Taal house to offer op spiri. toal sacrifices" (no doubt prayer aod praise) “acceptable to God by Jesus Cbrist').

There are many other passages ia which we are enjoined to pray to God, bet as those who adrocate the worship of Jesus be. Jieve him to be God, I can. not with consistency bring them forward, antilit shall be shewn that Jesus is enferior to and distinct from God.

Farther: Jesos is not the proper object of worship since all prayer is to be of. fered in bis dame. If Jesus be God L shoold wish to know in whose name may approach to him, in like maouer as

we may in his name pray to bis God and Father.

Joha xiv. 6" Nomad cometh to the Father bat by me". 13. Whats over ye shall ask in my name that will Ldo”. xvi. 23. Verily, Verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye sball ask the Father in my name he will give it you. Hi. therto ye have asked nothiog in my name : ask and ye shall receive."



Heb.x. 19."Having, there. fore, bre hren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesas, and have ing an bigh priest over the house of God, let os draw near with a true heart in fall, assprance of faith". Col iii. 17. Wbatsover ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God, and. the Father by him".

1. Pet, ii, 5. Writing of a church of Christ the apostle says,'Ye also as ļively stones are built ap a spiritual kouse, ad holy priesthood, to offer op spiritoal sacrifices acceptar ble to God by Jesus Christ" The worsbippers of Jesas

pot bowever witboat their reasons for the prace: tice they adopt. I shall therea fore consider the passages of Scriptore they adduce in support of it, and hope to make it appear that they are inconclusive on the subject, and by no means of equal weight with the authorities above exhibited, being thosa of Jesus and his apostles both by example and pres cept, for the sole worship of the Father the only living and truc God.

Heb. l. 6. "Let all tho angels of God worship him" i.e. the first begotten, Jesas That the apostle does not intend here that spiritual or religious worship ought to be offered to Jesus appeare

• The writer does not be. lieve that it is essential to the acceptance of prayer that it be pot op in Jesus's name; he bere only adduces the practice of the worshippers of Jesus against themselves,

to me from the following fringed, for that commande considerations,

ment prohibits the worship 1. As the design of the of the Deity onder any form apostle in writing this part whatsoever, the boman fora of bis Epistle was not to

of Jesus not excepted. sbew the propriety of wore The worsbippers of Jesus sbipping Jesus, but that he allege that many from a is greater than angels or moogst bis contemporaries messengers, whether divine

« fell down and worsbipped or buman, he may bave bim' at which he did not meant to assert that Jesus express the smallest disapis so much greater than an- probation but permitted it. gels that they are enjoined That this was not spirito shew him reverence by tual or religious worsbip is external marks of obeisance

evident, or respect as further apo 1. From the doctrine of pears,

Jesos that God is a spirit 2. From the fact that the and must be worshipped in word worship signifies ex- spirit and in trath. terpal homage or respect

2. From the fact that pono in the Old Testament froin of those who tbas worshipwbience the passage in ques- ped Jesos did so under tho top is also quoted.

impression that be was God. 1. Chron. xxix 20.They How could they when their bowed their heads and wor. eyes told them that the persbipped the Lord and the

before them king". Danielii.4 6."Then the

chap ? king Nebacbadacztar fell op. 3. From the fact that bad on his face and worshipped this been religious worship Daniel”. Psalm xxLv. 11. Jesus would pot have per“ He (Solomon) is thy Lord mitted it, it being contrary and worship thea bim”.libas to his doctrine, wbicb is ibat also this meaning in the new God is a spirit and most bo Testament Matt 18. 26 The worshipped in spirit and in servant fell down and wor- trath, and it being also ia shipped his Lord”. Rev. iii. 9 violation of the second comwhere Cbrist says to the mandmegt wbich in the iga Charch at Sardis “I will junction that no material make them come and wor- image is to be bowed dowa sbio thy feet".

to, includes likewise that 30. Were religious wor- Jehovah is pot to be worship meant by the apostle shipped under any form, the would not the seeood com- boman form of Jesus 200 waadweat be thereby in. excluded,

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The worshippers of Jesus Allege that having been baptized in Jesus' name as well as in those of the Fatber ánd of the Holy Spirit, all three are objects of worship. Not to say that tbis cere. mony does not include any direct injonction as to the object of worship,(and witbout express commands re. garding this important part of religion to sincerely pi. ous mind would rest satis. fied) and not to advert also 10 tbe freqaent practice on the part of the apostles of baptizing only in the came of Jesus, I think it quite sofficient for og porpose to quote the immortal Locke's view of the ceremony. 1. To be baptized into any one's fame (says Lockey or into any one is solemnly by That ceremony to enter bimšelf a 'disciple of him into wbose pame he is baptized, with profession to receive his doctrine and rules and submit to bis authority." Let those' therefore who have been baptized into Christ pot on Christ by worshipping as Christ did, his God abd Father.

The worshipper's of Jesus also adduce Rev.' jii. 11. to 14" And I beheld and heard The voice of many angels jound about the throne and ibe' beasts aod the elders, and the number of them was Rep Fibousand tine's' 'ten

thousand and thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice, Worthy is tho Lamb that was slaia to re. ceive power and riches and wisdom and strengh and bo-, nour and glory and blessing; and every creatore wbich is in heaven and on the earth and boder the earth and such as are in tho sea and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing and honor and glory and power be unto him that sittelb óp. on the throne, aod onto the Lamb for ever and ever, and the four beasts said Amen. Aod the four and twenty. elders fell down and worshipped bim that livet, for ever aod ever".

This passage is inconcla.. sive for it I am not mistak. en the advocates for the worship of Christ maintain that since he is worshipped in heaven, he may be woro sbiped on earth, bat t would request to coosider that our Lord gever bas. been and perhaps pever will be religiously worshipped ia heaven, for the scene repre. sented in the passage had never any place there, it being the opinion of every. rational man that neither four beasts a laiub as if slaio, have ever been or will be there. Tbe wholo scene is visionary and bad a place only in the mind of Joba. From the ri.


pions however of ad ipspi- only be coosidöred as somo rod apostle we may draw authority for Jesus' worshipjostruction, and all that I pers to call on bim wbegi dan learn from the passage, ever he should vouchsafo : which the apostle woreover his appearance 10' idem, has couched in higbly figo. which as this favor was con- i rative languago, is tbat Goed to apostolic times is blossing, honor, glory, and now improper. 2 Cor. xii. 7. power is ascribed to Jesos is also brought forward. Paul under the figure of a Lamb, says there was giveo 10 i. e, on accoqot of bis death; me a thoro in the flesh; for while worship is offered to this thing I besough the God alope,' as any person

Lord thrice that it might may perceive from ao alteo- depart from me, and he said tivo porsoal of the passage, Qoto me, My grace is soffi.

Auotbor passage and the cient for thee ; for my only one similar to that be- strength is made perfect in fore us, is in Rev. vii. 9 to weakness." 12 which comfirms the view As the apostle has given bere given ; for there also, the answer of Christ, he whilo blessing &c. is ag. must have made tbis request cribed to the Lamb, wurship of bima when he was geosi. is offered to God alone: and bly present in a similar si. I cannot but admire the toation to that in wbich precaution of the apostle Stephen, was when be calla or of the Holy Spirit by ed upon him, The

passago which ho was guided (iba! is therefore of po au bority futuro ages might oot fall for the worship of him when into Polytbeism or Idolatry) abgent, and that our Lord io stating so olearly on both used to appear to Paul to occasions that while blouse strengthen and support jog, hooor &m, was ascribed him. ia bis ministerial la. 10 Jesus, , God alono was bours is clear' from Acts ix. worshipped.

4., xviii. 9. xxiii. 11. where It is also asserted that sach instances aro on Stephen called upon Jesos cord. jo bis dying momeots “ Lord I Cor. 1. 2. is also ad. Jesos, receive my spirit," duced "s with all that in eve. Here it must bo noted that ry place call upon the oamo abis was upon a miraculous of Jesus Christ our Lord." Appearance of Christ to him, Here I think it qoiro soffi. for he saw “the son of man ciept to affix Mr. Locke's standing at the rigbt hand Paraphrase aod poto “ Witba of God” and can therefore all that are every wber.

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called by the name of Jesos. Christ: and be Ibat ig Dot satisfied with this trapsla. tion may sec more proofs of it in Dr. Hammond upon the place". -Locke.

Having shewn from the example and plain precepes both ofJesas aud bis apostles ibat the only scriptural ob

ject of worship is God, the Father borb of 08 aod of Jesos, I hope. I have also: made it appear that tho Texts adduced by Tripila. risos for the worship of Jes sos are inconclusive and er. rondously applied to the subject.

The Kunkuna Languages In the Qaeries and Re- there could be little besitaplies respecting the Protes. tion in prononociog that tant Missions in Bengal (p. some gross misapprehension 7) lately published io Cala must exist somewhere. cutta, the Rev. Mr. Bard- With reference, it is boo well, an American Missiona.' lieved, to the doubts 'which ry for some years resident had'thu's been expressed as at Bombay, is represented to the existence of the Kuq. to bave stated to the author kopa laogoage, the followe of the Replies that after all iog Note was appeoded to the inquiries whicb be and the Eightb Memoir of the bis brethreo bad mado reg. Translations, sigoed "W. pecting the Kuokuna lap. Carey, J. Marshman, W. guage both amongst Euro. Ward, and J.C. Marshman, peans and natives, no traces and dated, Serampore, Dec. of such a longuage could be 31, 1822 :" N. B. Wo beg fotend. This gentleman al- leave to memtion here,' that 8 of 'stated the result of bis in the map engraved for tho ingoiries on the subject to Seveotd Memoir of tho the Serampore Missionaries Translations (wbicb is othere who bad made considerable wise quite correct) tho progress in a translation of

country in wbicb the Kon. the Scriptores' ioto a' lan. koon is spoken is laid down guage bearing that oame, inaccorately. lo'a geogra. and who, it wonld appear, phical poiot of view tho in one of the Memoirs reg. whole of the country pecting the Serampore the sea coast from Bombay Translations, bad described to Calicat is called the it as being spoken in the Kunkana; bai the Kuokoda district ' between Bohibay language is spoked only in mod Calicat. Witb only

that part of it which exo these facts and statements,

tends from Goa to Calicut. In

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