Rich as Eden's happy ground,
And with choicer plenty crown'd.
Here on all the shining boughs
Knowledge fair and useful grows;
On the fame young flow'ry tree
All the feafons you may fee;
Notions in the bloom of light


[blocks in formation]

Hills of contemplation rife;
Now upon fome shining top
Angels light and call me up;
I rejoice to raife my feet,

Both rejoice when there we meet.
There are endless beauties more

Earth hath no refemblance for;
Nothing like them round the pole,
Nothing can describe the foul:
'Tis a region half unknown
That has treasures of its own
More remote from publick view

Than the bowels of Peru;





[blocks in formation]

Yet the filly wand'ring mind,

Loath to be too much confin'd,'
Roves and takes her daily tours

Coafling round the narrow shores,
Narrow fhores of flefh and fenfe,

Picking fhells and pebbles thence;
Or fhe fits at Fancy's door
Calling fhapes and fhadows t' her,
Foreign vifits still receiving,
And t' herself a stranger living:
Never never would she buy
Indian duft or Tyrian dye,
Never trade abroad for more,

If fhe faw her native store;




If her inward worth were known

She might ever live alone.


The adventurous Mufe.


URANIA takes her morning flight

With an inimitable wing;

Thro' rifing deluges of dawning light

She cleaves her wondrous way,

She tunes immortal anthems to the growing day, 5 Nor Rapin* gives her rules to fly nor Purcel† notes


She nor inquires, nor knows, nor fears,

[to fing.

Where lie the pointed rocks or where th'ingulfing

Climbing the liquid mountains of the skies

She meets defcending angels as fhe flies,
Nor afks them where their country lies
Or where the feamarks ftand:

Touch'd with an empyreal ray

She fprings unerring upward to eternal day,
Spreads her white fails aloft, and steers



With bold and safe attempt to the celestial land,


Whilft little fkiffs along the mortal fhores
With humble toil in order creep,

Coafting in fight of one another's oars,
Nor venture thro' the boundless deep:

Such low pretending fouls are they

* A French critick. An English mafter of mufick,

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Who dwell in enclos'd folid orbs of fcull;
Plodding along their fober way

The fnail o'ertakes them in their wildest play,

While the poor lab'rers sweat to be correctly dull.


Give me the chariot whofe diviner wheels

Mark their own route, and unconfin'd

Bound o'er the everlasting hills,


And lofe the clouds below and leave the stars behind:

[blocks in formation]

There Milton dwells; the mortal fung

Themes not prefum'd by any mortal tongue;

New terrours or new glories fhine

In ev'ry page, and flying fcenes divine


Surprise the wond'ring fenfe and draw our fouls along. Behold his Mufe fent out t' explore

The unapparent deep, where waves of chaos roar, And realms of night unknown before.

She trac'd a glorious path unknown


Thro' fields of heav'nly war and feraphs overthrown,

Where his advent'rous genius led;

Sov'reign fhe fram'd a model of her own,

Nor thank'd the living nor the dead.


The noble hater of degen'rate rhyme

Shook off the chains and built his verfe fublime,

A monument too high for coupled founds to climb: He mourn'd the garden loft below;

(Earth is the fcene for tuneful wo) Now blifs beats high in all his veins, Now the loft Eden he regains,

Keeps his own air and triumphs in unrivall'd flrains.


Immortal Bard! thus thy own Raphael fings,

And knows no rule but native fire;

All heav'n fits filent while to his fov'reign ftrings
He talks unutterable things;

With graces infinite his untaught fingers rove
Across the golden lyre;

From ev'ry note devotion fprings;

Rapture, and harmony, and love,

O'erfpread the lift'ning choir.

To Mr. Nicholas Clarke.

The complaint.


"TWAS in a vale where ofiers grow
By murm'ring ftreams we told our wo
And mingled all our cares;

Friendship fat pleas'd in both our eyes,
In both the weeping dews arife,
And drop alternate tears.





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