Tales of the Four Darwesh

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Wm. H. Allen & Company, 1851 - 287 oldal

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83. oldal - As we stood on its banks, as far as the eye could reach, nothing was to be seen but water; no means of crossing was to be found.
290. oldal - Bellew (Capt.) Memoirs of a Griffin; or, A Cadet's First Year in India. By Captain BELLEW. Illustrated from Designs by the Author. A New Edition. Cr. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Bernay (Dr. AJ) Students
291. oldal - With Tables of Distances between the principal Towns and Military Stations On one sheet — size, 2 ft. 3 in. wide ; 2 ft. 9 in. high, 9s.
235. oldal - I made him my salam, and he called me to him; I delivered him the ring, and, paying him many compliments, I showed him the handkerchief, and mentioned also the circumstance of having brought him a note. The moment he heard me, he bit his finger with his teeth, and slapping his head, he said, 'Perhaps your evil destiny hath brought you here. Well, enter the garden; an iron cage hangs on a cypress tree, in which a young man is confined; give him this note, receive his answer, and return quickly.
118. oldal - As long as the King lived the time passed in this manner ; sometimes the King came to the Princess' palace, and sometimes carried the princess, with him to his own. When the King died, the Government of this Kingdom descended to this Princess ; for, except herself, no other person of her family was fit to govern. O youth, the past is what you have heard ; which clearly shews that heaven-bestowed wealth never fails when the intentions of the possessor are just ; moreover, as much as is spent out of...
267. oldal - What misfortune impels thee ! what demon possesses thee ! if thou desirest thy welfare, molest not that beauty, or else the fate that thy son met with by marrying her, thou shalt experience the like doom by being her foe ; if thou now molestest her, thou wilt rue its consequences.
261. oldal - ... under the shadow of our protection, I shall in no way be wanting to afford him my assistance as far as I am able, nor will I excuse myself ; but I have an affair in hand ; if he can do it, and does not deceive me — if he executes it properly, and answers the trial, I then promise that I will be a greater friend to him than I was to the late king, his father, and that I will grant him whatever he asks.
93. oldal - It is certain that in this world no quality is greater than generosity, for whatever a man bestows in this world, he receives its return in the next ; and if any one sows a seed, then how much does he reap from its produce ! With these ideas impressed on my mind, I called for the lord of the buildings, and ordered him to erect, as speedily as possible, a grand palace without the city, with forty high and wide gates. In a short time...
190. oldal - God preserve you; you have bestowed on me a second existence, and I am now wholly yours; for God's sake, be pleased ever to regard me in this favourable manner.' In short, she used to sit all night with me alone; sometimes the nurse likewise stayed with her and heard my stories, and related [others herself.] When the princess used to go away and I remained alone, I used to perform my ablutions, and concealing myself in a corner, I used to say my prayers. "Once it so happened, that the princess had...
67. oldal - From that day the eunuch regularly came, accompanied by the boy who brought the lemonade, and I drank it. When its inebriating quality took effect, I used in the elevation of my spirits to jest and laugh with the boy, and beguile my time ; when his timidity wore off, he began to utter very agreeable...

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