A Charming Fellow, 2. kötet

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79. oldal - The servant withdrew. And Lord Seely, when he was left alone, began to walk up and down the room with his hands behind him. Thus Algernon found him when, in about ten minutes, he appeared, rosy and fresh from his ride. "I must apologise for my muddy condition,
271. oldal - em in ! " "And then it is said — forgive me if I appear intrusive — that you gave orders for wine and such things out of Whitford. And that does not incline the people of the place to be patient.
129. oldal - There was an air of comfort and good taste about the rooms — a habitable, home-like air — not always to be found in more splendid dwellings.
255. oldal - Maxfield," said Jackson, looking everywhere except into Gibbs's face. " I say," cried Maxfield, addressing the rest of the company, and entirely ignoring the rash delinquent Gibbs, " that these things are a snare and a delusion, and the work of the devil. And when them of more wisdom and experience than me comes forward to speak on the matter, I shall be glad to show forth my reasons.

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