeisance to the squire, while his mother was sounding his praises for being the " handiest craythur alive — and so willin' — nothing comes wrong to him.
104. oldal - ud I pay elevenpence for?" "For postage." "To the devil wid you! Didn't I see you give Mr. Durfy a letther for fourpence this minit, and a bigger letther than this? and now you want me to pay elevenpence for this scrap of a thing. Do you think I'ma fool?" "No: but I'm sure of it," said the postmaster. "Well you're welkum to be sure, sure; — but don't be delayin' me now: here's fourpence for you, and gi
266. oldal - Young Condy Cullen was descended from a long line of private distillers, and, of course, exhibited in his own person all the practical wit, sagacity, cunning, and fertility of invention, which the natural genius of the family, sharpened by long experience, had created from generation to generation, -as a standing capital to be handed down from father to son. There was scarcely a trick, evasion, plot, scheme, or...
259. oldal - rites ' ! " A general chorus of muttered " Oh ! musha, musha ! " was now heard through the room ; but whether in grief over the sad fate of the dying man, or the unflinching severity of the priest, is hard to say. " I die in peace with all my neighbors and all mankind ! " Another chorus of the company seemed to approve these charitable expressions.
98. oldal - I beg your pardon, sir," said Andy, retreating. In two minutes more Andy came back, and, tapping at the door, put in his head cautiously, and said: "The maids in the kitchen, your honor, says there's not so much hot water ready." " Did I not see it a moment since in your hand ? " "Yes, sir; but that's not nigh the full o
103. oldal - Yes, sir," said Andy, who got astride of his hack, and trotted away to the postoffice. On arriving at the shop of the postmaster (for that person carried on a brisk trade in groceries, gimlets, broadcloth, and linen-drapery) Andy presented himself at the counter, and said, " I want a letther, sir, if you plaze.
102. oldal - Great was the commotion; — few could resist laughter except the ladies, who all looked at their gowns, not liking the mixture of satin and soda-water. The extinguished candles were relighted — the squire got his eye open again — and the next time he perceived the butler sufficiently near to speak to him, he said in a low and hurried tone of deep anger, while he knit his brow, "Send that fellow out of the room!

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