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Public Income and Expen- Accounts of the Net Public Income of the

Highways (District Sur-

[Mr. Frewen and
Viscount Barrington.]

Controverted Elections

United Kingdom in the Year ended 5 Jan.
1850 (after Deductions), and of the actual
Issues and Payments within the same
Period, exclusive of various Payments; of
the Balances of Public Money remaining

in the Exchequer on 5 Jan. 1849; Amount XXXIII. 149.
of Money raised by Additions to Debt in
the Year ended 5 Jan. 1850; Money ap-
plied towards the Redemption of the
Debt; Amount of Advances and Repay-
ments on Account of Local Works; and
Balances in the Exchequer on 5 Jan. 1850

Bill to amend the Law for uniting Parishes]
into Districts, and the Appointment of
District Surveyors of Highways over the
Parishes so united

Mr. Speaker's Warrant for the Appointment
of Members to serve on the General Com-
mittee of Elections for 1850

5. Churches and Chapels (Wales) Returns for the Three Months ending 311

Dec. 1848, of the Number of Services per-
formed in each Church or Chapel in the
Dioceses of Saint Asaph, Bangor, Saint
David's and Llandaff; distinguishing Eng-
lish from Welsh Services, and whether
performed by the Incumbent or Curate -

Population, Poor Law, &c. Return, showing the Population; Value of

Property rated; Amount and Rate of As-
sessment; Amount expended on Manage-
ment, Litigation and Actual Relief; Num-
ber of Paupers relieved, including Casual
Poor; Per-centage of those relieved to
the Population, and Average Relief to
each Pauper in each Parish in Scotland,
for the Years 1847 and 1848

Poor Law (Medical Relief) Return, showing the Arrangements for Me-



dical Relief to the Poor in the Counties
of Argyle, Inverness, Ross and Suther-
land, and the Amount of Charge for Me-
dical Assistance, in the Years ending June
1847 and 1848
Returns, for the last Five Years, of the)
Number of Students entered annually in
the Books of each College or Hall within
the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge|
and Dublin; the Number of Successful
and Unsuccessful Candidates in the De-
gree Examination; the Number of Testi-
monials for Holy Orders granted annu-
ally; the Number of Resident Under-
graduates in New College, Oxford, and in
King's College, Cambridge, and the
Number of Candidates from those Colleges
for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts

III. 287.

XLVI. 189.

XLII. 69.

L. 265.

L. 261.

XLII. 449.

13 VICT.

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Court of Session (Scotland) - Return of the Number of Causes instituted)
and decided in the Court of Session in
Scotland in 1849; and of the Number of
Causes ready for Judgment, but not dis-
posed of, on 1 Jan. 1850

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Irish Fisheries

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[Mr. Anstey, Viscount Naas
and Mr. O'Flaherty.]
Bankrupt and Insolvent Mem-

[Mr. Moffatt, Mr. W. Evans
and Mr. Brotherton.]

Account of the Receipt and Expenditure
of the Corporation for preserving and
improving the Port of Dublin, on account
of Lighthouses on the Coast of Ireland,
in the Year 1848

Return of the Number of Passengers con-
veyed on all Railways in the United King-
dom during the Half Year ending 30 June
1849; showing the different Classes, and
the Receipts from each Class, and from
Goods, &c.; also, the Number of Miles of
Railway open, and a Comparative State-
ment of the Traffic, for the Five Years
ended 30 June 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848
and 1849

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Bill to consolidate and amend the Acts re-
lating to Irish Fisheries

Bill to amend the Law relating to Bankrupt
Members of the House of Commons, and
to vacate the Seats of Bankrupt and In-
solvent Members of the House of Com-
mons, and to facilitate the Recovery of
Debts from such Members -

County Rates and Expendi- Bill to establish County Financial Boards


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for the assessing of County Rates, and for
the Administration of County Expenditure,
in England and Wales -

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XLVI. 443.

LIII. 661.

LIII. 257.

III. 365.

I. 173.

I. 497.

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VII. 499.

[Mr. Frewen and Mr. Napier.]

Bill to amend the Law relating to the hold-1
ing of Benefices in Plurality

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Benefices in Plurality

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