Origin and Services of the Coldstream Guards, 2. kötet

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233. oldal - Relieve the oppressed, hear the groans of poor prisoners in England. Be pleased to reform the abuses of all professions : — and if there be any one that makes many poor to make a few rich, that suits not the Commonwealth. If He that strengthens your servants to fight, please to give you hearts to set upon these things, in order to His glory, and the glory of your Commonwealth, — [then...
367. oldal - His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to approve and confirm the finding and sentence of the Court.
233. oldal - God puts it more into your hands, to give glory to Him; to improve your power and His blessings to His praise. We that serve you beg of you not to own us, but God alone; we pray you own His people more and more, for they are the chariots and horsemen of Israel. Disown yourselves but own your authority...
247. oldal - In witness whereof, we have caused these our letters to be made patents; Witness ourself at Westminster, the tenth day of April, in the fourth year of our reign of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland the nine and thirtieth.
310. oldal - And these our letters shall be your sufficient warrant and discharge in this behalfe. Given under our Signet at our mannor of Greenewiche. the seavententh day of May in the first yeere of our raigne of England, France, & Ireland, & of Scotland the six & thirtieth. Ex per Lake.
317. oldal - And for so doing this shall be your warrant. Given at our court at St. James's the 10th day of March, i/()9> in the ninth year of our reign.
216. oldal - Macdonell, and afterwards of Colonel Home ; and I am happy to add that it was maintained throughout the day with the utmost gallantry by these brave troops, notwithstanding the repeated efforts of large bodies of the enemy to obtain possession of it.
56. oldal - English or Hanoverians, to strike; not one of them ought to return to the traitorous territory of England, or to be brought into France. Let the British slaves perish, and Europe be free.
234. oldal - Word of God, the sword of the Spirit; which is alone powerful and able for the setting up of that Kingdom ; and, when trusted to, will be found effectually able to that end, and will also do it ! This is humbly offered for their sakes who have lately too much turned aside : that they might return again to preach Jesus Christ, according to the simplicity of the Gospel; — and then no doubt they will discern and find your protection and encouragement. Beseeching you to pardon this length, I humbly...
233. oldal - These are our desires. And that you may have liberty and opportunity to do these things, and not be hindered, we have been and shall be (by God's assistance) willing to venture our lives; — and [will...

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