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“This also cometh forth from the Lord of Hosts,
Which is wonderful in counsel, and excellent in working.”

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THE present age is characterized by the unprecedented development of science and art. Discovery eclipses discovery as evolved in rapid succession. Mechanical inventions are struggling for precedence, but the strife is short lived. The transitory interest of each vanishes like a passing meteor before the rising of a brighter luminary. The appearance of nature is changing under the transforming power of art. The modern triumphs of genius are harbingers of an approaching physical Millennium. Were it possible that such could be attained by human effort, the age in which we live bids fair to solve physical problems of ancient prophecy. But the record of those bright visions regarding the state of the world, discloses the fact that an Ecclesiastical and Political Millennium must precede, or at least accompany that which shall be Physical. The fallen race must be spiritually prepared, in order to the enjoyment of a full disclosure of temporal blessings.

The human family may be divided into two classes— those who live for time only, and those who live in prospect of a coming eternity. The former class contem

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