Jenkinson's Practical Guide to Carlisle, Gilsland, Roman Wall, and Neighbourhood

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E. Stanford, 1875 - 303 oldal

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83. oldal - I CHATTER over stony ways, In little sharps and trebles, I bubble into eddying bays, I babble on the pebbles. With many a curve my banks I fret By many a field and fallow, And many a fairy foreland set With willow-weed and mallow.
83. oldal - I chatter, chatter, as I flow To join the brimming river; For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever.
83. oldal - But who can paint Like Nature? Can imagination boast, Amid its gay creation, hues like hers ? Or can it mix them with that matchless skill, And lose them in each other, as appears In every bud that blows...
202. oldal - But on the western side all is different, insomuch indeed, that it would be impossible for a man to live there even half an hour. Vipers and serpents innumerable, with all other kinds of wild beasts, infest that place ; and what is most strange, the natives affirm, that if any one, passing the wall, should proceed to the other side, he would die immediately, unable to endure the unwholesomeness of the atmosphere. Death also attacking such beasts as go thither, forthwith destroys them.
201. oldal - At length his sinking courage was strengthened by a dim, distant light, which, as he advanced, grew gradually brighter, till, all at once, he entered a vast and vaulted hall, in the centre of which, a fire without fuel, from a broad crevice in the floor, blazed with a high and lambent flame, that showed all the carved walls and fretted roof, and the monarch and his queen and court, reposing around in a theatre of thrones and costly couches. On the floor, beyond the fire, lay the faithful and deep-toned...
301. oldal - ROWLANDS' ODONTO, Or Pearl Dentifrice, a white powder compounded of the choicest and most fragrant exotics. It bestows on the Teeth a Pearl-like Whiteness, frees them from Tartar, and imparts to the Gums a healthy firmness, and to the Breath a pleasing fragrance. Price 2s. 9d. per box. Sold by all Chemists aud Perfumers.
301. oldal - Price 3s. 6d. ; 7s. ; 10s. 6d. (equal to four small) ; and 21s. per bottle. WHITE AND SOUND TEETH Are indispensable to PERSONAL ATTRACTION, and to health and longevity by the proper mastication of food. ROWLANDS' ODONTO, OR, PEARL DENTIFRICE, A White Powder compounded of the choicest and most fragrant exotics.
206. oldal - God that he would assist his worshipers in their great distress. It is further reported that the cross, being made in haste, and the hole dug in which it was to be fixed, the king himself, full of faith, laid hold of it and held it with both hands, till it was set fast by throwing in the earth...
301. oldal - KALYDOR* A most refreshing preparation for the complexion, dispelling the cloud of languor and relaxation, allaying all hcut and irritability, and immediately affording the pleasing sensation attending restored elasticity and healthful state of the Skin. Freckles, Tan Spots, Pimples, Flushes, and Discoloration fly before its application, and give place to :.a healthy and clear complexion.
67. oldal - Without the features of a regular beauty, she was rich in personal attractions ; " a form that was fashioned as light as a fay's ;" a complexion of the clearest and lightest olive ; eyes Targe, deep-set and dazzling, of the finest Italian brown ; and a profusion of silken tresses, black as the raven's wing — her address hovering between the reserve of a pretty young Englishwoman who has not mingled largely in general society, and a certain natural archness and gaiety that suited...

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