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I. Bills-continued.

Bill intituled an Act to provide for the commencement of an Act of the present
Session, intituled "An Act to repeal an Act of the sixth year of King George the
Fourth, for encouraging the capture or destruction of piratical ships and vessels,
and to make other provisions in lieu thereof;" (486.)
VI. 11

II. Accounts and Papers:

1. Generally:

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Returns of the names and tonnage of British vessels, with the names of their com-
manders, and of the names of British subjects that have been attacked by
Malay and Dyak pirates on the Coast of Borneo or elsewhere, from 15th August
1839 to 15th August 1849; and of copies of Rear-admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane's
general memoranda, Nos. 23 and 42, dated respectively 18 March 1844, and 5
March 1845, addressed to the captains of Her Majesty's ships on the East India
and China stations, and of Admiralty instructions rescinding or qualifying those
memoranda; (238.)
LV. 3

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2. Coast of Borneo : Copies or extracts of despatches relating to the suppression of piracy off the coast of Borneo; (122.)

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LV. 9

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Copy of Mr. Wise's letter of 26 November 1849, to Lord John Russell, respecting the proceedings of Sir James Brooke against the Dyaks at Borneo, and of corre spondence or orders by the government thereon; (456.)

3. Head Money:

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Return of the amount paid as head money for the capture of pirates under the Act
6 Geo. 4, c. 49, in each year from 1826 to 1849, and the amount of bills drawn
on the Commissioners of the Navy for the payment of head money; stating the
court in which the claim was adjudicated, with various particulars as to the
pirates captured; (114.)
- LV. 49

Return of the number of officers and men who have received head money in the
years 1848, 1849, and 1850, for the capture and destruction of alleged pirates;
distinguishing for Chinese, for Bornean, and other classes for whom head money
has been paid, and by what tribunal each sum has been adjudged; (723.)
LV. 57

Correspondence between the Secretary of State for the Colonies and the Lords of
the Admiralty, respecting the allowing Mr. Caldwell, a volunteer in the late
military operations against the pirates in China, to be entitled to head money
after the rank of lieutenant; (739.)
LV. 59

4. Piratical Vessels, China:

Extract of a letter from Sir Henry Pottinger to Rear-Adiniral Sir Thomas Cochrane, mentioned in a letter, dated 17 October 1844, from Sir James Stephen to Sir John Barrow, on the subject of the interference of Her Majesty's ships and vessels with piratical vessels belonging to Chinese subjects; (367.) - LV. 63

Plate, Plated Ware, Jewellery, and Watches:

Declared value of British and Irish, exported to each country, 1848; [in 1159.]


LIV. 122

Bill intituled An Act to enable the Judges of the Courts of Common Law at
Westminster to alter the Forms of Pleading; (337.) -

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1. 41

see also Process, Practice, and Pleading (Superior Courts).

Pluralities. see Benefices.

Plymouth :

Amount of customs duty at Plymouth in 1847 and 1848; and number and tonnage of vessels, British and foreign, entered thereat, in 1848; [in 1159.] 35. 61


Poison :

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Return of the number of persons tried in the United Kingdom for murder, and
attempts to murder, by the administration of poison, in each year, 1839 to 1849
inclusive; (599.)
XLV. 447

Polding, Dr. J. B. see Australian Colonies, II. 4.



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Accounts showing the sums received and expended for the purposes of the Metro-
politan Police, Police Superannuation Fund, and police courts, in the year 1849;
XLV. 735
Abstract of return for the years 1848 and 1849, of the number of police constables
in each county, or division of a county, in England and Wales, under the Act
2 & 3 Vict. c. 93; distinguishing each class, with rate of pay, the number of
constables stationed in each petty sessions district, and population thereof, with
amount paid to the county police rate by such district; together with an account,
in detail, of the several items of expenditure; (225.)
XLV. 751
see also Constabulary. County Rates.

Police of Dublin. see Miscellaneous Services, III,

Police Superannuation Fund:

Metropolitan Police.

Bill to enable justices to direct portions of fines and penalties in certain cases to be paid for the benefit of the superannuation fund of the police force established in any county; (654.)

Police of Towns (Scotland):

- I. 483

Bill to make more effectual provision for regulating the police of towns and рорцlous places in Scotland, and for paving, draining, cleansing, lighting, and improving the same; (126.)

Same [as amended by the Committee]; (307.)

VI. 15

. VI. 141

VI. 271

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VI. 403

Same [as amended by the Committee and on re-commitments]; (325.)
Same [as amended by the Committee, on re-commitments, and on consideration of
Bill as amended]; (349.)

Polish Refugees:

Copies of Treasury Minutes, Papers, and Reports respecting the grant to Polish refugees; (27.)


see also Miscellaneous Services, VI.

Polls at Elections (Ireland) :

Bill to shorten the duration of elections in Ireland, and for establishing additional places for taking the poll thereat; (46.)

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Pontblyddyn and Llandegla Road. see Turnpike Roads (England and Wales), II. 2.

Poole :

Amount of customs duty at Poole in 1847 and 1848; [in 1159.]

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Bill to provide for the more equitable distribution of the charge for the relief of the in certain cities and towns; (119.)


VII. 13

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Poor (England and Wales)-continued.

I. Bills-continued.

VII. 1

Bill to continue two Acts passed in the twelfth and thirteenth years of the reign of
Her Majesty, for charging the maintenance of certain poor persons in unions in
England and Wales upon the common fund; and to make certain amendments
in the laws for the relief of the poor; (472.)
Same [as amended by the Committee and on consideration of the Bill as amended];

II. Reports:

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VII. 7

Second Annual Report of the Poor Law Board, 1849; with Appendix; [1142.]

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XXVII. Reports to the Poor Law Board, on the Laws of Settlement, and Removal of the Poor; [1152.] XXVII. 229

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III. Accounts and Papers:

1. Clearances:

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Copy of so much of the correspondence in the possession of the Poor Law Board
as relates to the pulling down of cottages in Maple Durham, Caversham, New-
lands and other places, in the neighbourhood of Reading, referred to in the
Report of G. A. a'Beckett, Esquire; (732.)
L. 1

2. Honiton Union:

Correspondence between the Board of Guardians of the Honiton Union and the
Poor Law Commissioners, relative to the fitness of Mr. E. C. Holland, one of the
district surgeons of that union, for the duties of his situation (homœopathic treat-
ment of pauper cases); (736.)
L. 15

3. Medical Officers:

Abstract of return of the manner in which the sum of 75,000 l. for one-half of the
expense of the salaries of medical officers for the year 1849, has been expended;
(in 467.) -
L. 49

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Returns, showing the total number of paupers (in-door and out-door) in receipt of
relief on 1 July 1849 and 1 July 1850, in 605 unions and parishes under Boards
of Guardians in England and Wales; and of the number of adult able-bodied
paupers in receipt of relief on those days, showing the increase or decrease as
compared with former periods; (624.)
L. 45

5. Poor Law Board:

Particulars of the travelling and personal expenses of the Poor Law Board to 31 March 1850, showing the number of inspectors; number of unions visited, and amount of travelling and other expenses of each; (in 755.) - XXXIII. 335

6. Relief of the Poor:

Return, showing the amount of money expended for in-maintenance and out-door
relief of the poor in the several unions and parishes in England and Wales,
during the half-years ended Lady-day 1849 and 1850 respectively; specifying
the amount and rate per cent. of increase or decrease in the latter as compared
with the former period; (435.) -
L. 63

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Abstract of return of the number of orders of removal granted by justices of the
peace in England and Wales, for each of the five years 1845 to 1849, specifying
the number of Irish and Scotch paupers; (666.) -
- L. 31

8. Schoolmasters :

Abstract of return of the manner in which the sum of 35,000l. for salaries of schoolmasters and schoolmistresses for the year 1849, has been expended; (in 467.)

9. Vagrancy:

L. 49

Reports on the subject of vagrancy in the several unions in England and Wales; [in 1142.] XXVII. 1

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Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords appointed to investigate
and report upon certain charges against the late vice-guardians of the Carrick-on-
Shannon Union; with petition containing said charges, Minutes of Evidence, and
Appendix; (725.)
XI. 1

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ii. Kilrush Union:

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Report from the Select Committee on the Kilrush Union; together with the Proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence, Appendix, and Index; (613.) XI. 529

2. Commissioners:

i. Generally:

Third Annual Report of the Commissioners for administering the Laws for Relief of the Poor in Ireland; with Appendices; [1243.] XXVII. 449

ii. Poor Law Unions and Electoral Divisions:

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Second Report of the Commissioners for inquiring into the Number and Boundaries
of Poor-law Unions and Electoral Divisions in Ireland; [1145.] XXVI.

Third Report from the same; [1146.] -
Fourth Report from the same; [1147]
Fifth Report from the same; [1148.]
Sixth Report from the same; [1149.] -
Seventh Report from the same; [1155.]
Eighth Report from the same; [1199.]
Ninth Report from the same; [1191.]
Tenth Report from the same; [1223.] -
Eleventh Report from the same; [1257.]
Twelfth Report from the same; [1266.]
Thirteenth Report from the same; [1277.]
Fourteenth Report from the same; [1278.] -

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XXVI. 43




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Report of the Irish Poor Law Commissioners on the measures taken for carrying into effect the recommendations of the Boundary Commissioners; [1162.]

XXVI. 653

Poor (Ireland)-continued.

VOL. page.

III. Accounts and Papers:

1. Advances from the Consolidated Fund:

Statement of the liabilities of each county, county of a city or town, and barony in
Ireland, to the Exchequer, on 20 November 1849, in respect of advances from the
Consolidated Fund, with the conditions of repayment of each advance, speci-
fying the Act under which each such advance was made; together with the net
annual value of each such county or barony under the poor-law valuation; (183.)
L. 65.
Returns of the sum advanced to each Poor-law Union in Ireland, under the Acts
12 & 13 Vict., c. 24 and 63, with the date of such advance, the repayments and
dates thereof, up to 13 April 1850; (184.)
L. 173

2. Carrick-on-Suir, &c. Unions :
Return, specifying, in detail, the items included under the head "Establishment
and other Charges," in the unions of Carrick-on-Suir, Clogheen, Clonmel,
Nenagh, Roscrea, Thurles, Tipperary, and Cashel, between 30 June and 29 Sep-
tember 1849; (208.)
L. 77

3. Castlebar Union Workhouse:

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Copy of report made to the board of guardians of the Castlebar Union, on
20 April 1850, by Dr. Ronayne, medical superintendent of the union, relative to
the state of the workhouse; (382.)
L. 79
Copy of report addressed to the Poor-law Commissioners for Ireland, dated
17 May 1850, by Captain Farren, temporary inspector, with reference to the con-
dition of Castlebar Union workhouse; (461.) -
L. 83

4. Cholera :

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Abstract of return of the number of persons attacked with cholera, and relieved,
medically or otherwise, by the guardians, in Ireland, from Michaelmas-day 1848
to Lady-day 1850; and of the number of widows, widowers and orphans, and
the expense of these; with total medical and other expenses occasioned by
cholera; (459-)
LI. 241

5. Kilrush Union:

Copy of report addressed to the Poor-law Commissioners of Ireland by Mr.
Inspector Bourke, with reference to the condition of the Kilrush Union; (259.)

L. 99

6. Medical Charities, &c.: Abstract of returns as to the medical charities in Ireland, county hospitals or infirmaries, fever hospitals, or any others supported wholly or in part from county funds; similar returns for all dispensaries, and for all medical establishments under the poor-law union workhouses inclusive; and returns of any other medical charity, however supported; (758.). LI. 505

7. Nenagh Union:

Returns of the amount of rates collected, and the amount expended in relief, in the
Nenagh Union, in the year ending 7 June 1849; of the liabilities and numbers
charged to each electoral division, in each month during the same period; of
the amount expended in hospitals, and in making coffins, and the number of
deaths; of the sums expended in the auxiliary workhouse, and the number of
deaths therein since its opening in December 1848; (60.)
L. 105

8. Numbers Relieved, &c.:

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Returns of the number of persons receiving in-door and out-door relief, on 28
February 1850, in each union in Ireland, distinguishing males and females; and,
with regard to in-door relief, the children under 15 years old; (377) L. 181
Return of the amount of money expended for in-maintenance and out-door relief
in the several unions in Ireland, during the half-years ended 31 March 1849
and 30 March 1850 respectively; specifying the amount and rate per cent. of
increase and decrease; (510.)
L. 185
Return of the number in receipt of in-door and out-door relief in Ireland, showing
also the cost of out-door relief, the average cost of maintenance, and rate of
workhouse mortality, on 27 July 1850, and on 28 July 1849; (689.) L. 187
Return of the numbers in receipt of in-door and out-door relief in Ireland; showing
also the cost of out-door relief, the average weekly cost of in-maintenance, and
the rate of workhouse n ortality, on 3 August 1850, in comparison with the
numbers, &c. on 4 August 1849; comparative statement of the workhouse
accommodation, numbers relieved, and deaths in each workhouse, in the
province of Connaught, during the half-years ended 25 March 1847, 1848, 1849


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