Parliamentary Government in England: Its Origin, Development, and Practical Operation, 1. kötet

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S. Low, Marston, limited, 1892

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41. oldal - Parliament, that neither His Majesty nor his Privy Council have or ought to have any jurisdiction, power or authority by English bill, petition, articles, libel, or any other arbitrary way whatsoever, to examine or draw into question, determine or dispose of the lands, tenements, hereditaments, goods or chattels of any the subjects of this kingdom, but that the same ought to be tried and determined in the ordinary Courts of Justice and by the ordinary course of the law.
229. oldal - That from and after the time that the further limitation by this act shall take effect, all matters and things relating to the well governing of this kingdom, which are properly cognizable in the privy council by the laws and customs of this realm, shall be transacted there, and all resolutions taken thereupon shall be signed by such of the privy council as shall advise and consent to the same.
153. oldal - WHEREAS the raising or keeping a standing army within the United Kingdom of Great. Britain and Ireland in time of peace, unless it be with the consent of Parliament, is against law...
270. oldal - I find the gentleman is determined to leave us, nor can I say I am sorry for it, since he would otherwise have certainly compelled us to leave him. But if he be resolved to assume the right of advising His Majesty, and directing the operations of the war, to what purpose are we called to this Council...
147. oldal - No Metropolitan or Bishop in any Colony having legislative institutions can, by virtue of the Crown's Letters Patent alone (unless granted under an Act of Parliament, or confirmed by a Colonial Statute), exercise any coercive jurisdiction, or hold any Court or Tribunal for that purpose.
94. oldal - Peel, that he should have that public proof of your Majesty's entire support and confidence which would be afforded by the permission to make some changes in that part of your Majesty's Household which your Majesty resolved on maintaining entirely without change.
186. oldal - III. Another capacity, in which the king is considered in domestic affairs, is as the fountain of justice and general conservator of the peace of the kingdom. By the fountain of justice, the law does not mean the author or original, but only the distributor.
279. oldal - The Legislature chosen, in name, to make laws, in fact finds its principal business in making and in keeping an executive. The leading minister so selected has to choose his associates, but he only chooses among a charmed circle. The position of most men in Parliament forbids their being invited to the cabinet; the position of a few men ensures their being invited.
86. oldal - My lords, if ministers of state, acting by the immediate commands of their sovereign, are afterwards to be made accountable for their proceedings, it may one day or other be the case of all the members of this august assembly.
69. oldal - ... to the acknowledged principles of the constitution, by which the prerogatives of the crown, the authority of both houses of parliament, and the rights and liberties of the people, are equally secured.

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