Should vicious Pleasure take an angel form, 55
And at a distance rise by flow degrees,
Treach'rous to wind herself into your heart,
Stand firm aloof, nor let the gaudy phantom
Too long allure your gaze: the just delight
That Heav'n indulges lawful must obey

Superiour pow'rs, nor tempt your thoughts too far
In slavery to senfe, nor swell your hope
To dang'rous size: if it approach your

And court your hand forbid th’intruding joy
To fit too near your heart; still may our souls
Claim kindred with the skies, nor mix with duft
Our better born affections; leave the globe,
A nest for worms, and hasten to our home.

O! there are gardens of th'immortal kind
That crown the heav'nly Eden's rising hills 70
With beauty and with sweets; no lurking mischief
Dwells in the fruit, nor serpent twines the boughs;
The branches bend laden with life and bliss,
Ripe for the taste, but 't is a steep ascent :
Hold falt the golden chain * let down from heav'n, 75
'Twill help your feet and wings: I feel its force
Draw upwards; faften'd to the pearly gate
It guides the way unerring; happy clue
Thro'this dark wild! 'Twas Wisdom's noblest work
All join'd by Pow'r divine, and ev'ry link is love. 80
* The gospel.


To Mr. T. Bradbury.
Paradise, 1708.

Young as I am I quit the stage,
Nor will I know th’applauses of the age :
Farewell to growing fame. I leave below
A life not half worn out with cares
Or agonies or years;

I leave my country all in tears,
But Heav'n demands me upward, and I dare to go.
Amongst ye, friends, divide and share
The remnant of my days,
If ye have patience, and can bear
A long fatigue of life, and drudge thro' all the race,

Hark! my fair guardian chides my stay
And waves his golden rod;

Angel, I come, lead on the way.”
And now by swift degrees
I fail aloft thro' azure seas,
Now tread the Milky road.
Farewell ye planets in your spheres,
And as the stars are lost a brighter sky appears.
In haste for Paradise
I stretch the pinions of a bolder thought;
Scarce had I will'd but I was part
Deserts of trackless light and all th' ethereal waste,
And to the sacred borders brought;



There on the wing a guard of cherubs lies, 25
Each waves a keen flame as he flies,
And well defends the walls from sieges and surprise.

With pleasing rev'rence I behold
The pearly portals wide unfold:
Enter, my soul! and view th' amazing scenes; 30
Sit fast upon the flying Muse,
And let thy roving wonder loose
O'er all th’empyreal plains.
Noon stands eternal here; here may thy fight
Drink in the rays of primogenial light,

Here breathe immortal air:
Joy must beat high in ev'ry vein,
Pleasure thro' all thy bosom reign,
The laws forbid the stranger pain,
And banish ev'ry care.

See how the bubbling springs of love
Beneath the throne arise!
The streams in crystal channels move,
Afound the golden streets they rove,
And bless the manfions of the upper skies. 45
There a fair grove of knowledge grows,
Nor fin nor death infeds the fruit,
Young life hangs fresh on all the boughs.
And springs from ev'ry toot:

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Here may thy greedy senses feast

50 While ecstasy and health attends on ev'ry tafte. With the fair prospect charm'd I stood, Fearless I feed on the delicious fare, And drink profuse falvation from the silver flood, Nor can excess be there.

55 V. In facred order rang'd along Saints, new releas'd by death, Join the bold seraphs' warbling breath, And aid th’immortal song: Each has a voice that tunes his strings

69 To mighty sounds and mighty things, Things of everlasting weight, Sounds like the softer viol sweet, And like the trumpet strong. Divine attention held my soul; I was all car; Thro' all my pow'rs the heav'nly accents roll : I long'd and wish'd my Bradb'ry there: « Could he but hear these notes," I said, " His tuneful soul would never bear

70 s. The doll unwinding of life's tedious thread, $« But burst the vitalchordstoreach the happy dead."

And now my tongue prepares to join
The harmony, and with a noble aim
Attempts th' unutterable Name,

75 But faints, confounded by the notes divine.


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Again my soul th' unequal honour fought,
Again her utmost force she brought, (thought.
And bow'd beneath the burden of th' unwieldy
Thrice I essay'd and fainted thrice;

Th' immortal labour (rain'd my feeble frame,
Broke the bright vision and diffolv'd the dream;
I sunk at once and lost the skies:
In vain I sought the scenes of light,
Rolling abroad my longing eyes,

85 For all around 'em food my curtains and the night.

Strict religion very rare.


I'm borne aloft and leave the crowd,
I sail upon a morning cloud
Skirted with dawning gold;
Mine eyes beneath the op'ning day
Command the globe with wide survey,
Where ants in busy millions play
And tug and heave the mould.

“ Are these the things,” my Pasiion cry'd,
“ That we call Men? are these ally'd
"To the fair worlds of light?

They ’ave rased out their Maker's name “Grav’n on their minds with pointed flame “In Itrokes divincly bright.


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