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all the country west of Goa substance of a conversa. i the Mahratta langoage is tion which we had with spoken". Allodiog to this bim on-this subject. We

sball bo glad to receive aod pote,the Author of the Replies / bic (Appendix p. 81.) makes the poblish any additional infollowing remarks: "Tho formation respecting this error that was committed language from those of our appears from a note on the subscribers or tbeir friends subject to bave been not a wbg may bave bad oppors philological bot a googra. topities of personal observaphical one, the Kookona ation.- Ed. language being spoken pot «« My dear Sir, ja ihe wbole of the country

* The Concunce, as it is po sbe sea-0088t from Bom, termed, or language of the bay to Calicat, as would Concun district within seem to have becu formerly wbicb Bombay is jpcluded, stated, byt oply io that part may be coosidered as a cor. of it which extends from ropted dialect of the lou Hig. Gua to Calicot. The Se. doostanee in which a varie. rampore Missiodarios des. ty of Gozoratee, M'abratta, cribed the language

and Arabic words are in." being spokea where it is not troduced according as it spoken, and consequently bappens to be spoken by the Bombay Missionaries patives of the covotries to' sought it wbero' it is not to wbich these respective lag. be found''.

goages belong ; aod it pero Having thus briefly pre- haps differ's less from the septed our readers witb Hiodoostanee of the Deccan the amount of wbat has than that does from the diahitherto' beep said

00 lbe

lect spoken at Madras and sobject of


Kono to ihe sooth. It bas therefore kuna langoage, we bow seldom if ever been used as subjoin, by permission, a a written langpage distippt letter wbich we bave res from the Hoodoostanem proceived from a friend whose perly 'so called, and is only loog residence in the West koowo at Bombay as a cola of India, frequeot inter. loquial jargon (I can hardly conrse wish natives of every call it a Lingoa Franca description, and babits of evep) employed merely as close and patieot jovesti. tbe median of Bazar deala gation, give' bis remarks iogs between people' wbo a high value. It may bo have each a distinct mo added, to explain its abrapt. ther tongue whicb is "of pes, that his pole in the course their poly written


languago and serves them for boat songs of the Lascars all the orber business of life. and! Dandys along the I never heard of any book coast wbich are · generally being written in the Con. in Mabratta. çou language ; not even the

Yours, &c." Remarks of the Editor of the India Gazette on the Mission.

ary Controversy with Rammohun Roy. We extract the follow. Though there are many ing Remarks from the In. points of discussion which dia Gazette principally in the every day busineso with 4 view to our distant of life we must unavoida. Teaders and friends. They bly pass over-still were iptended by the en- would fain as much as in lightened Editor of that os lies, keep the rule ia Journal to iogroduce to tho view of Quicquid agunt Dotice of his opmeroas sub- bonines postri farrago li. scribers the First Letter belli. addressed to the Rev, W. On this principle alone Yates, and they show that we should bave deemed it we are not singular pr ugo, oor duty to have submitted supported in the opinion to our readers, the articlo we bave, ventored to pro.

which forms our principa! nouoco on ihę Cootrovery Asiatic selection for this in question. It will be ob. day's number;-we have, served that it is, goly,00. however, boed swayed by the question of the , sal. reasons of a higher qaturg, fiçiency or josufficiency of that to which we 'bavo the grounds op which this alluded. The article in Cootroyarsy, was commen, question is entitled to great ced thatwe can claim the sof. consideration, with referfrage of the India Gazette. once to the bistory of ibo Should tho, Editor differ, buman miod jo she East. from os in overy other res., 'Thoogh hitherto wo have pect as widely aß, wo differ pot ia our paper, in any de from the Missionaries, ye tailed manner, adverted in must, știll, boqpar him for, the labours of tbat distin. tbo fearless independence, guished Native, RAMMO HUN with wbich he has delivered Roy-still, we have been bis scotimepts on , sobject op dişioterested spectator which has called forth so of them. We say 'distin, mach sectarian feeling gaished, because he is so and popular declamation, among his owo people, by Ed.

manie, reuk, and respecte

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bility; and among all moo tion of one handred millio

most ever be distipe ous, 'a 'single individóak..' goisbed for his philadibro- rise's to stay; if possible, py, his great learniog; and destroying angel of dark his intellecioal ascendancy

ghess that scatters miserý jo general. As a man whol over the land.

lo such bäs cut no mean @gore io population a hundred' lives the republic of letters, and saved in course of a few in the walks of philosophi-years would hardly be noe cat inquiry,

we have a liced; yét' what an object right thos publicly to med? the saving of one life wust tioo RAMLOHUN Roy; aodhes to the Philanthopist! I it is necessary tbt we? That RAMMOHUN Roy's's should claim this right, lest writings bave been the it mighi be deemed jodeli. means of saving some lives cate" in os to refer too we doubt not: for we 08. pointedly to a person wbose derstand that there great mødesty of itself is now many respectable na. an evidence of high genius, tives convinced by his are and certainly epbances ito guments; aod it is not to gift.

be questioned, büt this con- 1 RAMMOHUN Roy is pret- viction must be beneficial, -3 ty well known to the public is on the increase, and ! in general, by bis booevo- must in its increase' weak, leot efforts to abolish the eo the boods of sopersti, Abomidable practice of wi. lioo apd murderous cus' » dow burning. What effect 100, and get their captives bis writings to ibai end free, Por our owo parts ! may havo produced, we wo regret extremely that i have no certaio criterion of these writings were judging, I'f concremation | Spread forth amuo; the peoof the living bras pot very! wide as much as possible.. apparently decreased since It is, however, 'impractica. bis' works exposing the ab. blo for one man to give gofsurdity and wickedness of ficient currency to

them. > the practice appeared, lei Were a committee of weal. us not hastily ’infer from thy Nalives to take the this that they have not pro.

sobject into coosideration, duced effect' somewhere." much' good might be effece i Let us rather consider the ted; and we cannot help immense field of mind over thinking that Ciristian Mis. which the seed was to be sionaries might do as marh strowo by ore single onas. good by republishing and disa fisied-badd. -lo a popola tributing the appeals a; aiast..!

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those human sacrifices, as by doling oat tracts apon dootrinal aod praogical Christianity whiob the Ņa. tives wont read, or, wbich jeading, fail to movo tbem a jot from tbe religion of their fatbers.

qui lo addition to his efforts to pat a stop to a most hor, rid practice, RAMMQHUN Roy endeavoured to innprove ibe moral condition of his countrymen, by mak. ing them arquainted with the soblige ethics of the Christian system, What. over might bave been his ideąs respecting the mys. teries of Christianity with reference to its logoder, aod bis miracles, he ap: pears to have held only goo opinioo respecting his pre. cepts. He, and so must every one who studies them, considered them as incore poratiog the best system of moral law erer delivered 10 mankind. Accordingly be selected ont of the sacied bouķs which contain bis bistory, as it has dowo to our times, ibe Precepts of Jesus, and ondor ibat title be presented them to his countrymen without gloss or comment; leaving them to produce tbat effect

which is tho end thoy most prodące on every miod 20$ entirely aod obstinately blind to the iroth. The cire cumstance of his baviog ibus published for his country• men the precepts alone of Je, $os Christ, drew our compi. jer joto tho vortex of Controversy, which what. over other effects it way bave caused, still forther exhibited the acuteness of bis mind, the logical power of his intelleci, and the 90ruffled good temper wird which he could argue.

“ The article to wbicb wo referred at the commencea meal of these depullory obe servations, gives a general summary of the controvere sy in question. To it, there., fore, we would, direct the autention of our readers and to lose ubo bave not in their bæod the writing! of RAMADHon and his oppo. Deple, the exception in question must be acceptar ble. It is taken from tho. last oomber of tbc Unitarian, Repository, au upostenta, tious little periodical pab. lished in this city.

So far as we can onder. stand, the strictares of tbą Revereod Editor of the Ro. pository are candidly and dispassionately written. Ą. to Voitarjan or Trinitarian questions or other specula. tive points of Doctriqe, wą bare bere nothing whatever


We presume the Editor of the Gazette here refers to the peremonial practices apon whicb some are disposed to lay 60 much stress.-Ed. of U. R.



to do with them. We sto. diously avoid giving any opinion at all on ibese heads; but wo owe it to

aod the cause of traib, to declare, that we entirely coincide in the Reverend Editor's upi. bion respecting the attack on RANMOHUN, whicb reallly appears to us 10 bare

been about as injudicious and weak an effort of offici. out zeal as we ever beard of. The effect of that was to rouge op a most gigantio combatant in the Theologi. cal field combatant who, wo aro constrained to say, bas not yet act with his match bere").


New Unitarian Chapele. The congregation in Edig. mas Reesweat throogi burgh, oodor the pastoral the service in a mander care of the Rev. J. 0. highly satisfactory to his Squier, met on the '141h of puderous aoditors. His September to open their sormon was valued for its Dow cbapel for Uoitarian interestiog bistorical details worsbip. Two sermoos were and above all for the fear. preached by the Rev. W.d. less, yet truly Christian, Fox, of London, and ono spirit of Protestant Dissent sermon by the Rev. B. Mar. wbicb it ioculcated. don, of Glasgow. All the The chapel jast erected three services were altcoded at Hanley, in the Potteries, by crowded and deeply at- Staffordshire, of wbich ibo tentive audiences.

Rev. Thomas Cooper is the A commodious and ele. minister, was opened on the gant chapel, io Stamford

191h insi. (Nov.) The Rev. R. Street, Blackfriars' Road, Aspland preacbed in iho Surrey, built for the accom- morning, and tbe Rev James modation of the sorviving Yates jo the evening. The members of the congrega: altendance was very respec. tion formerly assembling io table: the collection liberal; Prioce's Street, West. aod the prospects here are minster, to whom are obited highly encouraging.-Chris the congregation lately oċ- tian Reformer. copyiog the chapel in St. In addition to the abovo Thomas's, Southwark, was we observe notices of ico opened on Sunday, October voral otber new Unitarian 121b. The mjoister of the Chapels in our periodical place the Rev. Dr. Tho. publications lately received.

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