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Holland—England's neglected Defences—Lord Sandwich

-French Camp and English Camp-Aspirants for glory

at Versailles—Ireland—Lafayette returns to Europe-

Fate of the French and Spanish expedition against Eng-

land-Return of Admiral d'Orvilliers to Paris-Te Deum

at Versailles for successes in the Western hemisphere

General illumination in Paris-Admiral d'Estaing and

Admiral d'Orvilliers-Lafayette's welcome at Versailles

Two parties in the cabinet of Versailles —De Vergennes’

stroke of policy-Declaration of d'Estaing to French Cana-

dians-French Canadians halting between English gold and

French faith-Original letter from French Canadians to

the English governor-D'Estaing at Martinique-D'Es-

taing at Grenada—Admiral Byron pursued by d'Estaing

-D'Estaing's fierce fight at Savannah-Original account

of the siege of Savannah by Count d'Estaing and General

Prevost—English flags in the church of Notre Dame-

The Count de Grasse-Success of Lord Cornwallis-Hard-

ships of General Washington's army-Lafayette's subtle

stroke of diplomacy at Versailles-French fêtes in honour

of Lafayette, the American hero-America's presentation

of a sword to Lafayette in France—Dr. Franklin's letter

to Lafayette—Fête to the “venerable” Dr. Franklin at

the Freemason's Lodge of the “Nine Sisters”—Liberty in

the salons of Paris—The Chevalier de la Luzerne in Ame-

rica-American 66 filibustering” of the eighteenth cen-

tury-American newspaper articles of the eighteenth cen-

tury-Letter from General Washington in America to

Lafayette in France—The Channel Islands defended-

Mrs. Anne D. Damer captured by the French-Horace

Walpole on politics in 1779—Lafayette's scheme for in-

creasing the French Navy-Dutch-bottomed American

cruisers-American envoy to Holland taken prisoner by

[blocks in formation]


Jean Baptiste, Count de Rochambeau–His early life in

cloister, camp, and court-Count Rochambeau in Ame-

rica-Rochambeau, George Washington, and Lafayette

-Rochambeau's letter to Lafayette—The Abbé Robin's

description of Boston in the eighteenth century-Religi-

ous sects and the sabbath in Boston, 1780—Change in

the War and Marine ministry at Versailles—Queen Marie

Antoinette and Cabinet Ministers' wives—The Queen

nominates a new War Minister— The Queen is opposed

by Count de Maurepas-The Queen's complaint to

the Duchesse de Polignac—The Queen opposes the

King's Prime Minister-A short-lived strong govern-

ment at Versailles—The Queen's Bonté Incorrigible

Necker's Reforms—Necker's "Account Rendered ”.

Necker's enemies--Original pamphlet against Necker-

The Count d'Artois at the Temple—Turgot's letter against

Necker-Charges against Necker-Necker resigns-Ma-

lignity of Maurepas-Necker exiled-Portraits of Necker,

of his wife, and of his daughter, by Madame de Genlis

Grand assembly of the clergy in Paris—Religious revivals

in Paris—Pope Clement XIV. and Pope Pius VI.—Letter

of Pope Clement XIV. to a Protestant minister-A

Scotch fanatic's attempt to convert the Pope-Contem-

porary sketches of Pope Pius VI.- Voltaire's letter on

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