Public Characters, 10. kötet

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R. Phillips, 1809
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399. oldal - Will you. to the utmost of your power maintain the laws of God, the true profession of the gospel, and the Protestant reformed religion established by the law? And will you preserve unto the bishops and clergy of this realm, and to the churches committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain unto them, or any of them? King or queen. All this I promise to do.
184. oldal - That the influence of the Crown has increased, is increasing, and ought to be diminished"?
60. oldal - They had perused with great attention the records of the company, and they had found there inculcated, on the part of Mr. Francis, wise and steady principles of government, an exact obedience to the authority placed over him, an inflexible integrity in himself, and a firm resistance to all corrupt practices in others; crowned by that uniform benevolent attention to the rights, properties, and welfare of the natives, which had been the leading objects in his appointment.
340. oldal - ... which he shall not by his last will have charged with or devised subject to the payment of his debts, the same shall be assets to be administered in courts of equity for the payment of the just debts of such persons, as well debts due on simple contract as on specialty...
71. oldal - To go farther, is in my opinion, a scheme so extravagantly ambitious and absurd, that no Governor and Council in their senses can ever adopt it, unless the whole system of the Company's interest be first entirely new modelled.
40. oldal - Many of the company remembered the debate ; and some passages were cited with the approbation and applause of all present. During the ardour of conversation, Johnson remained silent. As soon as the warmth of praise subsided, he opened with these words : — " That speech I wrote in a garret in Exeter Street." The company was struck with astonishment. After staring at each other in silent amaze, Dr. Francis asked how that speech could be written by him? " Sir," said Johnson,
340. oldal - ... devisee or devisees of such debtor, shall be liable to all the same suits in equity at the suit of any of the creditors of such debtor, whether...
453. oldal - At this moment, a Spanish officer looked over the quarterdeck rail, and said they surrendered. From this most welcome intelligence, it was not long before I was on the quarterdeck; where the Spanish captain, with a bow, presented me his sword, and said the admiral was dying of his wounds.
453. oldal - I found Captain Berry in possession of the poop, and the Spanish ensign hauling down. I passed, with my people and Lieutenant Pearson, along the larboard gangway to the forecastle, where I met two or three Spanish officers prisoners to my seamen : they delivered me their swords.
57. oldal - ... wishes for your assistance. On what we are to ground our right to make any demand upon you, we are more at a loss to suggest. Our sole titles, we are sensible, are to be found in the public exigencies, and in your public spirit. Permit us, Sir, to call for this further service in the name of the people of India, for whom your parental care has been so long distinguished, and in support of whose cause you have encountered so many difficulties, vexations, and dangers.

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