literary rarițies, which, like Colonel we have an account of the Coronation, Hunter's Skirmishers pounce at our face and then of an Air Balloon—this day and then quickly disappear. Thus we we read a parliamentary contest—and must have every Justiciarytrial publish- the next day of a great battle between cd in a variety of forms and editions. Turner and Cooper—in the forenoon Every parliamentary debate or assem- we have a melancholy shipwreck-in bly speech condensed into a pamphlet the afternoon a funny marriage, and in --and these accompanied with state- the evening a Turkish masacre. These ments and answers, and sometimes we have interspersed with frequent branching out into catholic contentions, executions---processions—murders Oban controversies, and Socinian dis- marriages—sea serpents-piraciesputes, and all the etceteras of literary duels—shipwrecks---mermaids-prohostility. Before introducing our phecies and songs. Now laying jest nain subject, our readers must learn aside, we ask what a delightful prosthat until these few years our reading pect does this afford of the spread of population consisted of the gentlemen knowledge and the rapid strides of lisubscribers to the coffee room or pub- terature. When we consider that lic newspapers, and it comprehended knowledge is thus conveyed into every no part of the great bulk of our man- alley and hovel ; and when we conufacturing multitude, save indeed, where sider too, the character and occupasome lean weavers joined their penny tions of those who read with avidity into a fund and in deep divan read the these sweet morsels, we must say

here pages of the Chronicle or Scotsman indeed is truly Tue REPUBLIC OF

for their radical advantage. In those LETTERSI days the useful class of literary labour

the X. Y. Z. ers now to be lauded were almost con

centrated in the redoubted « Blue - Thumbs" who held an undisturbed monopoly of this branch of Literature.

SPECIMEN OF A The only productions too which then issued from the plebeian press were pe- PROSPECTIVE NEWSPAPER riodical" last dying speeches and confessions," with prophetic details of“ be- The North American Luminary, 1st July,


3740 haviour on the scaffold." This drearyo

200 bedd - Waste might betiines be enlivened in A celebrated professor of chemistry the sad montlas of winter by some has discovered a method of composing

bloody murder” in Yorkshire, or and decomposing the surrounding crghostly appearance in Cock Lane of atmosphere, so that any farmer can,

London or Sneddan of Paisley-yet with the greatest facility, and at a small noall besides was barrenness, and no en- expense, avert rain, or produce it in

livening ray cheered the populace any quantity necessary for the perfecNow“ how altered is the theme !"- tion of his crops. The professor rethe multitude of Planatory Stationers cently dispelled the clouds over the amount to near a hundred, and two or city of New York and its suburbs for three presses groan under the diurnal the space of a week, converting the burden of matter to support their er- cold, damp weather of our winter into ratic demands. Thus all that is acted a clear and comparatively warm season. on the stage of the world is cheaply By this useful contrivance, any mariTetailed to the greedy multitude. Now 'ner may allay the violence of a hurricane,



or give the wind the direction and de- from their researches into two of the

gree of force best suited to the objects countries of ancient Europe. By means of his voyage.

of a new invention, Dr. Clarke crossed the Atlantic in seven days. He sailed

up the ancient river Thames, to a spot The corporation of Baltimore have which our antiquaries are now agreed subscribed a sum for erecting one of must be the site of the once renowned the newly-invented telescopes. It is city of London, but not a vestige of a to be liberally appropriated to the use human habitation remained. There of all the citizens, so that the meanest existed the mutilated portion of a grainechanic may amuse himself in his nite arch, which Dr. Clarke conceived leisure moments by viewing the dif- might be the last remains of the once-ceferent occupations of the inhabitants lebrated bridge of Waterloo.* The of the moon. The effect of this in- Doctor proceeded further up the river, vention upon morals is beyond all cal- ! to an elevated situation on the left culation. The labouring classes now bank, which commanded a view of give up the enjoyment of spirituous savage but delightful scenery. This liquors, for the superior pleasure of our antiquary conjectured might be conteinplating the wonders which this the ancient Richmond Hill, but he invention exposes to the human could not procure a single coin, or senses.

discover any one object of antiquarian research. Our traveller was extremely

desirous of ascending the river yet The army of the northern states higher, in order to reach the ancient will take the field against that of the Windsor, once the proud abode of southern provinces early next spring. England's monarchs, but he was so The principal northern force will con

annoyed by the tribes of savages, that sist of 1,490,000 picked troops. he found it impossible to proceed. General Congreve's new mechanical Dr. Clarke intends next year to renew cannon was tried last week at the siege his travels in this once glorious, and of Georgia. It discharged in one hour now almost forgotten, island ; and he 1120 balls, each weighing five hundred will take with him a body of five and weight. The distance of the objects twenty of the United States' troops, fired at was eleven miles, and so pero which will effectually repel any force fect was the engine, that the whole of that the savage inhabitants can bring these balls were lodged in a space of

against him. twenty feet square.

Our traveller Baron Humbold diTected his researches to France. 1. He

discovered the mouth of the ancient According to the census just taken by the order of government, the popula- river Seine, and attemptěd to ascend lation of New York amounts to 4,892, as far as the site of the once-famed 568 souls, that of Philadelphia to city of Paris, but he found the river 4,981,947, and the population of entirely choaked with weeds; and afWashington, our capital, exceeds six millions and a half.

The origin of this name of Waterloo is now irrecoverably lost, unless it be a corruption of the terms water low, or low

water, the bridge perhaps having been built Qurcelebrated travellers Dr. Clarke at & spot of less depth than the contiguous and Baron Humbold have just arrired' parts of the river.

ter he had proceeded about thirty same instrument ; and they very ably miles, the stream became a mere refute Dr. Camden's conjecture that muddy brook. The baron, however, the violin of ancient Europe was an infound the inhabitants of the country strument of parchment and

bells, played so inoffensive and communicative that upon by the knuckles.- Vide Report he proceeded to his object by land, of the Antiquarian Society of New protected only by two servants and York, folio, vol 1783, p. 860*. three American sailors. The people could give the baron no information whatever, but seemed by far more

The late voyage of Professor Wanignorant than the savages of England; derhagen to the moon took up a space. making up for this ignorance however, of nearly seven months, but the present by a cheerfulness of disposition at once expedition, it is expected, will take up admirable and ridiculous. These

much less time. The body of the

poor barbarians appeared fond to excess of balloon will be filled with the new gas decorating their heads and bodies with

discovered by our chemist Dr. Æthfeathers and skins died in the most erly; and which is 800 times lighter gaudy and varied colours. The baron

than the lightest gas kaown to the observed numberless groups of these

ancient Europeans. The body of this people using the most ridiculous gri- balloon will not be circular, but a polymaces, and twisting the body into a gon, of an infinity of angles, and at dozen ridiculous attitudes. They

each angle, a pair of wings, all of which, then began to dance, an exercise which are worked with the greatest precision shey seemed so attached to, that it

and facility, by the most simple but appeared to be their only recreation. beautiful machinery, These wings at The musical instrument to which these once create a draft, and determine the poor creatures were so fond of jump

direction of the air at the will of the ing and dancing, was about two feet-aeronaut, whose halloon is easily steered long, and consisted of a hollow body, by a newly-constructed air-rudder.with a solid handle of about the saine

The boat of the balloon will contain length, and curved at the extremity. twenty-five persons, and provisions for : It had four strings, extending from the a twelvemonth. This boat has two im

extremity of the handle, beyond the mense self-acting wings, which, like a middle of the instrument itself, and bird's, condense the air underneath the being held between the chin and the boat so as to assist in supporting the collar-bone by the left hand, was played machine. The boat itself will be covered on by the right with a bent stick, curved at the two ends, being drawn cork, as a non-conductor of heat ; and together with horse-hair. This we

Professor Wanderhagen, having sufhave no doubt is some species or de fered so much from the cold in his scription ofthat instrument so celebrated previous voyage, will provide himself

with a store of the condensed essence amongst the Europeans between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries of caloric," a cubic inch of which will under the name of fiddle or violiny : ** The ancient fiddle, with its cognomen,

for the Society of Antiquarians, 'in or monosyllabic præfixture, was, we fancy, : their last report, have given. it as their a low instrument, very generally played Wadecided opinion that the ancient fiddle, upon by the vulgar. Professor Von Helviola, violin, violoncello, and bass-viol, red, but a wind instrument ; but this is

mont conceives it to have been not a stringvere merely different kinds of the little more than conjecture.

keep up a brilliant light and an intense all the most secret functions of the heat for four-and-twenty hours. animal æconomy, and by the perfect

state of the various sciences, relating

to medicine, the modern physician is The new mechanical steam-coach left not only able to recover the human Philadelphia at eight in the evening of body from the various attacks of disa the 3d. ultimo, and arrived at Parrys- ease, but he is able to anticipate its burgh, Greenland, at noon on the 5th, causes, and to prevent its approach to a a distance of 893 miles in 40 hours. moral certainty. But more even thani It carried eighteen in, and twenty-seven this can be effected by the magic of outside passengers, besides a great modern science. The physician can quantity of luggage.

prolong life to treble that time which was formerly considered its natural pes

riod of duration, and can at once ren By the method of instruction which dor the human body secure from dishas been followed for nearly two centuries by the professors of our various medicines which, with infallable securi

ease and free from deformity. Those universities, a gentleman is made thoroughly acquainted with literature, plied in time for prevention, will rap

ty either, totally prevent, or if not api philosophy, and the sciences, in less ihan two years ; but according to the pidly cure the gout, stone

, phthisis new plan proposed by Professor Swift

, pulmonalis

, and other disorders, are the same perfection of knowledge may make us feeble and diminutive, the

now known to all. But, does Nature be acquired in less than twelve

physician. calculates the means by months.

which he can effect the accreation of

particles to the various parts of our Advertisement.—Shortly will be bodies, and thus render his patient published, price two dollars, The perfect in symmetry. If our teeth are Complete Farmer ; shewing the art not to the model of perfection, they by which the earth is made to produce taking those

elements of which by an

can be extracted without pain, and by four crops in the year,

and the preserved from any possibility of injury alysis teeth are found to be composed, by season or weather.

they may regenerated, and during their growth they can be formed to

the standard of ideal beauty. Is our In the 'press, and shortly will be vision imperfect, the medicines which published, price one dollar, A Des are found to affect the size and colour cription of the Patent Safety Machine, of our eyes are applied, and in a week by means of which Dr. Boreum de- those organs are both beautiful and of scended through the crater of a volcano, perfect operation. Thus we are brought and discovered the cause of volcanic to a state free from disease, a státe eruptions.

of longevity, in which our form and features have no model but that formed

by our ideas of perfection and beaity. The present maturity of the medical science is beautifully displayed by the last report of our College of Physicians. The manner in which the numerous By the assistance of the optical glasses productions of the earth are now exwhich enable us to perceive minutely changed betwveen man and man, is beautiful from the simplicity of its the common principles of our nature cause, and from the effect it has upon are found to constitute the best ba. human happiness. It was a plausible rometers of commercial policy, and theory amongst the ancients, that a individuals are permitted to trade with statesman of wisdom should sit in his their wealth, according to their own closet as in a focus of knowledge, to knowledge and calculations. Thus which should be brought all the returns we have no circuitous channels of of custom-houses, with the various re- communication—no licen sing-Londports and data of commerce-that, ing---no unloading to load again, no weighing these in the balance of wis- entering one port as a passport into dom, he should be able to instruct another, no waste of labour; man freely corporate bodies as well as individuals, exchanges with man, and the bounties as to the various channels into which of providence are diffused over the their capital and industry should flow. whole earth. From hence had arisen commercial treaties, bounties, drawbacks, imposts, licenses , &c. until the simple princi- sailed from Alaska, and the western

Last year, no less than 734 vessels ples of trade were lost in the most complex and absurd systems of com

coast of America, through the chanmercial polity. But the experience nels separating America from North of ages has at length proved what the Georgia and Greenland. It is curious speculations of ingenious men had to reflect that the very existence of previously advanced, and man is now such a passage was a probelm of diffivery properly left to direct his capital the 16th to the 19th centuries. This

cult solution to the Europeans from and labour according to his own knowledge and discretion. Is it not the was then called the North-west pašheight of impertinence for a statesman sage, and was first discovered by a to say to him who enters a commer

navigator of great celebrity amongst cial city for the purposes of trade, the ancient English ; but whether his “ Sir, you shall not employ your

name was Parry or Croker it is notv capital according to your own know- impossible to ascertain, from the im ledge and experience, but according perfect state of our records at that to my conceptions of commerce : you

period. want to trade to the West ; I think it better that trade should flow to the

The Honourable Mr. Northerly, East, and I have therefore laid heavy we understand, intends to take his duties, and even prohibitions upon lady and their children in their yacht western trade, whilst I will encourage this summer to traverse the North eastern trade by drawbacks, bounties, Pole. and special immunities?" Thus every thing was forced out of its natural channel, and every country may be A chemist, deeply read in the scisaid to have been in a sort of peaceful ences of the middle ages,

(the 18th siege. Now things are left to their and 19th centuries of the Christian own level. The compon principles æra) assures us that the English men of demand and supply are now ac- of science about the year 1800, plumed knowledged to regulate markets much themselve much upon their discovering better than legislatorial calculations and the means of making brilliant lights interference. Human necessities and by reflectors, and the different gases

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