Last Days of Pompeii, 1-2. kötet

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200. oldal - In 2 vols. 12mo. A Treatise on the Millennium ; in which the prevailing Theories on that Subject are carefully examined ; and the True Scriptural Doctrine attempted to be elicited and established. By George Bush, AM In one volume, 12mo.
199. oldal - The Percy Anecdotes. Revised Edition. To which is added, a valuable Collection of American Anecdotes, original and selected. • 8vo.
173. oldal - ... darkness lay over it, and upon its groaning and tossing waves the storm of cinders and rock fell without the protection which the streets and roofs afforded to the land. Wild, haggard, ghastly with supernatural fears, these groups encountered each other, but without the leisure to speak, to consult, to advise ; for the showers fell now frequently, though not...
172. oldal - In some places, immense fragments of rock, hurled upon the house-roofs, bore down along the streets masses of confused ruin, which yet more and more, with every hour, obstructed the way ; and as the day advanced, the motion of the earth was more sensibly felt—- the footing seemed to slide and creep — nor could chariot or litter be kept steady even on the most level ground. Sometimes the huger stones, striking against each other as they fell, broke into countless fragments, emitting sparks of...
162. oldal - Then there arose on high the universal shrieks of women ; the men stared at each other, but were dumb. At that moment they felt the earth shake beneath their feet ; the walls of the...
198. oldal - Family Reading, and the use of Young Persons. In 3 vols. 18mo. With a Portrait. THE DRAMATIC WORKS OF JOHN FORD : with Notes Critical and Explanatory. In 2 vols. 18mo. THE DOOM OF DEVORGOIL, a Melodrama.— AUCHINDRANE ; or, the Ayrshire Tragedy. By Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart. 12mo. DRAMATIC SCENES FROM REAL LIFE. By Lady MORGAN. 12mo. THE SIAMESE TWINS. With other Poems. By EL BULWER, MP 12mo.
176. oldal - ... the streets, they were enabled by that awful light to steer and guide their progress. Yet little did the view it presented to them cheer or encourage their path. In parts where the ashes lay dry and uncommixed with the boiling torrents cast upward from the mountain, at capricious intervals — the surface of the earth presented a leprous and ghastly •white. In other places, cinder and rock lay matted in heaps, from beneath which might be seen the half-hid limbs of some crushed and mangled fugitive....
158. oldal - ... snuffing the upward air with impatient sighs ; then suddenly it sprang forward, but not on the Athenian. At half-speed it circled round and round the space, turning its vast head from side to side with an anxious and perturbed gaze, as if seeking only some avenue of escape ; once or twice it endeavored to leap up the parapet that divided it from the audience, and, on failing, uttered rather a baffled howl than its deep-toned and kingly roar.
157. oldal - The lion had been kept without food for twenty-four hours, and the animal had, during the whole morning, testified a singular and restless uneasiness, which the keeper had attributed to the pangs of hunger. Yet its bearing seemed rather that of fear than of rage ; its roar was painful and distressed; it hung its head — snuffed the air through the bars — then lay down — started again — and again uttered its wild and far-resounding cries.
183. oldal - The white walls and gleaming columns that had adorned the lovely coasts were no more. Sullen and dull were the shores so lately crested by the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii . The darlings of the Deep were snatched from her embrace ! Century after century shall the mighty Mother stretch forth her azure arms, and know them not...

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