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272. oldal - Illustrations by Phiz. THE UNCOMMERCIAL TRAVELLER. With 8 Illustrations by Marcus Stone. GREAT EXPECTATIONS. With 8 Illustrations by Marcus Stone. OUR MUTUAL FRIEND. 2 vols. With 40 Illustrations by Marcus Stone. CHRISTMAS BOOKS.
272. oldal - Messrs. CHAPMAN & HALL trust that by this Edition they will be enabled to place the works of the most popular British Author of the present day in the hands of all English readers.
71. oldal - The servant withdrew. And Lord Seely, when he was left alone, began to walk up and down the room with his hands behind him. Thus Algernon found him when, in about ten minutes, he appeared, rosy and fresh from his ride. "I must apologise for my muddy condition,
272. oldal - ... Illustrations, cloth, 4s. ; paper, 3s. LITTLE DORRIT, with 58 Illustrations, cloth, 4s. ; paper, 3s. PICKWICK PAPERS, with 56 Illustrations, cloth, 4s. ; paper, 3s. BARNABY RUDGE, with 46 Illustrations, cloth, 4s. ; paper, 3s. A TALE OF TWO CITIES, with 25 Illustrations, cloth, 2s. 6d. ; paper, is.
272. oldal - HOUSEHOLD EDITION. Now Publishing, IN WEEKLY PENNY NUMBERS AND SIXPENNY MONTHLY PARTS. Each Penny Number will contain Two Illustrations.
272. oldal - ... illustrations. No such attractive issue has been made of the writings of Mr. Dickens, which, various as have been the forms of publication adapted to the demands of an ever widely-increasing popularity, have never yet been worthily presented in a really handsome library form. The collection comprises all the minor writings it was Mr. Dickens
263. oldal - em in ! " "And then it is said — forgive me if I appear intrusive — that you gave orders for wine and such things out of Whitford. And that does not incline the people of the place to be patient.
272. oldal - ... presented in a really handsome library form. The want has been extensively felt, and is so often brought under the notice of Messrs. Chapman and Hall, that the present enterprise is undertaken to satisfy it. The collection will comprise all the minor writings it was Mr. Dickens's wish to preserve, and the series of tales will be issued in the order in which they were written. Volumes already published. SKETCHES BY " BOZ." With 40 Illustrations by GKOEOE CEUIKSHANK. PICKWICK. 2 vols. With 42 Illustrations...
121. oldal - There was an air of comfort and good taste about the rooms — a habitable, home-like air — not always to be found in more splendid dwellings.
247. oldal - Maxfield," said Jackson, looking everywhere except into Gibbs's face. " I say," cried Maxfield, addressing the rest of the company, and entirely ignoring the rash delinquent Gibbs, " that these things are a snare and a delusion, and the work of the devil. And when them of more wisdom and experience than me comes forward to speak on the matter, I shall be glad to show forth my reasons.

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