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THE chief writings of the Rev. SYDNEY SMITH are included in the original English editions in eight octavo volumes. These are his "Two Volumes of Sermons," 1809; the collection of his "Works” (embracing articles from the Edinburgh Review, the Plymley Letters, and other papers), 4 vols, 1839-40; a posthumous volume, "Sermons preached at St.Paul's," &c., 1846; "Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy, delivered at the Royal Institution," published in 1850. To these are to be added "Letters on American Debts," 1843; "A Fragment on the Irish Roman Catholic Church," 1845; "Letters on Railway Management," and other topics, to the Morning Chronicle; Articles in the Edinburgh Review not collected in his " Works;" numerous Sketches and Essays printed in the "Memoirs," by his daughter, Lady Holland; and the extensive series of "Letters," edited by Mrs. Austin.

These have mainly

furnished the material of the present volume. In the


[blocks in formation]

preparation of the Table-Talk, Memoir, and Notes, many collateral sources have been drawn upon.

Several of Sydney Smith's Writings, will here be found given entire; while the selection generally presents the most characteristic passages of his "Wit and Wisdom" from the whole. Numerous Miscellanies of much interest, are included which are not to be met with in any previous American collection of the author's works.

NEW YORK, May 20, 1856.

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