selves have ondergone vari. ous metamorphoses of this


003 of them. At the pleasure of our orthodox friends we have been Atheists, and Deists, Mussalmans, and Hindoos by curos. Now we are inclined to think that it is in this sense that the selfcalled Protestants of Gera many are stated to be ander the influence of “ Deis. tical pribciples ;' and we are confirmed iu this interpretation by the epithet which is added. There is not only, it appears, a prevalence of Deistical but al. so of Socinian principles in Germany. In olher words, tbese self-called Protestants are Unitarians; and honoris eansâ are here styled Socini. aos and Deists. Il would be a breach of truth and charity to allow the claim of Unitarians to be either Protestants or Christians; it is po breach of either ihe one or the other to im. pose on them the names of Socioiao aad Deist which they uniformly disavow and which are only fitted to ren. der them the objects of un

deserved suspicion and reproarh.

We wish we could per. suade ourselves that the passages upon

which we have remarked are not contained in a Bible Society Report. The incon istency of the place which they bold in that Report with the known principles of soch a Society, the more we reflect on the sunject, fills us with increased astonishment at the temerity and inconsia' deration of ihose who have given insertion them, Weber, however, carnesto ly to assure our readers that it is not the Bible Society we oppose bat its abuses ; and that it is only the right and duty of sell-defenco which belongs to every inan and to every Christian, that has called as forth now, and will, if necessary. call us forth again, to resist an attack aron Voitarians and Unitarianism even when made under the aus. pices of a Society, which, we should rejoice, if were permitted to regard with feelings of gomiogled veneration.



Annual Association of Methodis: Unitarians. On Friday, May 231,1823, sually wet, yet there was a was held at Old ham, the An- good aitendance. In the mual Association of the Me. morning the Rev. G. Har. thodist Unitarians of Ros. ris, of Bolton, delivered a sendale. The day was 00• most pathetically impressive discourse, on the live at Newcharcb had been portant Uses of Afiliation, if considerably enlarged, and accompanied by Genuine

yet it was

as well filled as Religion, and correct and hefore. About three bun. worthy Notions of the Dei. dred children were educat. ts." H. Clarke, of Hasiing. ed in the Sunday school, den, conducted the devoti. and every member of the onal part.

After the ser. congregation, male and fe. vice, a large parts, male male, that could possibly and female, sat dowo to au do so, assisted in the good economical dinner at the work. Mr. Clarke stated, Nelson's Ball Tavern. The that the cause at Todmor. cloth being drawi), Mr. den presented a very flatterHarris took the Chair, when ing appearance.

The conreports of the state of the pregation had commenced Socielies in connexion building a chapel, 19 yards were given. Mr. Wilkinson by 12 yards, which was essaid the cause in Oldham limated to cost about sever was upon the whole improp- hundred pounds, towards ing. А good Sunday. which

they had

raised School was connected with amions themselves four the chapel, and the debt had hundred. “It might be askbcen somewhat lessened.ed," said Mr. C., “why He was

of opinion, that they build so large a chapel could means be devised to lin so small a town, where, enable a minister to reside too, there are four or five in the towo, the interests of other places of Worship. To the Society would be very this I reply, that from past materially promoted, and experience of and obserthe cause much mose ia- vation upon the march of pidly advanced. Mr. Tay- free inquiry, they hava Jor stated that the cause in much-reason to hope that at Rochdale was in as favour

very distant period able a state as could be ex- numbers will see the errors pected. Their Sunday. of Trinitarianism, and flock Scbool went op well. At to the temple dedicated to Lanebead a village two the worship of the One God miles distant, they had the Father, and they are about one hundred scholars, anxious to be provided with and they were about to build a room for their reception." school room there which Mr. Ashworth said the peowas also to be used for re.

ple at Padihain had ligious worship, Mr. Asho | leogth ventured to erect a worth reported that since chapel, which last Association the chapell nearls ready for opening.






Tbe prospect as to nomhers

highls pleasing, yet they were all very poor peo. ple, and could do but little towards the expenses they had thus incurred. Indivi. duals, in different paris of the kingdon), and Fellow. ship Funds

had already stepped handsomely ward to assist them. Still a copsiderable sum was yet wanted, and he hoped the Unitarian public would consider the case, and give it the necessary support. The meeting was also addressed by the Rev. R. Cree, of

Preston, Mr. Dofield, Manchester, and the Rev. G. Harsis. In the evening the Rev. R Cree delivered a very interesting and apposite discourse 02 Mystery. Mr. Daffield conducted the devotional part. After which the friends departed to their respective homes, carrying with them further motives for a patient contin nuance in well doióg, and additional assurances that their labours shall not foally be in vain in the Lord.-Mon!h Rep.


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[From tbe Unitarian Miscellany.)

God is good! Each perfomed flower,

The smiling fields, the dark green anod,
The inseci, Huttering for an hoor,

All things proclaim that God is good.
I hear itio the rushing wind ;

Hills that have for ages stood,
And clouds, with gold and and silver lined,

Are still ropeating, God is good.
Each litle vill that many a year

Has the same verdant path porsued, -
And every bird, in accepts clear,

Join in the song that God is good.
The restless maio, with haughty roar

Calns each wild wave, and billow rade,
Reireats sahmissive from the shore,

And swells the chorus, God is good,
Countless bosts of burning stars

Sing his praise with light renew'd;
The rising sun each day declares

Io rays of glory, God is good.
The moon that walks in brightness says,

God is good !--and man, endued
With power to speak his Maker's praise,

Should still repeat that God is good.

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of his age.

The Rev. Daniel Whitby, D. D. Prebendary of Sarum.

was borot by the Bisbop of bora, 1638, at Rushden, Oxford, and the agtbor was Northamptonshire. His fa- obliged to make retracta. ther was a clergy man of tion. His volame on the Five considerable attainments. Points in defence of Armi. Giving his son' a liberal e- pianism, is a master-piece, docation, be, 1653, was sent and he soon after published to Oxford, and became a his invaluable Commentary Commoner in Trinity Col. on the New Testament. His lege. Patronised by Seth Last Thoughts, printed after Ward, Bishop of Salisbury, '

his death, demonstrate his he was made his Chaplain, integrity and piety. He and Chanter of the Cathe. died 1726, in the 88ib year dral. In 1673 he was cbo

His character Bea Rector of St. Edmonds, ranks high as a theologian, Salisbury; and, 1696, Pre. and his writings baveenlightbeodary of Tauoton Regis. ened the Christian world.He was

a great studeot, Evans's Sequel to the Sketch. and ardent in his stody of His Last Thoughts, were tbeology. He employed bis prepared by himself for the talēgts, at ihis period, in the press, aod contain a formal exposare of the pretensions retractation of his former opiof Papacy. Indeed few nions respecting the Tripity. clergymeo were more intent The conclusion to whicb op discharging the daties of

strong and irresistible their profession. Of a troly convictions" at last brought Christian spirit, and a lover him be expresses in ihese of peace, he published, 1683,

words: «In fine," he says, The' Protestant Reconciler, “this doctrine, tbat tbe bombly pleading for coode. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost scension to disseating bre- are of one and the same in. tbred in things indifferent dividual and pomerical es. aod odpecessary,

$ence,seems to burlesque the sake of peace, and showing Holy Scriptores, or to give how very onreasonable it is thea an uncootb apd ab. to make such things the de- surd seose from the begin., sessary condition of com- ning of the Gospel to the end of puoion. This exoelleot work the Epistles." Secp. 70.-Ed.

for the


A Leller to the Rev. William Yates, one of the Calcutta Baptist
Misionaries.- Original grounds of the Missionary

Controversy with Rammohun Roy.

be supposed to bave formed:
It is
more than

of the merits of your work ; two years since the publi. for you appear to me to cation of your Seven Essays, have come to this contro. porporting to be “A De.

versy better prepared and fenoe of some important to have conducted it in a Scripture Doctrines," in re- more becoming manner than ply to Rammohan Roy's your fellow;labporers in the First and Second Appeals same cause. Nor has it to the Christian Public, do- proceeded from an unwill. sing the whole of which pe- ingness to join issue with riod po public potice has you on the important points been taken of them, either involved in the Tripitarian by the advocates or oppo. Controversy. Of ibis I cane nients of reputed orthodoxy. not give you a more satis. It is.do part of my present factory proof than by in. business to inquire into or to forming you of my inten, explain the causes of this tion, as circonstances may apparent peglect. The fora enable me and my health, mér may have overlooked and leisure will permit, to this expression of your zeal address to you a Series of in bebalf of their favourite Letters op

tho principal opinions, through circom. sobjects which yoor Essays stances

which you

embrace. could have no controol; Yoor Essays are publish. and the latter may have de- ed in the dame of the body clined a controversy with of Baptist Missionaries in you, either because your ar. Calcatia, and thus carry goments appeared too weak with them all the weight and to need, or too strong to influence which it is in the admit of, refotation. As the power of that body to besitoation in which I am pla. stow. It would have per baps ced, together with yoor oc- been better if their namo casional references to me, had been altogether sopmay seem to have given pressed and your own subo you a claim apop my atten- stituted in its place. I shall tion, permit me to assure afterwards have occasion you that my silence hitherto to notice the particular rea. has not proceeded either son assigned for this course, from contempt or fear. It but at present I refer only to has not proceeded from the the general aspect mbioh is low cstimate wbicb I may bas upon the subject Be

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