The Export merchant shippers of London [afterw.] The Export merchant shippers and manufacturers of Great Britain & Ireland

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17. oldal - ROWLANDS' ODONTO, Or Pearl Dentifrice, Compounded of the choicest and most recherchfe ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, and of inestimable value in Preserving and Beautifying the Teeth, Strengthening the Gums, and in giving a pleasing Fragrance to the Breath. It eradicates Tartar from the Teeth, removes spots of incipient decay, and polishes and preserves the enamel, to which it imparts a PEARL-LIKE WHITENESS.
16. oldal - Published Annually. Merchant Shippers (Export) of London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Walsall, With their respective Trading Ports and the Class of Goods they customarily ship. Alphabetically arranged. Price 12s.
38. oldal - ALL the Feathered Pets. Price 2s. 6d., cloth gilt.. THE BIRD-KEEPER'S GUIDE AND BRITISH AVIARY ; or, SONG BIRDS: How to Rear and Keep them in Health, and how to preserve them when dead. With Addenda on the various Breeds of Canaries. By TIIOMAS ANDREWES.
17. oldal - ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL, A delightfully fragrant and transparent preparation, and as an invigorator and beantlflcr of the Hair beyond all precedent. Price 3s. 6d., 7s., 10s. 6d. (equal to four small), and 21s. per bottle. ROWLANDS' ODONTO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE, A white Powder compounded of the choicest and most fragrant exotics.
38. oldal - POULTRY ; HOW BEST TO BREED for Profit, Pleasure, Exhibition, and Prize. With a description of the several Breeds, and the points of excellence as laid down by Prize Winners and Experienced Judges. Edited by R.
83. oldal - Co., Paris,) CLOCKS, CANDELABRA, VASES, and Ornamental Porcelain. The public are thus enabled to select their paper hangings or decorations, carpets, curtains, and furniture all in harmony with each other, without the trouble and inconvenience of going to different houses.
38. oldal - CANARIES : THEIR VARIETIES AND POINTS. How to Breed, Rear, and Keep them in Health, with Remedies for the various Diseases to which they are subject. Plain Frontispiece. By J.
17. oldal - It is highly necessary on purchasing to see that the word " ROWLANDS' " is on the wrapper of each, and their signature, in BED ink, "A.

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