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Pradices of the People called Quakers: In Anfwer to a Treatife of John Stillingfleet's, mifcalled, Seafonable Advice concerning Quakerifm, &. by Daniel Phillips, M. D. price 1 s. 6 d.

A Diflertation concerning the Lord. Supper. The fecond part, by the Author of the Firft part. Price 3 d.

An Encouragement early to Seek the Lord: And be Faithful to him: In an Account of the LIFE and Services of that Ancient Servant of God, Tomas ihompfon. Price 6 d.

The Chritian Quaker, and his divine Teftimony, ftated and vind cated, from Scripture, Reafon and Authority. by W, Penn. Price 25 Piety Promoted, in a Collection of the Dying Sayings of many of the People called Quakers. with a Brief account of fome of their Labours in the Goffch and fufferings for the fame. In three Parts by John Tomkins. price bound I s. each Part.

Piety Promoted, in a Collection of Dying-Sayings of many of the People call'd Quakers. with fome Memorials of their Virtuous Lives The Fonrth and Fifth Part by J. F. price bound 1 s. each Part.

Perfecution expofed in fome Memoirs of the Sufferings of John Whiting and many antient eminent Friends. price 3 s.

A Journal of the Life, Travels and Sufferings of VVilliam Edmundfor price bound 3 s. 3

A Catechifm and Confetion of Faith. by Robert Barclay. price 94. Fruits of Retirement; or Miscellaneous Poems, Moral and Divine: Being fome Letters, Contemplations, &c., written on Variety of Subjects; By M. Mollineux, lat: of Leverpool, deceased. price t s. 6 d.

A Light Shining out of Darkness: Or, Occafional Queries, fubmitted to the Fudgment of fuch as would enquire into the true State of things in our Imes. the whole Work revifed by the Author, the Proof's Englished and augmented, with fundry Material Difcourfes concerning the Ministry, Separ tion, Infpiration, Scriptures, Humane Learning, Oaths, Tithes, &c, With a brief Apology for the Quakers, that they are not Inconfiftent with Magiftracy. by an indifferent but Learned Hand, the 3d. Edit. pr. 15. 61.

God's Protecting Providence, Man's fureft Help and Defence, in Times of the great ft Difficulty, and moft eminent Danger. Evidenced in the Remarkable Deliverance of Robert Barrow, with divers other Perfons, from the devouring Waves of the Sea, among which they fuffered Shipwrack: and af from the cruel Devouring Faws of the Inhumane Canibals of Florida. Faithfully related by one of the Perfons concerned therein, J. Dickenson. 8d.

A Scripture Catchifm for Children, by Ambrofe Rigge. price B. 6d. Truth's Vindication; or, a gentle Stroke to wipe off the foul Afperfions, falfe Accufations and Mifreprefentations, caft upon the People of God, called Quakers, both with refpect to their Principle, and their way of profelyting people over to them. by E. Bathurst. price 1 s.

A brief Teftimony to the great Duty of Prayer; having the Nature and Benefit thereof; to which is added, many at and Select Inftances of God's Answer to Prayer: Collected out of the Record of Holy Scriptures, by F. Tomkins, one of the People called Quakers. With a Poftfcript by F. F. The Second Edition, with Additions. price, 6 d.


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BOOKS Printed and Sold by the Affigns of J. Sowle.

The Poor Mechanick's Plea, against the Rich Clergy's Oppreffion frewing Tithes are no Gospel-Minifters Maintenance: In a brif and Plain Method, how that Tithes, (as now paid) are both Inconfiftent with the Defpenfation of the Law, and Difpenfation of the Gospel. also how they were brought into the Church many undred Years after Christ, and teftified a gainst by feveral ancient Chriftians and Martyrs, with feveral fober Reasons against the payment of them, By J. Bockett. price 3 d

Academia Coeleftis: The Heavenly University; or, the Higheft School, where alone is that Highest teaching, the teaching of the Heart. By Francis Roule, fome time Provost of Eaton Colledge. A Treatise written above 60 Years fince. the third Edition, Revifed and Compared with the Latin, p. 15.

A Diflertation of the Small Pox, by Daniel Phillips, at his Commencing Doctor of Phyfick in the University of Leyden in Holland, in the Tear 1695. tranflated by T. E. price 9 d.

Mercy covering the Judgment Seat; and Life and Light Triumphing over Death and Darkness: In the Lord's Tender Vifitation, and Wonderful Deliverance, of One that Sat in Darkness, and in the Region and Shadow of Death. Witneffed unto in certain Epiftles and Papers of living Experience. by Richard Claridge. price 6 d.

Lux Evangelica Atteftata. Or a further Teftimony to the fufficiency of the Light within. Being a Reply to George Keith's Cenfure, in his Book, intitul d. An account of the Quakers Politicks, upon certain paffages in my Book, intituled, Mercy covering the Judgment-feat, &c. For the clearing of Truth from G. K's Mifreprefentations, and fatisfying of fober Enquir rs into the true fate of the Controverfie between us. by R. Claridge. is.

Anguis Flagellatus; or a Switch for the Snake. Be ng an answer to the third and luft Edition of the Snake in the Grass, wherein the Author's Injustice and Falfhood, both in Quotation and Story, are discovered and obviated; and the Truth Doctrinally delivered by us, ftared and maintained, in oppofition to his Mifreprefentation and Perverfion. By jofeph Wyeth, 10 which is added, A Supplement, by G. W. price 4 s.

The Clergy-Man's Pretence of Divine Right to Tithes, Examined and Refur d. Being a full answer to W. W's Fourth Letter, in his Book, Intituled, The Clergy s Legal Right to Tithes afferted. By J. Gratton. 6d. ATreatife concerning Baptifm and the Lord's Supper. Shewing that the true Difcipl s of Chrift are fent to Baptife Men into the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft: for the carrying on of which, Chrift is with them, and will be, to the End of the World. alfo a few words concerning the Lord's Supper; fhewing, that thofe that Sup with him, are in bis Kingdom. By John Gratton. price 9 d.

A Brief Concordance of the Names and attributes with fundry Texts, Relating unto our Blejjed Lord and Saviour Fefus Chrift. Collected out of the Scriptures by John Tomkins. price 4 d.

A brief Apology in behalf of the People called Quakers. written for the Information of our fober and well-inclined Neighbours in and about the town of Warminster in the courty of Wilts. By W. Chandler. A. Pyot. J. Hodges. and fome others. price 6 d.

The Saints Travel to Spiritual Canaan; wherein are discovered several faife Reftshort of the true Spiritual coming of Chrift in his People, wish

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a brief Discovery of what the coming of Chrift in Spirit is, who is the alone true Reft and center of Spirits. By R. Wilkenfon. the fecond Edit. pr. 1 s.

The Pibility and Necefity of the Immediate Revelationof the Spirit of God, towards the Foundation and Ground of true Faith proved, In a Letter writ in Latin to the Heer Paets; and now put into English By R. Barclay. price 3 d

A Collection of fundry Books, Epifles and Papers writ n by James Nailor, fome of which were never before printed. With an Impartial Relation of the moft Remarkable Tranfactions of bis Life. Price bound 6 s. Saints perfect Freedom. By John VVebfter. price 6 d. The Arraignment of Popery. Being a Collection taken out of the Chronicles, and other Books of the ftate of the Church in the primitive Times. I. The itate of the Papift, how long it was before the Universal Pope and Mass was fet up; and the bringing in of Rudiments, Traditions, Beads, Images, Purgatory, Tythes and Inquifitions. II. A Relation of the Cruelties they acted after the Pope got up, being worfe than Turk and Heathen; New Rome proving like Old. III. What the People of England worshipped before they were Chriftians. IV. To which is added, the Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church. With feveral other things, very profitable for all that Fear God to read, try, and give judgment by the Spirit of Truth against the Worship of the Beaft and Whore. price bound r ́s, 6 d.

The peoples Antient and Just Liberties Afferted, in the Tryal of William Penn, and William Mead, at the Seffions held at the Old Baily, in London, the Firft, Third, Fourth and Fifth of Sept. MDCLXX. against the most arbitrary Procedure of that Court. price 4 d.

The Spirit of the Martyrs Revived, in a brief compendious Collection of the most Remarkabe Laffages and Living Teftimonies of the true Church, Seed of God, and Faithful Martyrs in all Ages. contained in feveral Ecclefiaftical Hiftories and Chronological Accounts of the Succeffion of the true Church from the Creation, the Times of the Fathers Patriarchs, Prophets, Chrift and bis Apoftles. price' 3 s.

The Trial of Spirits both in. Teachers and Hearers, wherein is held forth, the clear Discovery and certain Downfal of the Carnil and Antichriftian Clergy of thefe Nations. Teftified from the word of God, to the University Congregations in Cambridge, whereunto is added, a Plain and Neceffary Confutation of divers grofs. Errors delivered by Mr. Sydrach Sympfon, in a Sermon Preached to the fame Congregation at the Commencement, Anno MDCLII. by W. Dell, Minifter of the Gofpel, and Master of Gonvil and Caius Colledge in Cambridge. price bounds. 6 d.

A few Queries relating to the Practice of Phyfick,with Remarks upon fome of them.by H.Chamberlen, Phyfician in Ordinary to King Charles.Is.

A Diurnal Speculum: containing, I. A plain and eafie Method to find out thofe things that are most useful to be known Yearly; and may serve as an Almanack of Thirty Years; and many other things fuitable to the Matter, &c. II. An Explanation of weights, Money and Measures, both Scriptural and Ufual, with fundry Tables depending thereon, &c. III. Some Remarks on England; or a brief Account of every County, with the Names and Days of the Markets, and the chief Commodities therein, &c. The


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BOOKS Printed and Sold by the Affigns of J. Sowle whole confifting of great Variety. explained by divers Examples, the like in all particulars not extant; as by the Contents does more at large appear. Collected by F. Beckett. price bound 1 s. 6 d.

A Brief account of the Rife and Progress of the People called Quakers in which their Fundamental Principle, Doctrines, Worship, Miniftry and Difcipline, are plainly declared, to prevent the miftakes and Perverfions that Ignorance and Prejudice may make to abuse the Credulous. With a Summary Relation of the former Difpenfation of God in the World, by way of Introduction. By w. Penn. Price bound is.

Four Treatifes of Thomas Lawfin Deceafed. The Firft, a Mite into the Treasury; being a word to Artists, especially Heptatecknifts, the Profeffors of the Seven Liberal Arts: Shewing what is therein owned by the People called Quakers, and what denied by them, &c. The Second, a Treatife relating to the Call, Work and VVages of the Minifters of Chrift, and of Antichrift, wherein a Teftimony is born for the Former, and against the Latter. with feveral other things. Third, Dagon's fall before the Ark, written Primarily, as a Teftimony for the Lord, his Wifdom, Creation, Products of his Power, ufeful and Neceflary Knowledge, Capacitating people for the concerns of this Life. Secondarily, As a Teftimony against the Old Serpent, his foolifhness with God, his Arts, Inventions, Comedies, or Interludes, Tragedies; Lafcivious Poems, Frivolous Fables, Spoiling Philofophy, taught in Chriftians Schools, wherein, as in a glafs, Teachers in Schools and Colledges may fee their concern, neither Chriftian nor Warrant able. Fourth Barriluanoyia Or, a Treatile concerning Baptifms.where unto is added, a difcourte concerning the Supper, Bread and Wine, called alfo Communion, by Thomas Lawfen. price bound 3 s.

Inftructions for right Spelling, and plain directions for Reading and Writing true English. with feveral delightful things, very Useful and Neceflary, both for Young and Old to read and learn. price bound 64.

A New Book for Children to learn in, with many wholesome Meditations for them to confider., with Directions for true Spelling, and the Ground of true Reading and Writing of true English. price 3 d.

Inftructions for Children and others: by way of Question and Answer Demonftrating to them, how they may come to know God and Jefus Chrift, whom to know is Life Eternal. by S. Hunt, price 3 d..

The Spiritual Guide, which dif-intangles the Soul, and brings it by the inward way, to the getting of perfect Contemplation, and th Rich Treasure of Internal Peace. written by Dr. Michael de Molins, Tranflated from the Italian Copy. price bound 9 d.

A brief History of the Voyage of Katharine Evans and Sarah Cheevers, to the Ifland of Malta, where the Apostle Paul fuffer'd Shipwreck. To which is added a fhort Relation from George Robinson, of the Sufferings which befel him in his Journey to Jerufalem pr. bound 1 s

Buds and Bloffems of Piety, with fome Fruit of the Spirit of Love. and Directions to the divine wisdom. By B A. pr. bound 1.s.

A Teftimony to the Truth of God, as held by the People called Quakers: being a fhort Vindication of them, from Abufes and Mifrepre


fentations often put upon them by Envious Apoftate, and Mercenary Adverfaries. price 3 d.

The Glorious Brightnefs of the Gospel-Day, Difpelling the Shadows of the Legal Difpenfation: and whatsoever elle of Human Invention hath been fuper-added thereunto, Set forth, in fome Obfervations made on a late Pamphlet called a Divine Treatise, (written by way of Effay, and pretending to Demonftrate, according to the Mofaical Phil

ophy, that Water-Baptifm, Impofition of Hands, and the Commemoration of the Death and Paffion of our ever Blefled Lord and Saviour, under the Species of Bread and Wine, were all of them fuitably and Homogeneally adapted to the prefent imperfe&t State of Nature, as Man confits of Body, Soul and Spirit.) By Th mas Ellwood. price 1 s.

The Works of Samuel Fisher, in Folio.

Cerinthus and Ebion: Or the Herefie of Tithing under the Gospel Detected in fome Obfervations upon a Book entituled, An Effay concerning the Divine Right of Tithes: By the Author of the Snake in the Grass. Together with an effay concerning the First Rife of Tithes: And an Ellay againit their Divine Right. price 8 d.

An Abridgment of Eufebius Pamphilius's Ecclefiaftical Hiftory, in two Parts. Part I. A Compendious Commem ration of the Remarkablest Chronoligies which are contained in that Famous Hiftory. Part II. A Summary or brief hint of the Twelve Perfecutions fuftained by the Ancient Chriftians with a Compendious Paraphrafe upon the fame. whercunto is added a Cata ogue of the Synods and Counfels, which were after the days of the Apofties; together with a hint of what was decreed in the fame, by William Caton. price 1 s.

Mufa Parænetica; or, a Tractate of Chriftian Epiftles, on fundry Occations, in Verfe. By VVilliam Mafley. price 6d.

A Vindication of Women,s Preaching, as well from holy Scripture and antient Writings, as from the Paraphrafe and Notes of the judicious John Locke, on 1 Cor. xi. By Jofiah Martin. price 1 s.

A New Difcourfe of Trade, wherein is Recommended, feveral weighty Points relating to the Companies of Merchants. The Act of Navigation, Naturalization of Strangers, And our Woolen Manufactures. The ballance of Trade, &c. by Sr. Jofiah Chili. price bound 2 s.

The way to Health, long Life and Happinefs: Or, a Difcourfe of Temperance, and the particular Nature of all things requifite for the Life of Man, CSc. by Thomas Tryon, Student in Phyfick. Price bound 4s. 6 d.

The good Houfe wife made a Doctor, Or Healths choice and fure Friend. Being a Plain way of Natures own Prefcribing, to Prevent and Cure most difeafes incident to Men, Women and Children, by Diet and Kitchin phyfick only, with feme Remarks on the Practice of Phyfick and Chimiftry, by Thomas Tryon. Student in Phyfick. The Second Edition. To which is added some. Observations on the Tedious Methods of Unfkilful Surgeons; with cheap and Eafie Remedies, by the fame Author, price bound 15. 6 d.

Where alfo may be bad Bibles, Teftaments, Concordances, Spelling. Books, Primers, Horn-Books; with Writing-Paper, and Paper-Books, Ink-Powder, &c. And Marriage Certificates on Parchment, Stamp'd.

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