INTRODUCTION. General Bibliographical Works, treating on the Edi

tions, Literary History, Criticism, &c. of the Bible..

5, 6





HOLY SCRIPTURES. CHAPTER I. Entire T'exts and Versions of the Bible, Section I. Principal Editions of the Hebrew Bible...

§ 1. Editiones Principes......
$ %. Editiones Primariæ; or, those which have been

adopted as the Bases of subsequent Impres

sions..... § 3. Editions of the Bible with Rabbinical Com

mentaries ..... $ 4. Editions with Critical Notes and Apparatus.. Sectiox II. Editions of the Hebrew-Samaritan Penta

teuch... SECTION III. Principal Editions of the Greek Testa

ment, and of detached Books thereof... Section IV. Polyglott Bibles; or, Editions of the Old

and New Testaments, with Versions in

several Languages Triglott Testament..

Diglott Bibles...... Section V. Ancient Versions of the Old and New Tes

§ 1. Targums, or Chaldee Paraphrases on the Old

§ 2. Ancient Greek Versions.

[i.] The Septuagint...
(ii.) Editions of Origen's Hexapla.

[iii.] Another ancient Greek Version..
$ 3. Ancient Oriental Versions ....
[i.] The Syriac Versions.....

The Peschito, or Old Syriac Version..

The Philoxenian Syriac Version....
{ii.] The Arabic Version.
(iii.] The Persic Version..
[iv.] The Egyptian Versions

The Coptic, or Version in the Dialect of

Lower Egypt.....
The Sahidic, or Version in the Dialect of

Upper Egypt.
The Bashmouric, or Dialect of Bashmour,

a Province of the Delta..
(v.] The Ethiopic Version....

(vi.j The Armenian Version .
§ 4. Ancient Western Versions..
[i.] The Latin Versions.....

Ante-Hieronymian Versions, or those made

before the Time of Jerome...
The Version of Jerome..

The Latin Vulgate...
[ii.] The Gothic Version ..
(ii.) The Sclavonic Version.....
(iv.j The Anglo-Saxon Version ...

Section VI. Modern Versions of the Old and New

$ 1. General Observations on the Circulation of
the Scriptures...

ib. 1. Scarcity and high Prices of the Scriptures.

II. Rude Attempts to convey an Idea of their
Contents to the Poor and Illiterate.-Account
of the Biblia PAUPERUM.—III. Number and
Classification of the Translations of the Bible
into modern Languages.......

29-31 $ 2. Modern Latin Versions of the entire Bible... 31 Versions made by Romanists. ...

ib. Versions made by Protestants...

31, 32 § 3. Versions in the Languages of Modern Europe 32

[i.] Versions in the Languages spoken in the ib. British Isles....

ib. Wicliffe's Version..

32, 33 English PROTESTANT Versions :6,7 Tindal's Version ....

33, 34 Coverdale's Bible.....

34 Matthew's Bible........

ib. 7-9 Hollybusche's New Testament..

ib. Cranmer's Great Bible..

34, 35 Taverner's Bible ...

35 Other Editions of the English Bible 9-19

during the remainder of Henry VIII.'s

reign and the reign of Edward VI.. 35, 36

Anglo-Genevese Version ..... 19-21

Archbishop Parker's, or the Bishops' 21 Bible

ibi 22

King James's Bible, or the Authorized

Version now in use... ... 36, 37 ib.

Testimonies of eminent Scholars
to its value....

37-39 ib.

Editions of the Authorized Ver22, 23

sions, with Parallel References 39-41 23-25 Anglo-Romish Versions....

41, 42 25 Welsh Version...

42 ib. Irish Version

ib. ib. Manks Version.

ib. ib.

Gaelic Version .... ib. [ii.] Versions in the Languages spoken on the 26 Continent of Europe. ...

ib. ib. 1. German Versions....

ib. ib.

Luther's Version, and Versions in other ib.

Languages derived from it.
Jewish German Versions..

44 ab. 2. French Versions.....

44, 45 3. Belgian Versions..

45 ib.

4. Italian Versions...
5. Spanish Versions..

45, 46 ib. 6. Russian Version..

46 27 7. Croat Version..

ib. ib.

8. Basque Version .. ib.

9. Hungarian Version.. ib. 10. Polish Version .....

ib. 11. Bohemian Version..

47 ib.

12. Romaic or Modern Greek Version..... ib. ib. 13. Wallachian Version ......

ib. 27, 28

14, 15. Bulgarian and Servian Versions... ib. 28 16. Romanese Versions..

ib. 17. Turkish Versions....

ib. ib. 18. Portuguese Versions..

ib. ib.


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50, 51

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19. Albanian Version...

47 CHAPTER III. Treatises on the Sacred Text, its
20. Maltese Version ...

Style, Idion, and Versions .....

72 $ 4. Modern Versions in the Languages of Asia.. ib. SECTION I. Treatises on Sacred Criticism, generally, [i.] Hebrew


and on the Style and Idiom of the Scrip[ii.] Chaldee ...


72-76 (ii.) Versions in the Oriental Languages, either

SECTION II. Treatises on Hebrew Poetry.
translated by the Baptist Missionaries at

SECTION III. Treatises on the Quotations from the Old
Serampore, or printed at the Mission

Testament in the New.....

76,77 Press ....


Section IV. Treatises on Manuscripts and on Various 1. Versions in the ARABIC Languages, and

Readings.-Collations of Manuscripts, and
its Cognate Dialects....

48, 49
Collections of Various Readings....

77 2. Versions in the SANSCRIT Language, and

$ 1. Treatises on Manuscripts.....

77,78 its Cognate Dialects

49, 50

$ 2. Treatises on Various Readings. 3. Versions in the CHINESE, and the Lan

78, 79 § 3. Collations of Manuscripts, and Collections guages derived from or bearing Affinity

of Various Readings......

79, 80 to it....

§ 4. Treatises on the Genuineness of the Disputed [iv.] Other Asiatic Versions.


Clauses in 1 John v. 7, 8..... 1. Formosan....

81, 82 ib.

Section V. Treatises on Versions of the Scriptures.. 82 2. Northern Asiatic.

§ 1. Treatises on Ancient Versions....

82, 83 3. Georgian....

$ 2. Treatises on Modern Versions....

84, 85 4. Modern Arminian.

5. Tahitan..
6. Curdish...


CHAPTER IV. Treatises on the Original Languages
Fac-similes of Specimens of the Versions

of Scripture, and Grammars and Lexi-
of the Sacred Scriptures in the Eastern

cons thereof.... Languages...

52–55 Section 1. Treatises, &c. on the Hebrew Language ib. $ 5. Modern Versions in the Languages of Africa 56 § 1. Treatises on the Study of the Hebrew Lan1. Amharic and Tigré, or the Vernacular Lan

guage, and on the Vowel Points. ....

ib. guages of Abyssinia..

ib. § 2. Hebrew Grammars, and other Treatises on 2. Berber Version ....


the Hebrew Language, with Points.....
3. Bullom Version..

[i.] In the English Language..

86, 87 4. Susoo Version

(ü.] In the Latin, French, and German Lan-
5. Malagassé Version..


87,88 6. South African Versions.

ib. $ 3. Hebrew Grammars, &c. WITHOUT Points.. 88, 89 $ 6. Modern Versions in the Languages of America ib. $ 4. Hebrew Grammars, with and WITHOUT [i.] North American Versions..

Points ....

1. Virginian Indian Version.
ib. § 5. Chaldee Grammars.

ib. 2. Delaware Indian Version 56, 57 Section II. Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicons..

ib. 3. Massachusetts Version

§ 1. Hebrew Lexicons with Points..

89-91 4. Mohawk Version..... ib. § 2. Hebrew Lexicons without Points..

91 5. Mohegan Version...

ib. SECTION III. Grammars and Lexicons for the Greek 6. Esquimaux Version...


Testament and for the Septuagint Version ib. 7. Chippeway Version.

ib. § 1. Grammars and other Treatises on the Greek 8. Greenlandish Version..


Language of the New Testament .. 9. Creolese Version....


§ 2. Glossaries and Lexicons to the Greek Testa-
10. Negro-English Version..


92, 93
[ii.] South American Versions..
57,58 $ 3. Lexicons to the Septuagint Version....

93, 94

SECTION IV. Grammars and Lexicons of the Cognate CHAPTER II. Harmonies of the Old and New Testa

or Kindred Languages...

94 ments .....

58 § 1. General Treatises, and Polyglott Grammar of SECTION I. Harmonies of the Old Testament..... 58, 59


the Cognate Languages... Section II. Harmonies of the entire New Testament,

§ 2. Polyglott Lexicons of the Cognate Lan-
and of the Four Gospels.


94, 95 Section III. Harmonies of particular Parts of the Four

§ 3. Syriac Grammars and Lexicons

95 Gospels.....

61, 62
§ 4. Arabic Grammars and Lexicons...

95, 96 SECTION IV. Harmonies of the Acts of the Apostles,

§ 5. Egyptian Grammars and Lexicons..

96 and of the Apostolic Epistles.....

$ 6. Ethiopic Grammar and Lexicons..

97 $ 7. Persian Grammars and Lexicons..

ib CHAPTER III. Apocryphal Books and Writings

63 Section I. Apocryphal Books of the Old Testament . 63–67

CHAPTER V. Commentators, Interpreters, and Para-
phrasts on the Scriptures....

97 Section II. Apocryphal Books of the New Testament 67

Section I. On the Interpretation of Scripture...

ib. § 1. General Treatises on the Interpretation of Scripture ...

97-99 PART II.

§ 2. Treatises on the Interpretation of the Figu

rative Language, and on the Spiritual and SACRED PHILOLOGY;

Typical Interpretation of Scripture...... 99, 100

§ 3. Treatises on the Interpretation of Scripture OR, THE CRITICISM AND INTERPRETATION OF THE SCRIPTURES.

Proverbs and Promises ...


$ 4. Treatises on the Interpretation of Scripture CHAPTER I. Treatises on the Canon of Scripture, and


..... 100, 101 on Apocryphal Books.....

68, 69
Warburtonian Lectures on Prophecy

101 CHAPTER II. Introductions to the Study of the Scrip

SECTION II, Jewish Writers and Commentators, and tures.......


Illustrations of the Scriptures derived from
Jewish Sources...

ib. SECTION I. General Introductions to the entire Bible.. 69, 70 § 1. Jewish Writers and Commentators.. 101-103 Section II. Introductions to the Study of the Old Tes

$ 2. Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures, derived
tament in particular......

70, 71
from Jewish Sources....

103 Section III. Introductions to the Study of the New SECTION II. Christian Commentators, Interpreters, Testament in particular..,

71, 72
and Paraphrasts on the Scriptures....

91, 92 156


PAGE $1. Commentaries by the Fathers, and other

CHAPTER VI. Concordances and Dictionaries, Com-
Divines of the Christian Church, previ-

mon-place Books, Indexes, and Analyses
ously to the Reformation....

of the Bible......

152-154 [i.] Greek Fathers ..

104 [ii.] Latin Fathers

104, 105 Section I. Concordances to the Scriptures....... 152 [iii.] Later Divines of the Greek and Latin

$ 1. Concordances to the Hebrew Bible....... 152, 153 Churches....

105 § 2. Concordances to the Septuagint Greek Ver-
Greek Writers.

sion .....

153 Latin Writers .

$ 3. Concordances to the Greek Testament..

ib. § 2. Scholia on the entire Bible, or the greater

$ 4. Concordance to the Latin Vulgate.....

ib. Part thereof........

106, 107 55. Concordances to the English Bible... 153, 154 $ 3. The Principal Commentators on the Scrip

$ 6. Concordance to the French Bible...

154 tures, generally, since the Reformation.. 107-114 SECTION II. Dictionaries of the Bible....

154, 155 [i.] Foreign Commentators on the whole

SECTION III. Common-place Books to the Bible.... 155, 156 Bible.....

107-109 SECTION IV. Indexes and Analyses of the Bible.... (ii.) British Commentators.

109-114 § 4. Principal Commentators on the Old Testa

CHAPTER VII. Treatises on Biblical Antiquities, and ment, and on detached Books thereof.... 114-126

on other Historical Circumstances of the [i.] Commentators on the Old Testament... 114

Bible ..

156–162 (ii.) Commentators on detached Books of the Old Testament.....

115–126 Section I. General Treatises on Biblical Antiquities 156, 157 Commentators on the Pentateuch

Section II. Treatises on particular Subjects in Bibliand Historical Books ...... 115, 116

cal Antiquities .....

157-162 Commentators on the Poetical Books 117-120 § 1. Scripture Geography.....

157, 158 Commentators on the Writings of

$ 2. Natural History of the Bible........ 158, 159 Solomon .......

120-122 § 3. Political Antiquities of the Jews. ... 159, 160 Commentators on the Prophets.... 123–126

Treatises on the Laws, Government, Coins, [iii.] Commentators on the Apocryphal Books

&c. of the Jews .....

159, 160 of the Old Testament.

126 § 4. Sacred Antiquities of the Jews.... 160, 161 $ 5. Principal Commentators on the New Testa

[i.] Treatises on the Ritual and Sacred Cerement, and on detached Books thereof... 127-142

monies of the Jews ...

160, 161 [i.] Commentators on the entire New Testa

[ii.] Treatises on the Religious Notions of the ment........


Jews, on the Corruptions of Religion (ii.] Commentators on detached Books of the

among them, and on the Sects into New Testament:

which they were divided.......

161 Commentators on the Historical

$ 5. Domestic Antiquities, Literature, and Sci-
Books ..

... 131-134
ences of the Jews.....

ib. Commentators on the Apostolic

$ 6. Miscellaneous Illustrations of Biblical AnEpistles.......


tiquities, from Voyages and Travels in Commentators on the Apocalypse.. 140-142

the East, and from other Oriental Sources 162 $ 6. Expository Lectures and Sermons on the

Section III. Treatises on the Genealogies mentioned
Scriptures, and on detached Portions

in the Scriptures.....

163 thereof..

142-146 Section IV. Treatises on Sacred Chronology..... 163, 164 $ 7. Treatises on reconciling the Contradictions

SECTION V. Connections of Sacred and Profane Hisalleged to exist in the Scriptures....... 146

tory.-Histories of the Bible and Scrip$ 8. Principal Collections of Observations on the

ture Biography.....

164, 165 Scriptures, Critical, Philological, and Miscellaneous

146-152 Index to the Bibliographical Appendix........ 167–179

[blocks in formation]


Editions of the Hebrew Bible.....

166 Grammars of the New Testament....


Editions of the Greek Testament.

166, 167 Lexicons to the New Testament...


Syro-Estrangelo Version..

167 Grammars and Dictionaries of the Syriac, Arabic, and

Coptic Version....

ib. Egyptian Languages. ...

172, 173

Gothic Version....

ib. Treatises on the Interpretation of Scripture....


Anglo-Saxon Version....

ib. Treatises on the Interpretation of Scripture Prophe-

English Protestant Versions of the Bible..

167, 168



King James's Bible, or the Authorized English Ver-

Jewish Writers and Commentators..


sion, with Marginal Renderings and Parallel Re-

Commentators on the Old Testament...

173, 174


168 Commentators on Detached Books of the Old Testa-

Editions of the Authorized Version, the Text of

ment, Pentateuch, and Historical Books.


which is divided into Paragraphs, according to the

Job .....





174, 175

Anglo-Romish Versions of the Scriptures. .....

ib. Commentators on the Prophetical Books..


Versions in the Languages spoken on the Continent of



Europe ....

168, 169 Commentators on the New Testament, and on Detached

Versions in the Languages spoken in Asia.

169 Books thereof.......

175, 176

Modern Versions in the Languages of Africa..



176, 177

Harmonies of the Four Gospels...

169, 170 Expositions, Lectures, and Sermons on the Scriptures,

Harmonies of the Epistles...

170 arranged in the order of the several Books...... 177, 178

Apocryphal Books......

ib. Collections of Philological Observations on the Scrip-

Introductions to the Old and New Testaments..

170, 171


178, 179

Treatises on Sacred Criticism.....

171 Greek and Latin Concordances.


Treatises on the Disputed Clauses in 1 John v. 7, 8.. ib. Treatises on Biblical Antiquities

179, 180

Treatises on Ancient Versions....

ib. Miscellaneous Illustrations of Scripture, from Voyages

Hebrew Grammars with Points..

171, 172 and Travels in the East, and from other Sources.. 180

Hebrew Grammars without points.

172 Treatises on the Genealogies mentioned in the Scrip-

Chaldee Grammars......

ib. tures .....

180, 181

Grammar of the Samaritan Language..

ib. Treatises on Sacred Chronology..


Hebrew Lexicons with Points.....

ib. Connections of Sacred and Profane History, and Scrip-

English and Hebrew Lexicons with Points.

ib. ture Biography......



No. IV.





1. BIBLIOTHECA Sacra in binos syllabos distincta. Quorum obtained. Of many important works an extensive and accurate prior, qui jam tertio auctior prodiit, omnes sive Textus Sacri literary history is given. All departments of theology have a rich sive Versionum ejusdem quâvis linguâ expressarum editiones, collection of books pertaining to them described, and abundant necnon præstantiores MSS. Codices, cum notis historicis con- fourth volumes are chiefly interesting to biblical students. How tinet : Posterior vero continet omnia eorum opera quivis much the author of the present work is indebted to the Bibliotheca idiomate conscripta, qui huc usque in Sacram Scripturam edide- Theologica Selecta, the frequent references made to it will suffirunt, simul collecta, tum ordine alphabetico disposita, tum serie ciently attest. In 1770, Walchius published a Bibliotheca Patrissacrorum librorum. Huic coronidis loco subjiciuntur Grammaticre tica in one large volume 8vo.: it contains an excellent account of et Lexica Linguarum præsertim orientalium, quæ ad illustrandas treatises on the lives and erudition of the Fathers of the Church,

and on the editions of their writings. sacras paginas aliquid adjumenti conferre possunt. Labore et industria Jacobi Le Long, Parisiis, 1723, 2 tomis folio.

7. A Concise View of the Succession of Sacred Literature, The third and best edition of a most laborious work. The first in a Chronological Arrangement of Authors and their Works, edition appeared at Paris in 1709, in 2 vols. 8vo.: the second, at from the Invention of Alphabetical Characters to the Year of our Leipsic, in the same year, with additions by C. F. Boerner.

Lord 1445. By Adam CLARKE, LL.D. and J. B. B. CLARKE,

M.A. London, 1831–32. 2 vols. 8vo. 2. Discours Historique sur les principales Editions des Bibles Polyglottes. Par l'Auteur de la Bibliothèque Sacrée. (Jacques 345, was published by Dr. Clarke in 1821, in one volume, 12mo.

The first part of the first volume, which comes down to A.D. LE Long.] Paris, 1713. 8vo.

The remainder of the work was composed by his son, the Rev. J. 3. Bibliotheca Sacra post Jacobi Le Long et C. F. Boerneri B. B. Clarke. The whole contains much important information iteratas curas ordine disposita, emendata, suppleta, continuata ab relative to biblical and ecclesiastical literature. Andrea Gottlieb Masch. Halæ, 1774-1797. 5 vols. 4to. fre- 8. A Course of Lectures, containing a Description and Systequently bound in two thick volumes.

matic Arrangement of the several Branches of Divinity, accomThis elaborate work, which was discontinued for want of ade- panied with an Account both of the principal Authors and of the quate support, is confined to the printed editions of the Holy Scrip- Progress which has been made, at different Periods, in Theologitures. Part I. contains editions of the original Hebrew and Greek cal Learning. By Herbert Marsh, D.D. [Bishop of Peterbotext. Part II., in three volumes treats on the Greek, Oriental, and Latin versions, and on editions of them; and the last volume com

rough.] London, 1810—1823. 8vo. prises a supplement to the preceding volumes.

Seven parts of these Lectures have been published. They emWe have been largely indebted to this publication for much in-brace almost every topic of Biblical Criticism and Interpretation, formation concerning the printed editions of the Old and New Tes and also the genuineness, authenticity, and credibility of the tament. To this valuable work the Bibliotheca Biblica Serenissimi Scriptures ; and are particularly valuable for their bibliographical Wuertembergensium Ducis, olim Lorkiana, published by J. G. C. and critical notices of the principal writers who have treated on Adler, at Altona, in 1787 (in five parts forming two quarto volumes), these subjects. is an indispensable supplement. It is very justly characterized by Bp. Marsh as “a catalogue of great merit and utility,” and con; with two preliminary Lectures on Theological Study and Theo

8.* Lectures on the Criticism and Interpretation of the Bible, tains notices of some versions and translators, which have escaped even the researches of Dr. Masch.

logical Arrangement: to which are added two Lectures on the 4. CALMET (Augustin) Bibliotheca Sacra, or a Catalogue of History of Biblical Interpretation. By Herbert Marsu, D.D. the best books that can be read in order to acquire a good under. Bishop of Peterborough. London, 1828. 8vo. standing of the Scripture. Folio.

This is a new edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged, of the This catalogue fills a considerable portion of a volume in the tional Lectures on the History of Biblical Interpretation, which

first four parts of the preceding course of Lectures. The two addivarious French editions of Calmet's Dictionary of the Bible. It were published separately, contain bibliographical notices of the also occupies two hundred and eighty-four pages of the third principal writers on that subject. volume of the English translation of that Dictionary, in folio. It contains copious notices of the earlier biblical critics and commen- 9. Illustrations of Biblical Literature, exhibiting the History tators, and other writers on Scriptural Antiquities, &c. This valua- and Fate of the Sacred Writings, from the earliest Period to the ble catalogue is omitted in the quarto edition of Calmet's Dictionary, present Century: including Biographical Notices of Translapublished by the late Mr. C Taylor.

tors and other eminent Biblical Scholars. By the Rev. James 5. Joh. Christophori Wolfu Bibliotheca Hebræa ; sive No- Townley [now D.D.). London, 1821. 3 vols. 8vo. titia tum Auctorum Hebræorum cujuscumque ætatis, tum Scrip- “ The ample volumes before us comprise a rich fund of instructorum, quæ vel Hebraice primum exarata, vel ab aliis nversa tive and pleasing information on the subject of Sacred Bibliograsunt, ad nostram ætatem deducta. Accedit in calce Jacobi Gaf- phy. They have been compiled from a great variety of publica. farelli Index Codicum Cabbalistic. MSS. quibus Joh. Picus, tions, many of them inaccessible to the generality of readers, and Mirandulanus Comes, usus est. Hamburgi et Lipsiæ, 1715—some of them of extreme rarity.”. “The industry and the 33, 4 tomis, 4to.

accuracy of Mr. Townley will entitle his volumes to the approba

tion of ihe critic and the patronage of the public. They afford a 6. Jo. Georgii Walca Bibliotheca Theologica Selecta, lite- more comprehensive view of the progress of biblical translations rariis adnotationibus instructa. Jenæ, 1757–8—62–65. 4 vols. and of the Literary and Ecclesiastical History of the Holy Scrip8vo.

tures than is to be found in any other work." (Eclectic Review,

N. S. vol. xviii. pp. 386. 407.) All who are conversant in sacred literature have borne willing testimony to the correctness and research of Walch, whose work

10. An Introduction to the Literary History of the Bible. By will always remain a production, admirable for the diligence and James Townley, D.D. London, 1828. 12mo. for the extensive reading and accuracy which it evinces. The This handsomely executed volume, which is a second edition of sound judgment, remarkable in other works of this theologian, is the Biblical Anecdotes published by Dr. Townley in 1813, may be conspicuous in this publication. All possible aids for theological considered as an epitome of his Illustrations of Biblical Literature. literature are here embraced. The whole is well arranged : with It contains many interesting anecdotes relative to the Literary regard to many books, their contents and value are stated, and History of the Scriptures from the earliest period to the commence. directions are given where more extensive information is to be I ment of the nineteenth century.

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