The Analytical Review, Or History of Literature, Domestic and Foreign, on an Enlarged Plan, 13. kötet

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Containing scientific abstracts of important and interesting works, published in English; a general account of such as are of less consequence, with short characters; notices, or reviews of valuable foreign books; criticisms on new pieces of music and works of art; and the literary intelligence of Europe, &c.

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306. oldal - I swear to be faithful to the nation, the law, and the king ; and to maintain with all my powers the constitution decreed by the national assembly, and accepted by the king.
209. oldal - I could a tale unfold whose lightest word Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres, Thy knotted and combined locks to part And each particular hair to stand on end, Like quills upon the fretful porcupine : But this eternal blazon must not be To ears of flesh and blood.
31. oldal - ... pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.
517. oldal - Claudian sings) the gods And earth-born giants fell at odds, The stout Enceladus in malice Tore mountains up to throw at Pallas ; And...
55. oldal - There is nothing, certainly, more unreasonable, more inconsistent with the rights of human nature, more contrary to the spirit and precepts of the Christian religion, more iniquitous and unjust, more impolitic, than persecution.
282. oldal - She thinking it to be no more than his usual humour, took no notice of it ; but in the way home, to her great mortification, he unriddled the jest, by acquainting her with what he had done the preceding day.
198. oldal - Private credit is wealth ; public honour is security. The feather that adorns the royal bird supports his flight. Strip him of his plumage, and you fix him to the earth.
141. oldal - On rich and poor, on friend and foe; Her doors to all were open'd wide, The pilgrim there might safe abide; For th...
137. oldal - To hail the long-defir'd return ? Speak, wilt thou fcrew into a fmile thy mouth, And welcome LIBERTY, with WIT and TRUTH ; And for a moment leave thy gang, to mourn ? : Yes, thou wilt greet her with a half-forc'd fmile, Quitting thy virtuous Company, a while, To fay, ** Dear Madam, welcome—howdy'edo?
312. oldal - I can conceive nothing so degrading and dishonourable, as an argument such as this. To hold out a menace, without ever seriously meaning to enforce it, constitutes, in common language, the true description of a bully; applied to the transactions of a nation, the disgrace is deeper, and the consequences fatal to its honour.

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