The Farmer's Magazine

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Rogerson and Tuxford, 1850

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230. oldal - Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.
496. oldal - ... we are living at a period of most wonderful' transition, which tends rapidly to accomplish that great end to which, indeed, all history points — the realization of the unity of mankind. Not a unity which breaks down the limits and levels the peculiar characteristics of the different nations of the earth, but rather a unity, the result and product of those very national varieties and antagonistic qualities.
496. oldal - Nobody, however, who has paid any attention to the peculiar features of our present era, will doubt for a moment that we are living at a period of most wonderful transition, which tends rapidly to accomplish that great end, to which, indeed, all history points — the realization of the unity of mankind.
261. oldal - not only gives riches to a nation, but the only riches she can call her own.
134. oldal - Accustomed to trace the operation of general causes, and the exemplification of general laws, in circumstances where the uninformed and uninquiring eye perceives neither novelty nor beauty, he walks in the midst of wonders : every object which falls in his way elucidates some principle, affords some instruction, and impresses him with a sense of harmony and order.
129. oldal - Flori-cultural society, very numerously attended, but now extinct. The weavers were almost the only botanists of their day in the metropolis. They passed their leisure hours, and generally the whole family dined on Sundays, at the little gardens in the environs of London, now mostly built upon, in small rooms about the size of modern omnibuses (1840) with a fireplace at the end.
222. oldal - Book of the Farm" has been successfully brought out, and, as a practical work, we scarcely expect to see it exceeded. Several agricultural cyclopaedias, with their immense mass of information, have also been issued : the Farmers' Magazine, the Journal of Agriculture, and Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society, with the Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society, have each contributed towards the spread of sound practical and scientific knowledge. Nor must we omit to mention with respect...
134. oldal - A thousand subjects of inquiry are continually arising in his mind, which keep his faculties in constant exercise, and his thoughts perpetually on the wing, so that lassitude is excluded from his life, and that craving after artificial excitement and dissipation of mind, which leads so many into frivolous, unworthy, and destructive pursuits, is altogether eradicated from his bosom.
98. oldal - It often happens, that soils are found in an unaltered state upon the rocks from which they were derived. It is easy to form an idea of the manner in which rocks are converted into soils, by referring to the instance of soft granite, or porcelain granite. This substance consists of three ingredients, quartz, feldspar, and mica. The quartz is almost pure siliceous earth, in a crystalline form. The feldspar and mica are very compounded substances ; both contain silica, alumina, and oxide of iron :...
434. oldal - ... pressure. On a particular day, the 9th of February, 1832, the weight of the air suddenly appeared to rise above the usual standard. As the rise was at the time supposed to be the result of some accidental error, or of some derangement in the apparatus employed ; in order to discover its cause, the succeeding observations were made with the most rigid scrutiny. But no error or derangement whatever could be detected. On the days immediately following, the weight of the air still continued above...

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