sweet creature.

explosions. Brigadier Curtis, with long jotiy lashes as he stroaked his beard,

namhis squadron of gun-boats, exerted and said, I was just thinking himself most gallantly in the cause of

ing me, on dotting these sables. I think

I have just mourned long enough for that humanity, and saved upwards of

God rest her soul! She three hundred persons from the ships is now far happier than I am ; and though which were on fire, who must other- I should mourn from this to dooms-day, wise inevitably, have perished. Lord

I could not add one jot to her stature : Howe afterwards arrived with a fleet, Bravo! said I to myself, here is a man

besides, you know, to-day is Rosely Fair, and reinforced the garrison. The who treads the middle path of right feeling: Spaniards, after the failure of their he loved Amelia while she was in life, and grand attack, kept up a petty warfare seriously lamented her loss at death ; but until February, 1782, when the news now, that the intensity of his feelings are

abated, he wishes to maintain the outward of preliminaries of a general peace having been signed at Paris, terminated tains its realities upon his heart. Besides,

appearance of grief no longer, than he rehostilities.

said I to myself, to-day is Rosely Fair. The thought had an instantaneous effect

upon me; I started up with wonderful RAMBLES IN CUMBERLAND. adjusted my auburn wig, and seized my

agility, considering my green old age, No. 2.

oaken staff, round the huge head of which,

I had, as a token of respect for my native ROSELY FAIR.

place, engraven, “Let Glasgow Flourish;"

and forth with, the Doctor and I sallied * Laugh and grow fat at the follies you see.'

into the open air, and boldly set our faces Teague's Jest Book.

toward Rosely. Its distance from There is in sorrow, as well as in all the Wa—n was 5 miles. It was a most passions inwoven in the human frame, a delightful morning. How shall I paint seemly mediocrity between an overpower- it? Spirit of Hoggarth, assist me! Phoeing display of pathetic emotion, and cal- bus was scaling the blue vault, and shedlous insensibility. The features well ad- ding his refulgent beams on the sides of the justed, with the appearance of woe, and distant mountains, which seemed to thrust the outer man sombred over with its exter- their towering tops into the azure, and nal trappings, has oftimes belied the latent mark nature's boundaries.' The sweets of feelings of the heart ; and could we draw expanding flowers were gently exhaling, aside the veil that obscures internal feeling whilst boyish zephyrs fanned around the from actual observation, we might pos- ambrosial fragrance., The fertile vales sibly see joy playing in sportive beams were sprung up in rich luxuriance, to cheer around

many a bosom, from the thoughts the heart, and repay the toil of the laboof the snug little fortune which reverted rious husbandman. "The meadow's were to them from the demise of those whom sprucely dressed in emerald robes, taste." they outwardly affected to deplore. But|fully set with daișies and cowslip; and there is actually no oceasion for superna- over the lee, the shepherd played his tural agency to establish the truth of this morning air, while the sportive lambs hypothesis: the conduct of many in this, gambolled about, in all the gaiety of innoas well as every era of the world, unfolds

The lark, high poised in air, caan ample' and literal verification of its roled his joyful song, while the black bird truth.

and the mellow-thrush, poured their me• They dance about, in all the mockery of woe, lody on the tuneful ear, from the

groves To midnight dances and the public show.'—

Pope and thickets which occasionally diversified I had just noted this down in my patch the scenery; in one word, all nature was book, as an incontrovertible fact, when the rejoicing ; and under its sweet inspiration, Doctor entered my lodgings, at Wa_n, we soon arrived at Rosely. The ground I never saw him decked so sprucely since the on which the fair was held, lay on the side death of Amelia. The thatch of his attic of the highway, and was situated in a kind was tastefully frizzled, and his prominent of central position of the county of Cumeyes beamed gracefully from beneath their 'berland. It had been appropriated, time


immemorial, to this purpose; but its pre- rusty cymbals, in order to drown theclamour sent owner had showed some disposition of Grumbleguttar. A merry Andrew was to infringe an ancient privilege, (as I was making wry faces, at the crowd, and runinformed,) and as one step towards this, ning over his well-conned vocabulary of had surrounded it with a parapet. Through antic vagaries, and occasionally pointing it we, however, soon found an entrance, to the painted canvass, which hung in front and (as you know, Mr. Editor, men, like of the caravan : this, I understood, was as monkeys, are often fond of showing them- much as to say, "Look'e, gentlemen, this selves,) made our way to the front of the speaks for itself.' To the right of these, crowd.'s Heavens! what a Babel of strife stood a tun-bellied German, one of the was here! Iluman nature, in two of its many rightful successors to Herman Boaz, many forbidding forins, presented itself in the mysteries of hocus pocus and legerin the persons of two showmen, who were demain. Whether it was magic rings, pa vieing with each other for pre-eminence in tent incantations, or the names of two of their honourable occupation ; one of them the fancy, viz. Chicken and Johnson, who was a little squnt bandy-legged fellow, were exhibiting within, that attracted the with a voice as hoarse and monotonous as attention of the crowd, I cannot pretend the mastiit, Cerberus; this, he occasion to determine; but certain it is, that the ally put forth in roundly bawling, · Walk German monopolised all the trade, while up, gentlemen, walk up ;' and concluded the two rivals were repaid with the noise, every effort of this kind with something for the seemingly small trouble of making like an assurance that every thing worth it. We were now heartily tired with conlooking at, was contained within the pre- templating this motley carricature of hucincts of his paltry caravan. He was ås- man folly; and accordingly retreated to sisted by a Babylonislı dame, * a plume of the back ground, while the Doctor mut. feathers nodded over her face, it was nicely tered, • A murrain seize them, what a pity besmeared with paint; but, in spite of nature intended them for men ! and such this paltry substitute for beauty, it was like cynical expressions. Here, all was visible that unsparing time was ploughing bustle and animation ; joy seemed to have his furrows there, and setting his seal upon erected a throne in every bosom, and mirth her withering lips, as they pronounced, a seat on every countenance.

* Walk up, walk up, gentlemen and was playing off his droNeries upon the siin• ladies, I candidly assure you, that what pleton, while he, little suspecting that he Monsieur Grumblegutter says is true, and was his butt, swelled with his laugh, the if you an't satisfied with the performance, long and loud peal of merriment, at his I shall, upon my honour I shall, return own expense. Here, the man of gaiety your money. · Honour !' exclaimed the was in his proper element,' as objects of Doctor, • a fiddlestick, d’ye hear that old attraction, diversified in kind and name, beldame honour? O shame, where is thy were floating about likemotes in sun-beams blush? Fled, I suppose, with the natural co- The grave and the morose had apparently - lour of her face, I an't joking now. By left their every-day faces behind them, with

the time that their d-mummeries, are a solemn injunction not to trouble them over on the deck, this honourable lady will till to-morrow : indeed, were one disposed dive into the cockpit, and leave the clod- to take as a criterion, the time to which I poles, the surest road to honour, in a trip now allude, I might, with tolerable safety, down that there scurvy ladder.

assert that bad nature would never be more The other was a long lean fellow. His seen in Cumberland. But to proceed, generalappearance bore some analogy to Dr. the cynie had forgot his snappishness, and Syntax in quest of the Marvellous. The seemed for once resolved to let others live, powers of his body and mind seemed gone; and move, and breathe as well as himself. for the being seemed to be centered in his The moral man slackened the bridle of elbows, and exerted in clanking a pair of old | restraint, and gave a holiday to some of

The was

* I do not mean to say that this lady, pardon me, belonged Babylon ; no, no, she might be a native of Cross-my-Luif, for any thing I know : but sure am I, that I have often heard both clergymen and laity talk of the whore of Babylon; now, it is only to assure these gentlemen, that this was not her, that I have taken the additional trouble of writing this foot note.

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the grosser appetites that was incorporated almost every corner; but, ( fate, how dewith his existence, hoping, in all probabi- vious are thy ways! at the very time that lity, that, like a good catholic, he might, Moffat was cock sure of victory, his sableby an act of supererogation, transfer the eyed antagonist lent him a rum one between surplus of some days' good deeds, to the the day lights, which fairly Hobred him ; as chasm made in morality, by the sports of he showed no innate inclination of again Rosely Fair. My friend, the Doctor, was coming to the scratch, the victory was, of a moral man; but, the encircling motto of course, awarded to the unknown. I would all his actions on that day was, . Let us en- not have adverted to this scene of folly, had joy ourselves, Rosely Fair comes only once it not been for the opportunity it afforded a year,' &e. The amorous had ample me of slightly glancing at the conduet of scope for all their cupidical prowess, as one of the sporters. He was one of the the fair sex were floating about in vast va- two to one heroes on the head of the van riety, between the stiff 2 virtuoso, and quished; consequently, it was now his turn she whose virtue sits as easily upon her as to pay: he accordingly slipped his hand siniles do upon a coquette. *

into his pocket, with perfect sung froid, to Rosely town is of itself a contemptible satisfy the demand of his opponent; but, place. A few houses are all that support suddenly contracting his brows into la the name, and these are built without the frown, he exclaimed, .Egad, some of the least regard to regularity. But the land- nimble-figured ones has been making cluan lords of ale houses, in the surrounding work here; the deuce a stiver is left; my towns and villages, had erected tents upon pocket is here sure enough, but where is the ground, for the purpose of furnishing my money? Well, Rosely is a cursed ras refreshments for such as wanted them, cally place, to be sure'; one would almost and means of inebriety to those who wish require to have eyes in their wes to keep ed to engage in Bacchanalian orgies. their own; but there is no'cure like pa • The votary of Bacchus sips sweets from the vintage

tience for misfortune; as the saying is, we Until its meanderings pervades every pore;

must look about us for time to come.' His body's a barrel; his pocket's a mintage, Here he ended his hárangue: "I felt somé.. That oftimes is draiu'd to pay a sweet score.'

thing like pity for the fellow, till I was As the tipplers'emerged from these can informed by some who knew him, that he vass suttling houses, and joined the crowd, was a notorious sharper, who, to rid him. the pleasure and enjoyment which pre- self from his present dilemma, had trumped vailed on the former part of the day, gave up the present story. When I contrasted place to the nonsensical hiccups of ine- this account with his own indifference at his briety. Rings were formed, and pugilis. pretended loss, I was fully persuadedy that tic exhibitions began to predominate over it was the true representation of his charevery other. As neither the Doctor nor acter; and, in unison with this conviction, I was initiated, we now consulted our I exchanged pity for disdain, and darting safety in an honourable retreat. As we a look of it indignantly at him, the Doc. were leaving the field, we witnessed a distor and I left the field. ' play of science between a noisy fellow, of The day was, by this time, pretty far the name of Moffat, a native of W- advanced. The sky which had been and another whom the Doctor did not hitherto serene, lowered, and copious know. The eyes of the latter were in showers of rain presented a striking condeep mournings. Moffat was the favourite trast to the finery of the morning. The of the fancy, and two to one upon his head few houses in Rosely were soon crowded was resounded with stentorian lungs from to excess, and candidates for admission be

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* Some of my readers may probably suppose that I am over colouring the picture, but the very reverse of this is the case. Were I to do my present subject justice, I would, at least, occupy one number of the Melange; but as I have no stomach for this kind of work, I have only taken a superficial view of some of the leading peculiarities of Rosely Fair, without binting at the extensive traffic that is carried on by men, from almost every part of the kingdom. Besides these, all the itinerant vagaLonds, from Jolinny Grot's house to lands end, float about like locusts in Egypt, loaded with their portable puppy-shows, rowly powlics, wheels' of fortune, money tables, dice boxes, and dancing dogs.

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sieged the doors; into one of these, the together, each party had their separate Doctor and I found means to force a pas- topies of discussion. Hence the elamour sage: within, all was noise and bustle. arising from all rendered it intolerable. We were in the downer flat; the loft above Quarrels had taken place, and fights ensued. us was trembling with a load of dancers. The face of the clock was broken, for na As dancing was congepial to the tempera- other fault, I suppose, than that of markment of my friend, he must needs be aloft; ing the progress of time. Tinkers, ballad I followed him. He had one particular singers, and dray men surrounded the advantage over many, namely, that of fire, and enjoyed themselves in their own suiting himself to the humours of the dif- way, as well as the best.. We beat our ferent companies into whích choice or ne- march through the whole, safely reached cessity might lead him. Were I to do Wa-n, and reeled to bed as Chanticleer justice to his character, I would, for this was proclaiming the next dawning morn. night at least, classify him among the amo

AMICUS. rous; but his success in the prosecution of this character was a little more questionable than his right to the title. He did

THE PATRIOTIC SMUGGLER. indeed ogle most wickedly, and tipped the wink with easy debonair; but some cursed A man of notorious celebrity in the rival undeviatingly interposed between him annals of smuggling, and whose name and the object of his desires; till at last, by dint of fair battery, he gained a dulci- was Johnson, had, by some extraor

She was richly dressed, and possessed dinary exertions, escaped from a prison tolerablesymmetry of form; but her face in London, in 1803. He fled to the pardon me, my dear Florida, I must be continent, and principally resided in candid to the eye of a superficial observer – Flushing. On the commencement of it met with a disaster somewhat analogous hostilities, this man was arrested by to that of Rollas, when he crept quietly out of his skin; but the Doctor was satis- order of the French Government, and fieds, and pr’ythee, what occasion had I to conveyed to a prison at Boulogne: be be otherwise? But after all, the theoreti- was accused of having piloted the cal part of any thing is easier than the British fleet to the Helder, during the practical. I have a good deal of owlish gravity blended in my features, but not so

In a few days after Johnmuch as could keep them to the grave side, son was lodged in confinement, a ma

when this non-delicate began to recount rine officer (who, for some time past, .. the number of her admirers, and their de- had been sedulously employed in obyotedness to her service,

taining Britishi pilots) called upon Who span'd her waist, and who, where'er he came, him, and, after some preliminary ob

Scrawld upon glass Florida's lovely rame: .: Who stole her slipper, fillid it with tokay, servations, entered upon the chief obAnd drank the little bumper every day. -Cowper. ject of his mission. I am told,' said

She observed the bent of my muscles, the officer, you are well acquainted and resented it by indignantly pouting with the opposite coast.' . I know with her lips, and, for aught I know, inwartly contented herself with parodising every sounding and creek,' replied one of Esop's fables, in the following man- Johnson ; ' and what then?'

• Why, ner: You Scottish dog, I see you look my good friend, continued the visiupon the fruit as if it were sour; and why tor, . if you will engage to pilot a cer50 ? because you cannot get at it; no, that tain division of the French feet to the you cannot, though you stood upon longer legs than those which support your little British coast, and conduct yourself on fabric. However, as I before said, the that occasion, with fidelity, I am diDoctor was content, and shuffled away, rected 10 say, a general pardon will till bis legs, abnost tottered below him. not only be granted to you, buit an We now thought of bending our steps back to Wa--n, and accordingly de- ample provision settled upon you'derscended. All there, was noise and confu- ing the remainder of your lite. The sion. All were indiscriminately blended answer of this wirtuous delinquent

late war.


you during the

should never be forgotten. :· Sir,' re-tory; for what, with blushing, confusion, plied Johnson, I have not been and vexation, we can neither mind the kindly used by my country ; but, not

Your animadversions prayer nor sermon,

upon this insolence would be a great favour withstanding that, I cannot be a trai

to, Sir, tor. I consider your proposal, Sir, Your most humble servant, as an insult, and treat it with the dis

S.C., dain it merits.' The officer admiring his principles and resolution, endea

Now, my dear, this account has voured to soothe him into a com

given me a great deal of concern and pliance, which, Johnson observing, offending you in a similar manner,

apprehension, that may been very calmly said to him, · Do not in so much, that on reading the letter, endeavour, Sir, to renıler me a villain and the remarks which precede and in my own estimation ; indeed, were I follow it, I resolved never to look at to undertake the treason you propose, I am confident that, in the hour of

But on farther considera

you more. trial, my heart would guide me to my

tion, it occurred to me that there. duty, and I should betray you. This duct of the Starer above complained

were many aggravations in the conroused the Frenchman, who exclaimed, of, which I was not guilty of For · Then, villain, you

shall die.' • With

example, I do not, like him, stand all my heart,' said Johnson ; and in a tone of voice highly expressive of his upon any place, nor am I the head determination, said. The sooner the

taller than any in the congregation ;

neither do I better-I am prepared- I have no fa

gaze vour to aşk but one-over my grave

prayer, and seldom at the time of the let it be written, in legible characters, psalmody. My glances, too, ate of

so secret a nature, that, with the ex

ception of one young lady, 'whom I AN HONEST ENGLISH SMUGGLER, sometimes suspect you have set as a Who scorned to betray his counirya' watch upon me, no body but yourself

is privy to them. In this important TO MISS A

point, long practice has made me

remarkably expert. I do not, "like DEAR MADAM,—The other day, some inexperienced in the science when perusing a volume of the Spec. of opties, lift my eyes off the mitator, I observed the following letter : nister, and directly cast them upon Mr. SPECTATOR,

you ; but," when I am disposed to • I am, Sir, a member of a small pious have a look at you, I generally first congregation, near one of the north gates lull the suspicion of the audience, by of this city. Much the greater part of us indeed are females, and used to conduct casting about with my eyes along the ourselves in a regular attentive manner, roof and walls of the church, and detill very lately one whole isle has been dis- scending, I take a general 'view of turbed with one of those set of men whom all the faces in the gallery, and by this I choose to denominate Starers; that, with

the out any regard to time, place, or modesty, means receive a glimpse of yours, frequently are known to disturb large com- most beautiful and interesting of the panies with their impertinent eyes. He whole, as it were; by the way, which is the head taller than any in the church; is a sufficient reward for all my

trouble. but, for the greater advantage of exposing At other times, for it would be danhimself, stands upon a

toe, and commands the whole congregation, to the great an- gerous not to vary my stratagems, I poyance of the devouter part of the audi- I make my starting-post: a'' tall, lean,


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