Parrots and monkeys, by the author of 'The knights of the frozen sea'.

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1879 - 209 oldal

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207. oldal - ... representations of the infernal regions. He advanced a few steps, then stopped to utter that hideous roar again, advanced again, and finally stopped when at a distance of about six yards from us. And here, just as he began another of his roars, beating his breast in rage, we fired and killed him. With a groan which had something terribly human in it, and yet was full of brutishness, he fell forward on his face.
206. oldal - Then the underbrush swayed rapidly just ahead, and presently before us stood an immense male gorilla. He had gone through the jungle on his all-fours ; but when he saw our party he erected himself and looked us boldly in the face. He stood about a dozen yards from us, and was a sight I think I shall never forget.
46. oldal - I'm not well ;' and on my saying, ' what is the matter with that child ?' she replied, ' it is only the parrot, she always does so when I leave her alone, to make me come back...
13. oldal - She uses the arms thus supported crutch fashion, and hitches herself along between them : occasionally one hand is put down before the other, and alternates with the feet, or she walks upright and holds up a hand to any one to carry her: if refused, she turns her face down, and makes grimaces of the most bitter human weeping, wringing her hands, and sometimes adding a fourth hand or foot to make the appeal more touching. Grass or leaves she draws around her to make a nest, and resents any one meddling...
97. oldal - If repeatedly refused an orange when he attempted to take it, he would shriek violently and swing furiously about the ropes ; then return and endeavour to obtain it ; if again refused, he would roll for some time like an angry child upon the deck, uttering the most piercing screams ; and then suddenly starting up, rush furiously over the side of the ship, and disappear. On first witnessing this act, we thought that he had thrown himself into the sea; but, on a search being made, found him concealed...
207. oldal - His eyes began to flash fiercer fire as we stood motionless on the defensive, and the crest of short hair which stands on his forehead began to twitch rapidly up and down, while his powerful fangs were shown as he again sent forth a thunderous roar. And now truly...
46. oldal - She calls the cat very plainly, saying, ' Puss, Puss,' and then answers mew ; but the most amusing part is, that whenever I want to make her call it, and to that purpose say Puss, Puss, myself, she always answers mew till I begin mewing, and then she begins calling Puss as quick as possible.
206. oldal - He was not afraid of us. He stood there, and beat his breast with his huge fists till it resounded like an immense bass-drum, which is their mode of offering defiance ; meantime giving vent to roar after roar.
203. oldal - Hag left off eating sardines, shook her tail violently, and opened her mouth at me, as much as to say, " You dare hurt my Tiny ! " If I keep too sharp a look-out upon Miss Tiny, she will run like a rabbit across the table and upset what she can. She generally tries the sugar first, as she can then steal a bit, or she will just put her hand on the milkjug and pull it over.

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