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Containing the TITLES of all


Passed in the FOURTH Session of the EIGHTH Parliament


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland;

11° GEO. IV. & 1° GUL. IV.


11° GEO. IV.

1. AN Act to authorize the Transfer of certain Balances in the

Hands of the Clerks of the Peace of the several Counties of England and Wales on account of Lunatic Asylum Li


Page 1

2. An Act to apply certain Sums of Money, out of the Conso-
lidated Fund, and from the Aids granted for the Year One
thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine, to the Service of the
Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty.


3. An Act for raising the Sum of Twelve Millions by Exchequer
Bills, for the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred
and thirty.
4. An Act for appropriating certain Sums to the Service of the
Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty.

5. An Act to repeal the Provisions of certain Acts relating to the
Removal of vagrant and poor Persons born in the Isles of Jersey
and Guernsey, and chargeable to Parishes in England; and to
make other Provisions in lieu thereof.

6. An Act for continuing to His Majesty for One Year certain
Duties on Personal Estates, Offices, and Pensions in England,
for the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred and

7. An Act for punishing Mutiny and Desertion; and for the bet-
ter Payment of the Army and their Quarters.


8. An Act for the Regulation of His Majesty's Royal Marine
Forces while on Shore.


9. An Act to indemnify such Persons in the United Kingdom as
have omitted to qualify themselves for Offices and Employ-
ments, and for extending the Time limited for those Purposes

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respectively until the Twenty-fifth Day of March One thousand eight hundred and thirty-one; to permit such Persons in Great Britain as have omitted to make and file Affidavits of the Execution of Indentures of Clerks to Attornies and Solicitors, to make and file the same on or before the First Day of Hilary Term One thousand eight hundred and thirty-one; and to allow Persons to make and file such Affidavits, although the Persons whom they served shall have neglected to take out their Annual Certificates. Page 78 10. An Act for the Relief of Parishes from the Expences of maintaining the Wives and Families of Men convicted under the Laws for the Prevention of Smuggling, and sentenced to serve His Majesty in His Naval Service. 80

11. An Act for extending certain Provisions of an Act of the
Eighth Year of Queen Anne, for the better Security of Rents,
and to prevent Frauds committed by Tenants regarding Exe-
cutions, to certain Process in use within the County Palatine
of Durham and Sadberge.

12. An Act to indemnify Witnesses who may give Evidence, before
the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, on a Bill to prevent Bribery
and Corruption in the Election of Burgesses to serve in Parlia-
ment for the Borough of East Retford.
13. An Act for transferring certain Annuities of Four Pounds
per Centum per Annum into Annuities of Three Pounds and Ten
Shillings or Five Pounds
Centum per Annum.
14. An Act for removing the Market at present held for the Sale
of Hay and Straw from the Haymarket; and for establishing
Markets for the Sale of Hay, Straw, and other Articles, in York
Square, Clarence Gardens, and Cumberland Market, in the Parish
of Saint Pancras in the County of Middlesex.
15. An Act for relieving, in certain Cases, Vessels entering or
sailing from the Port of Berwick-upon-Tweed, from the Duties
leviable under Two Acts passed in the Forty-sixth and Fifty-
fourth Years of His late Majesty's Reign, relating to the
Northern Lighthouses.

109 16. An Act to repeal the Duties of Excise and Drawbacks on Leather, and the Laws relating thereto. 111

17. An Act to alter and amend an Act of the Seventh and Eighth Years of His present Majesty, for consolidating and amending the Laws of Excise on Malt made in the United Kingdom, and for amending the Laws relating to Brewers in Ireland, and the Malt Allowance on Spirits in Scotland and Ireland. 113 18. An Act to render valid Marriages solemnized in certain Churches and Chapels. 130

19. An Act to extend the Powers of Grand Juries in the Execution of an Act of the Fifty-eighth Year of His late Majesty's Reign, for establishing Fever Hospitals in Ireland. 132 20. An Act to amend and consolidate the Laws relating to the Pay of the Royal Navy. 133

21. An Act to confirm certain Leases of Lands for the Purposes of carrying on the Linen Manufacture of Ireland.


22. An Act for appropriating the Richmond Lunatic Asylum in Dublin to the Purposes of a District Lunatic Asylum. 179 23. An Act to enable His Majesty to appoint certain Persons to affix

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affix His Majesty's Royal Signature to Instruments requiring such Signature. Page 181 24. An Act to amend an Act for granting certain Powers and Authorities to a Company to be incorporated by Charter, to be called "The Australian Agricultural Company," for the Cultivation and Improvement of Waste Lands in the Colony of New South Wales, and for other Purposes relating thereto. 183 25. An Act to repeal an Act of the Fifty-fifth Year of His late Majesty, for procuring Returns of Persons committed, tried, and convicted for Criminal Offences and Misdemeanors. 186 26. An Act to authorize the issuing of Exchequer Bills for the Payment of the Proprietors of Four Pounds per Centum Annuities in England and Ireland who have signified their Dissent under an Act passed in the present Session for transferring such Annuities into Three Pounds Ten Shillings per Centum Annuities. Ibid. 27. An Act to make Provision for the lighting and watching of Parishes in England and Wales.


28. An Act to apply a certain Sum of Money out of the Consolidated Fund to the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty. 213

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29. An Act to suspend, until the End of the next Session of Parliament, the making of Lists and the Ballots and Enrolments for the Militia of the United Kingdom. Ibid. 30. An Act for taking an Account of the Population of Great Britain, and of the Increase or Diminution thereof. 214 31. An Act for reducing the Duty on Malt made from Bear or Bigg only, in Ireland, to the same Duty as is now payable thereon in Scotland. 230

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1° GUL. IV.

32. An Act to explain Two Acts of His present Majesty, for establishing an Agreement with the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland, for advancing the Sum of Five hundred thousand Pounds, Irish Currency, and for the better Regulation of Copartnerships of certain Bankers in Ireland. 233 33. An Act to continue for One Year, and from thence until the End of the then next Session of Parliament, the Acts for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in Ireland. 241 34. An Act to authorise the Advance of a certain Sum, out of the Consolidated Fund, for the Completion of the Shubenaccadie Canal in Nova Scotia. Ibid. 35. An Act to continue Compositions for Assessed Taxes for a further Term of One Year, and to grant Relief from and alter and repeal the said Duties in certain Cases. 242

36. An Act for altering and amending the Law regarding Commitments by Courts of Equity for Contempts, and the taking Bills pro Confesso.


37. An Act to amend an Act of the Ninth Year of His late Majesty King George the Fourth, to facilitate Criminal Trials in Scotland, and to abridge the Period now required between the pronouncing of Sentence and Execution thereof, in Cases im258 porting a Capital Punishment.

A 3

38. An

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