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: . Ittroduction, by Jesse Cato Da-

niel, Cheshunt College. London.

Adirondack, Headley's; or Life in William Pickeğing. 1848, 115

the Woods,

236 Biblical artd Physical History of

Alabama, Characteristics of, 178 Mas, Two Lectures on the Con-

Address of a Committee of Citi- nection beyween ihe,: .265

zens of Mobile, Alabama, upon british West Indies,

the subject of Banking Institu Report from the Select Com-
tions. April, 1849.

mittee on West India Colonies,
Letter of Mr. Pratt, of Autau- together with Minutes of Evidence
ga, upon Currency. April, 1849. and Appendix. Ordered by the

Speech of Mr. Porter, in the House of Commons to be printed.
Legislature of Alabama, on the 25th July, 1842
Tennessee and Coosa Railway. Proceedings of the Select Com-

mittee on Sugar and Coffee Plant-
American Bible Society, History of ing. Ordered by the House of

264 Commons to be printed. 29th

American History, Last Leaves of, 270 May, 1849.

American Art Union, Bulletin of


Art Union of Philadelphia, Trans-

actions of the
272 California,


1. Geographical Memoir upon

Upper California, in illustration

of his Map of Oregon and Cali-
Beautiful, Philosophy of the, from fornia; by John Charles Fremont.
the French of Victor Cousin. Miscellaneous Document No. 148.
Translated, with Notes and an Ist session, 3d August, 1848.




2. Western America, including The Westminster Review, for
California and Oregon, with the April, 1849.
Maps of those regions and of the The North British Review, for
“Sacramento Valley,” from actual May, 1849.
Surveys; by Charles Wilkes, Blackwood's Mag., for March,
U.S.N., Commander of the United April and May, 1849.
States Exploring Expedition, &c.
Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard.

3. What I saw in California: Fable for Critics, or a glance at a few
being the Journal of a tour in the of our literary progenies, from the
years 1846-47; by Edwin Bryant, tub of Diogenes,

late Alcalde of St. Francisco. France, Monarchical and Republican,
New-York: D. Appleton & Co. the Constitutions of, together

with brief historical remarks re-
California, a Paper upon, 265 lating to their origin, and the
Charicles : or Illustrations of the Pri late Orleans Dynasty; by Bernard

vate Life of the Ancient Greeks; Roelker, of the Boston Bar. Bos-
translated from the German of Pro- ton : 1848,

fessor Becker, by the Rev. Frede. Franklin, Benj., his biography, 267
rick Metcalfe, M.A., Fellow of Free School System in So. Ca., 31
Lincoln College, Oxford, 1845. 1. Reporis on the Free School

System, to the General Assembly
Child of the Sea, Lewis's, 246 of South-Carolina, at the Rogular
Church Polily, by Rev. J. L. Rey. Session of 1839.

2. Suggestions relative to the
Cooper, Works of J. Fennimore, 269 Free School System in South-Ca-
Culture of Colton, Pyaclical Itints rolina, submitted to the Special
on the Comparative Cost and Pro-Committee of Five appointed to
ductiveness of the,' .. 211: report, &c. 1846. *

3. Report on the Free School
System in South-Carolina; by R.

F. W. Allston, Esq. 1846.
Dermot O'Brien, or the 'Taking of Friends and Fortune, Drury's, 243

Tredagh, :::.:.:. : 236
Dramatic Literature, Leciures ori, 269
Dramatic Literature,

Calaynos: a Tragedy; by Geo. Geology of South Carolina, Report on
H. Boker. Second edition. Phila the; by M. Tuomey, Member of
delphia : Published by E. H. But the "American Association of
ler & Co. 1848.

Geologists and Naturalists,” Cor-
responding Member of the “Natu-
ral History Society of Boston,"

and of the "Acadeiny of Sciences
El Buscapie. Opusculo inédito que of Philadelphia.” Columbia, S.C.

en defensa de la primera parte Del A. S. Johnston. 1848, 161
Quixote, escribio Miguel de Cer- Gila, the Gold Mines of the, by
vantes Saavedra. Publicado con Webber,

Rotas históricas, criticas i biblio Girondins, Histoire des; par A. De-
gráficas; por Don Adolfo de Cas Lamartine, Tom. i., ii, Conte-
tro. Cadiz. 1848,

205 nant les volumes i., ii., iii., iv.,
Europe, the Present State of, 277 v., vi., vii., viii. New-York: F.

The Edinburgh Review, for Gaillardet,' Editeur Bureau du
April, 1849.

Courrier des Etats Unis. 12 Park
The London Quarterly Review, Place. 1847,

for April, 1849.

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Labor, the Right to. Journal des Poets, Recent American, 224

Economistes. Vol. 21st, from 1. Rhymes of Travel, Ballads,
August to November, (1848,) in and other Poems; by Bayard Tay-

lor, author of “Views a-foot," &c.
Libyan Desert, Adventures in, and Second edition. New-York: Geo.

the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon, 263 P. Putnam. 1849.
Lynch's Narrative of the U. Śtates 2. Sketches of Life and Land-

Exploring Expedition to the River scape; by Rev. Ralph Hoyt. New
Jordan and the Dead Sea, 233 edition, enlarged. 'N.Y.: George

P. Putnam, 1849.

3. Orta-Undis, and other Poems;

by J. M. Legare. Boston: Wil.
Mardi: and a Voyage Thither, 260 liam D. Ticknor & Co. 1849.
Memorial to the State Legislatures 4. Poems by a South Carolinian.
of the United States,

254 Charleston: Samuel Hart, Sen'r.
Midnight Sun: a Pilgrimage, 261 1848.
Money, a Man made of, 262 Poems, by William Cowper, 260
Montague's Narrative of the Ex-

ploring Expedition to the Dead

Mordaunt Hall, or a September Rip Van Winkle, Illustrations of, 272

261 Roman Catholic Church, the Good
Mystic Tie, by Mackey,

and Bad in,

Rome, the Liberty of, by Elliot, 266




National Constituent Assembly, (of

France,) History of the, 259 Sea Lions; or the Lost Sealers, 263
Navigation Lars, the Anatomy of Second War between the United States

the ; by John Lewis Ricardo, Ésq. of America and Great Britain, His-
M... London: Charles Gilpin. torical Sketch of the, 255
8vo. 336. 1847,

416 Seven Capilal Sins, by Sue, 253
Nineveh and its Remains : with an Shakspearian Reader, by Hows, 249
account of a visit to the Chaldæan Society and Government,

Christians of Kurdistan, and the South-Caroline Institute, Constitution
Yezidis or Devil-worshippers, and of the, for the promotion of art,
an inquiry into the manners and mechanical ingenuity and indus-
arts of the ancient Assyrians; by

Auslen H. Layard, Esq., D.C.L. Southey's Commonplace Book, 268
New York: G. P. Putnam. 1849. Spinoza, Euvres de. Traduites par
2 vols. 80.,

Emile' Saisset, Professeur de Phi-
Josophie au Collége Royal de
Henry IV.; avec une Introduction

du Traducteur. Paris : Charpen-
Oration, delivered before the “Fourth tier, Libraire-éditeur, 29 Rue de

of July Association," by Mitchell. Seine. 1824. 2 vols. 12mo., 76



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