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At Bolton io. Lancasbiro fowe jadividualsı' may' by

Domber of Unitarians steadiness, consistency and have voited io porchasing perseverance, foally osta. · Chapel previously occo. blish their religioas opioi.

pied by a society of Cal- ons in the form of pablio - vipistic Baptists. 1t is worship.. This people is

capablo of conveniently peculiarly praise.worthy in seating more tban eight baviog beeo contented with kupdred people, has attacb- a place of worship, accomed to it about eleven bon-, modated to their pecuniary dred yards of burial grouod, means, and in having eroct and

purchased for ad in the end a House of £900. The Rev. George Har- Prayer, the support of ris, late of Liverpool, has whicb will not be felt as accepted an invitation to a burden.- Monthly Repa. become the Pastor. At sitory ibe opening of the Chapel, A new Chapel has also the Society consisted of been crecled in Finsbary about 200 persons, and the Square, Loodon, for the number of sittiogs let was accommodation of the coga 233. Ai the present period gregation assembling.in more than double the sittings Parliament Court Chapel are let, and the regular al- under the ministry of the tendants are trebled.

Rev. W. J. Fox with whose A

VERY beat and com. qawe and character ajust modious little chapel, has of our readers aro already been elected for Voilarian ! acquainted. 11 was to travo worship, at STRATFORD, in been oncoed on February Esser, and was opened on 1st. 1824. Sunday the 18th January When, from the Journals 1824, with two' sernions, of Unitariao Missionaries, tha that in the inorning by the formation of New Unilasiao Rev. R. Aspland, consisting Societies, and the erection of of a Review of the Suf. now Uurtariao chápels, we ferings of Good Meu in observe the rapid progress Times Past for Conscicoce which Unitarianism is inak. Sake," and that in the e- ing in Eogland, on the Cog. vening by the Riv. W. J. tinent of Europe, and io A. Fox, on 1. tbe Value of merica, it is amusing to hear Christiau Truth." The his

some persons talk ofƯnitaria tory of the small hot res- aniso beiog a cold ssatom, pectable congregation at and' Vuitarians having oo Siriiford is truly encour. seal. No other sect of ging as is shews ibat a Christians has had to struga

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gle against 80 many and so passions factoate and the great difficulties, but if ever imagination may deceive; there was a religious sys. bot the converts whicb reaa tem calculated to call forth son makes; reason will gea a rational and intelligent nerally retain; and it is zeal into steady and per

therefore just in proporsevering operation, it is that tion to the march of intel. of Unitarian Christianitý. lect and the triomph of ti is far from leaving the truth on other sobjects, tbat affections optouched, but it Haitarianisch will be found addresses them only ibroogh to make its way in the the understandios. The world.

Extracts from the Journal of Mr. Harding. June 1st, went to Smar. some time assisted in this den, and preached twice ; daties of the ministry by in the evening we had a Mr. Edwards, a respetable Jarge company.


(radesman of that villages preacbed at Biddenden,

who likewise gives bis la. Tuesday at Beppended,

boars gratuitonsis. The a. Wednesday at Woodchörch, bove Society, I would add, Thursday at Halden, Fris is respectable, not for wealth, day at Fausted Green, and båt for that pielý aod vir, Snoday, the 8th, at Applea tue, wbich the fricods ma. dore, At Biddeoden, Ben- nifest in their blameless penden, Faasteo Green,

and ascfal lives. Woodcburch;and Appledore, Wednesday, the 25th, at. the cause of divioe troth is tended the district meeting wakiog a pleasing progress; at Teoterdeo, ao account and it gave me mucb plea: of which has already apsare to see, that I had not peared ! it is, therefore, or Taboared in vain.

ly necessary to say, that it Sunday, the 15th, preach. was a very pleasant aod ed at Craobrook, and on profitable opportunity.. Ooo ibe 29d at Northiam. In hundred and fourteen pertbe latter place there is a soos sat down to tea, Tho very respectable Uoitarian seotiments gived from the Society, of considerable chair, wbich was ably filled staadiog, voder the pasto- by the zealous and vegera: ral care of the truly pious ble Mr. Holden, and the spi. and venerablt Mr. Blundell, rited bat jadicions remarks who for years bas devoted elicited by them, both enlihimself, withoot fee or re- vened and cdified the com. ward, to the ministry of the pany:

Most of the friends Gospel. He has been for present on that occasion ar

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ed two

looking forward with much and abonnd, not only in nam: pleasure to the returning bers, but also in koowledge, anniversary. Were this virtue, and benevolence ! plan adopted in other places Sunday, August 3d, preach. also, it would, no doubi, be

ed at Cranbrook ; 'on the productive of much good to 10in, at Biddenden"; and the individuals assembled in the 15th at Appledore, to particular, and to the cause

od to the cause large companies of atten: ip general.

tive heaier'sHere I was Saturday, the 28th, pro- obliged to relinquish my inceedeä'to Gravesen't, where entiga of višiting East an interesi is, in part, esta: Kent, and return home, in blished, originating with the conseqgence of a violent sectores of Mēsgis. Kenricki cold caught by preaching of Maidstone, and Chapa at: Woodcharch on the 12th

in a low pitched room, wuos now of Depiford. I preache hadi, bert

commonly heated by the ondays there, and qumber of persons who ato's irjoice in the prospect of tended. I continued at home tee permanent establish. till the 29th, and then proment of pare and undefiled ceeded to Chatham, where religion in that popnlops I preached on Sunday moratown, if preaching can but ing, the 31st, and then went bel continued, and the to Gravesend, where, agree.. friends there act onder the able to the request of the heavenly infidence of the Unitarian Fund Committee, glorious Gospel," which I I continged' five Şundays: most devoutly hope they will During my stay there, I had

The happiness of introducing *"?? Júly: 131H, preached at Unitarian Christianity into Cranhrook', dod on the 2016 Dartford, a populou's little at Bebn'epdep, to large and inárket town; 15 miles from 'serious'cougregations.' On London; and I do think, the 26th, went to Battle, that, were miy bumible efforts where I conţinord a week, followed up with spirit, the and preached sesen" times prospect of establishing an jo' the town and villages. interest there is much beto. The cause, under the zeál. ter than even at Gravesend Gús direction of their wor- local circumstances being thy young minister, is going so much more favourable. ob steadily, 'adá tlie''number From the observations I b1 tow's people who 'atterid have been able to make, il and subscribe is considera- a'n decidedly of opinion, that bly on the increase." May it will require much timer tbey continue to increase and great perseverance, 19

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establish any thing tike Soch, indeed,' is my confiJespectable cansé ai Grave- dence in the power of di. send. The people have not pine trath, that I feet pere polý much to learn, but a suaded, if the efforts already great deal to unlearn; not made are but followed up only many virtues to prac. with constancy and perse: tise, but many old habits to verance, its triomph over: get rid of. On the whole, error, vice and superstia however, the prospect is by pion, will be complete. far too flattering to justify

M. HARDING. a precipitale abandonment.

Calculța Anxiliary Bible Society. We have !alely receive was 511sceptible of aid from ali the, Thirteenth Report of

most every contending seet of

Christians". this Society from which we

From this extracţ : extract the following para

learo, first, that the traus. graph.wiib reference to the

lation of the Seriptores into remarks contained in a former ņamber on the Calcut

every language and their

circulation in eyery region Ja, Bible Association, “ The experiinen." 'says the

is the past and simple ob. Repori, "" of what might be ac- ject of the Bible Society ; complished by such associated and, secondly, that, in the hodies, seems to have been prosecutiop of tbis object, first madę on an exlensive there is at least one sect of scale by the British and Fo«.

Christians from which the reigp Bible Society. . The vast

Bible Society iş not susceps of noble instirution, thc in óf 'tiblc of aid, since we are the sacre Scriptures incoevée expressly told that it is sus rý langage, and ils [theii] ceptible of aid, not from circulation in every region of evers, båt from almost every, tue world, conld obviously be sept of. Chriştians. What accomplished only by a degree is meant by this uon-suscep: of support as unprecedented in

sibility of aid we are a its estent, as the plan propos.

some lo$8 to understand. Is was extensive. Without the most rigorous" and perse

it meant to intimate that vering exertions it was not

there is some sect of Chris. possible to meet the demands. tians with a hoşę principles of a charity which should em,. the trapslation or circulation brace the world. And it was the happiness of the Society iv

of the Scriptures is incom

patible, and who therefore grestión, (a happiness altri. burable ander. Providence to

cannot covscientionsly and the simplicity of its object, srid

do not in fact give their aid phe wisdom with which it was for the attaindent of ihis originally constituted) tbat it Fast and simpple object ? Or



is it intended to say that understand it to be that ibere is a sect of Christians

its Rales express, and wbat who altbough, they approve the above paragraph es• of the translation and circu- plains, then no Society may lation of the Scriptores, are witb greater safety depoancë excluded by the Rules of by name before the world the Bible Society from tak- that most Qocbristian sect jog a part in promoting its of Christians by whom its vast and simple object ? to object is opposed. But if either case we must confess

its supporters are conscious ibat the information is al. that they have swerved from together new to us.

its origioal object, that ia never before beard of any their trapslations they eithet sacb Cbristiap sect, oor of add id or take away from any such exclusive Rules, tbe gendioe records of in. and we veatore to assert spiration, and that in their that, on tbeso points, most circalation of the Scriptures, people are as igooradt ag in the doositation of their ourselves. We therefore Aoxiliary Societies and think that the Calcotta Ao. Branch Associations, and xiliary Bible Society or in the drawing ap of their those who are authorized Reports, they employ tho 10 speak in its dame are dame aod influence ol the imperiously called apop to Bible Society to recotti tead explajo their owo meaning, the doctriacs of ope Cbris. and to say either wbat sect tian gect in preference to of Christians refuse to give those of another, theo ios their aid in the translation deed may the members of and circolation of the Scrip- that other sect jostly withtures, or what sect of Cbris. draw those contributions tians are excladed from the which would be, only cmprivilege of doing so in con- ployed against themselves nection with the Bible Society. and in retaro expect to be lo Bible Society Reports we beld up to ondeserved. re. should least of all expect to probation; ia those obscuro meet with ambigoous phrase. josipa ations and balf-exology and farfetched inuendo. pressed charges which a cool If its real object is wbat we sciousness of guilt suggests

Sum of Trinitarian Controversy, in Verse.
Talk of Essence and Substance, and no one koows what,

God either made Christ, or else he did not;
If he did, be's a Creature, 'tis plain at one view,

If not, be's a God, and then we bave two.

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