of what caste he was* bat, being withdrawn several of be bad acquired a consider- ibem relingaisbed able knowledge of English, Christian profession." Qar and bad previously for some correspondent, than whom time been employed as

eap be better aca riter to the Diocesan Com. quainted with the facts of mittee of the Society for this case, epables os to come promoting Christian Koow- wunicate the following ledge, of which' Mr. Haw- particulars respecting it, tayne is Socretary, on The statement contained salary of 40 ropees

in the above extract must, month.t Our correspon

we are informed, refer to the deot bas seen the

period after Mr. Corrie left Ivice sioce bis baptism, Agra to go to England. He but had po kopwledge of left some women employed him before ; nor does he io spioning, and there were know what circumstances three weavers who worked led to hiş receiving bap- up the thread. He also tism. He is told that he left a few coltivators of tho attends every Sunday at ground in a little farm he bad the Cathedral.

taken for them. These wero. Again: the Author of ander the superintendence of the Queries and Replies, Abdool Masseeh, and were

farther apimadvertiog supplied with corrent ex: on the manner in which penses to be deducted from native converts bave been the prodace of their labour. treated, makes the follow, But now measures ing remark iq page 46: adopted after Mr. Corrie? w it bas' been stated to departure and many left tho, me that the Rev. Daniel place. Still a small pom. Corrie, gąve gratuitqos ber remains; thero are te support to those converts communicants at this time. wbom by his ļabours at A. In a sobsequent letteč Era he had bropgbt to em- written in reply to inqui.. brace the gospel, but that ries which the preceding on their monthly allowance particolars bad soggested,

In the Sumbad Coumoodee, our correspondent further & weekly newspaper in the informs os that it is now tea Bengalee langaaye, for Nov. sears since the persons aq. 15, 1823. he is stated to be of

hove referred to lefi Agra. the Malakar, i..e. tbe Malee or

They left, not on account gardener caste.

of the subsistence being + The article in the Sumbad Conmoodee already referred

withdrawn, but from some. to states that bis salary is 50

severity of manner in the Topees a month,

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Mr. Corrie's departare. He

that of the 41 adalts has been told that some Ms. Corrie baptized at Aof the visited Agra after- gra perhaps half the Qurawards, retaining an appar. ber proved iosincere, out cot attachment to Christi. correspondent does not doo doity, and one of the wea'. ny. Yet he is persuaded vers certainly came back, some of them were conviaand applied birself to' ótbet ced in their judgment of tbó labour, and continued to trath of Christianity whea Hitend op worship. Three they received baptism, of them came away in Mr. though they could not bear Corrie's, service atid were up onder tbe scorn of their employed by other families neighbours when left to during his abseoce. One themselves, of themi died whilst bo was away and gave great satis. So far our correspondent, faction to ***

on her

who has pot oply is the deathbed; otic contipoed in most obliging mapper fuis the service of * * till be nisbed os with tốe above fost his healtd when be information but has also came to Benares where Mr. offered to reply to wbatever Cotrie then was, and ex. other inquiries may be ada bibited a very Christian

dressed to him on the samo condáct during a long ill. sohject. Oor ceaders will hess of wbich be died : judge for themselves bow these two were

far and in what way the frona Poperý būt as igno- conclosions drawn from the Taot as Hindoos till they statements copiained in the tame under Abdool Mag. Queries and Replies are af seeb's ministry. The third, fected by the fulier and an old Mabraita soldier, more accorate information setorned to Mr. Corrie's with wbicb hé bas sopplied service when he came back os. Our uwo impression is 10 India, and died in 1823 tbat they are confirmed, not jo Calcatta in a very happy weakened, by the facts adstate of miod.


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The Duty of Christians towards the Greeks. Tbe following is an ex- bis duty to add his mite to tract from the XLI. Nom. the Calcotta Sonscription io ber of the Nortb American aid of the Greeks struggling Roview in the sentiments tor liberty aod religionof which we folly concor,

for all that is dear to them as aod earnestly bope tbat e. men and a's Christians. very reader of the R posi. “ America has done sometory way perceive it to be thing for Greece. Our miss sionary societies have their altar and hanged af étio envoys to the Grecian portals of his church, gavel church, with supplies of bi. the signal of the unboly bles and religious tracts for outrages which were to their benighted flocks. Bat waste his flock. And DON in the present state of this wherever the armies of the pohappy people, this is not Sultan prevail, the village the only succour they re- churches are levelled with qoire. They are laying the the dust or pollated with foundations of civil free- the abominations of mahodom, without wbicb even netanism, aad the religious the blessings of the Gospel houses of the Greeks, the will be extended to them in oldest abodes of christiapivaio ; and while they are ty in the world, a're wasted cementing with their blood with fire, and the sacred this costly edifice, they are volume thrown out to be in the condition of the re- trampled under foot by bara turning Jews, of wbom harians. At this crisis the eyery one with one of bis messeoger of the gospel hands wrought at the work, fraternity should conie id and with the other band other guise than the distris beld a weapon.' We would boter of the word ; and respectfully suggest to the could the broad and deep enlarged and pious minds current of religious bounty of those, who direct the be tarned into a cha'o nel to great work of missionary reach the seat of the prig: charity, that at this mo. cipal distress, it is oot goi ment, the cause of the Gre. ing too far to say, that it cian charch, can in no way might be the means of gips be so effectually served, as ing another independent by contributions directed to country to the church of the field of the great strag- Christ; and do more to efs gle. The war is emphati- feot the banishment of the cally a war of the crescent crescent to the deserts of against the cross. The ve.

Tartary, than all that has nerable partiarch of the yet been achieved by the Greek faitb, torn from his / ser

counsels of christendom." RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE.

Athanasian Creed at Court. In the present Volume, the omission of the forged pp. 9, 10, (See Uoitarian creed imposed apon" the Repository pp. 36, 37,) we world as the work of St. made some remarks apoo Athanasins, in the service

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of the Royal Chapel.at proverbial for his attention Brighton. · Tho discussion to the responses, was pero of this subject in the news. foctly silent during the timo papers seems to bavo led

Dr. Poarsep was bccapied the royal chaplains to weigh in reciting this oreod, and "the consequences of the did oot respond at all.". It King's seeming dislike of would have been:gratifying · one of the main pillars of to every intelligent and orthodoxy, and to request obaritable man to see this · permission for the tritheis. string of 'absardities and

tic saint to show him solf at maledictions“ coo'signed to cogrt. The croed was 40- , -oblivion ; büt, pertraps, for "oordingly 'read before 'bis -Qseful impression upon the Majesty last Easter Sun.. pabliomiod, it is better tbat day, but with wbat accep..

-the-form should be contitance let the following ex- bued that Trioitarianism ? tract from a letter written may be exposod in its pa. • on tbovory day by a person kedness, and that men of

present, and printed in the liberat minds, like his Ma. Morning Chronicle of 'March jesty, should bave an op: 31st, sbew: " Wo can'poo,

portonity of openly testi. sitively state, with respect fying their disliko of non· to the Athananiami "Creed, soose," and their disgast at

which in the service is ap- profane corses, uttered “ig "pointed for this day, that his the name of tbe Lord.' Majesty-who, equally with

Christian Reformer. thelato king, his father, is

Corporation and Test - Acts. ***Tax Depaties for pro.

consideration. The course tectiog the Civil Rights of to be pursued is as yet aastbo Disseaters are, wc on- determined; probably peti

derstand, once more about' tions to Parliament will not to move the question of the be deemed necessary : bat repoal of the above acts. *if they should be called for, In choosing Depaties for we'doubt mot "but the Disthe present yoar, somo.con- "Benters in general will bo gregations in London and promptia obeying the call. tho neighbourhood (we may Thro' question "couldipot bo spotify two, that of the Oid moved onder moro favouri . Jowry and tbat of tho New able aaspices: the Dissen. Gravel-Pit, Hackney), it tergare no longor regardod • stracted their representa- as a political party; the

tives to bring this matter tempor of the Governmeät · Bader early and sorions: is mild-and'liberal; and the

claim s of the Catholios will, roason and justtoe, the cu perba ps, be conceded in l qoally strong claims of Pio.

whole or in part, and these tostaot Dissenters;-Monthe must carry with them, in 1 ly Repository.

The Devotion of Nature.'
[From Moore's Sacred Melodies.]
Tho tarf shall be my fragrant sbriae ;
My temple, Lord, that arch of thine;
My censer's breath the moontain airs,
And silent thoughts my ooly prayers."
My choir shall be the moonlight waves,
When murm'ring homeward to their caves,
Or when the stillness of the sea,
E'en more than music, breathes of Thee!
I'll seek by day some glade opknowo, i ri
All light and silence, like thy Throne.
Aod the pale stars shall be at nigbt,
The only eyes that watch my rite,
Thy Heav'o; on which is bliss to look,
Shall be my pare and sbiniog book ;
Where I shall road in words of fame,
The glories of thy wondrous name.
I'll read thy'anger in the rack
That cloads awhile the day-beams' traok ;
Thy mercy in the azure boo
Of surdy brightness, breaking through!
There's nothing bright, above, below,
From flow'rs that bloom to stars that glow,
Batin its light my soul on see,
Some featore of tby Deity!
There's nothing dark, below, above,
Bat in its gloom I trace thy Loro,
And meekly wait tbat moment, en
Thy touch shall toro all bright again | ' : "! "13121

• Pii orant taciti.

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