The Connecticut Common School Journal and Annals of Education, 21. kötet

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Henry Barnard
Connecticut State Teachers' Association, 1866

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208. oldal - ... not the most eloquent exhortations to the erring and disobedient, though they be in the tongues of men or of angels, can move mightily on your scholars...
133. oldal - ... members of Boards of Education, District Committees, Principals of large Public Schools, and others interested in educational pursuits, from every county in the State — testimony which is confirmed by a careful investigation of all seeming opposition — that, as a class, the graduates and under-graduates of our State Normal School are more sought for as teachers, pass better examinations, are stricter disciplinarians, are more thorough and systematic in teaching, waste less time in educational...
146. oldal - ... that he can tell her about the thing he has got. Probably he does not understand. After letting him puzzle awhile . she tells him ; perhaps laughing at him a little for his failure. A few recurrences of this and he perceives what is to be done. When next she says she knows something more about the object...
177. oldal - Copyrights, or were it with mere dungeons and gibbets and crosses, attack it, I say ; smite it wisely, unweariedly, and rest not while thou livest and it lives ; but smite, smite, in the name of God ! The Highest God, as I understand it, does audibly so command thee ; still audibly, if thou have ears to hear.
14. oldal - Proceed from the known to the unknown — from the particular to the general — from the concrete to the abstract — from the simple to the more difficult.
145. oldal - ... process must be followed during the period between infancy and manhood, and that, too, even in so simple a thing as learning the properties of objects ? Is it not obvious, on the contrary, that one method must be pursued throughout ? And is not nature perpetually thrusting this method upon us, if we...
20. oldal - ... and by-laws, respecting such children, as shall be deemed most conducive to their welfare, and the good order of such city or town ; and there shall be annexed to such ordinances, suitable penalties, not exceeding, for any one breach, a fine of twenty dollars...
16. oldal - The board shall prescribe the form of registers to be kept in the schools, and the form of the blanks and inquiries for the returns to be made by school committees...
168. oldal - For as be all bards, he was born of beauty, And with a natural fitness to draw down All tones and shades of beauty to his soul, Even as the rainbow-tinted shell, which lies Miles deep at bottom of the sea, hath all Colors of skies, and flowers, and gems, and plumes, And all by nature, which doth reproduce Like loveliness in seeming opposites.
46. oldal - Try to malte pupils miss. The custom of pronouncing all the words of a spelling lesson in order and each word but once, is a dull and almost useless routine. One object of a spelling exercise is to fix the exact orthography of each word in the memory; to "set" the impressions received during study.

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