1 The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem, in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

2 Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth, for the Lord hath spoken: I havenourished and 'tm%fe brought up children, and they have rebelled exalted

3 against me. The ox knoweth his owner, and the ^Ezek' ass his master's crib: but Israel doth not know, 4

4 my people doth not consider. Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evil-doers, children that deal corruptly: they have forsaken the Lord, they have despised the Holy One of Israel, they are estranged and gone backward.

5 "Why will ye be still stricken, that ye revolt s Or, why more and more? "the whole head is sick, and ^keZany

6 "the whole heart faint. From the sole of the more t ye will foot even unto the head there is no sound- ^

ness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and 4fester- 4or!fresh ing sores: they have not been closed, neither

7 bound up, neither mollified with oil. Your country is desolate; your cities are burned with fire; your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, "as overthrown by 6 Or, as the

8 strangers. And the daughter of Zion is left as Z'ZngTM<* a booth in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden

9 of cucumbers, as a besieged city. Except the


1 Or, judges
* Or, teaching

"Or, as
read, to see
my face
* Heb. an
oblation of

6 Or, I cannot
away with; it
is iniquity,
ez'cn the


7 Or, set right the oppressor

Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, we should have been like unto Gomorrah.

Hear the word of the Lord, ye 1 rulers of to Sodom; give ear unto the slaw of our God, ye people of Gomorrah. To what purpose is n the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the Lord: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he-goats. When ye come "to appear before 12 me, who hath required this at your hand, to trample my courts? Bring no more Vain obla- 13 tions; incense is an abomination unto me; new moon and sabbath, the calling of assemblies,— 6I cannot away with iniquity and the solemn meeting. Your new moons and your appointed 14 feasts my soul hateth: they are a "trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them. And when ye 15 spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood. Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil 16 of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil: learn to do well; seek judgement, 7 re- 17 lieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith 18 the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. If ye be 19 willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: but if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be 20 devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it .

How is the faithful city become an harlot! she 21 that was full of judgement! righteousness lodged in her, but now murderers. Thy silver is become 2a

23 dross, thy wine mixed with water. Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves; every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them.

24 Therefore saith the Lord, the Lord of hosts, the Mighty One of Israel, Ah, I will ease me of mine adversaries, and avenge me of mine

25 enemies: and I will 'turn my hand upon thee, 1 Or, bring and "throughly purge away thy dross, and will "again"d

26 take away all thy "tin: and I will restore thy "Heb. at with judges as at the first, and thy counsellors as at

the beginning: afterward thou shalt be called r' (o' The city of righteousness, the faithful city.

27 Zion shall be redeemed with judgement, and

28 4her converts with righteousness. But the 4 Or, they that "destruction of the transgressors and the sinners

shall be together, and they that forsake the breaking.

29 Lord shall be consumed. For they shall be ashamed of the "oaks which ye have desired, "Or, and ye shall be confounded for the gardens that Urel"""'s

30 ye have chosen. For ye shall be as 7an oak 7 °r:a whose leaf fadeth, and as a garden that hath no'"

31 water. And the strong shall be as tow, and his work as a spark; and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them.

i 1 The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

2 "And it shall come to pass in the latter days, 8 See Micah that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be 'v'I—* established *in the top of the mountains, and 1 Or, at the shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations

3 shall flow unto it. And many peoples shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go 1# forth 10the law, and the word of the Lord from instruttun

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'Or, among Jerusalem. And he shall judge 'between the 4 a Or, decide nations, and shall 2 reprove many peoples: and concerning shall beat their SWOrds into plowshares, and

their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

O house of Jacob, come ye, and let us walk 5 in the light of the Lord. For thou hast for- 6 saken thy people the house of Jacob, because they be filled with customs from the east, and are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they strike hands with the children of strangers. Their land also is full of silver and gold, neither 7 is there any end of their treasures; their land also is full of horses, neither is there any end of their chariots. Their land also is full of 8 idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made. 'Or, bmueth And the mean man 8is bowed down, and the 9 fT*t .,.1 great man 4is brought low: therefore forgive

* Or, humbleth '.t> , , 1 i • 1 ,

himself them not. fc-nter into the rock, and hide thee 10 in the dust, from before the terror of the Lord, and from the glory of his majesty. The lofty n looks of man shall be brought low, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day. For ia

• Or, the Lord 6there shall be a day of the Lord of hosts upon

of hosts hath all that is prc)ud haughty, and upon al l that

is lifted up; and it shall be brought low: and 13 upon all the cedars of Lebanon, that are high and lifted up, and upon all the oaks of Bashan; and upon all the high mountains, and upon all 14 the hills that are lifted up; and upon every lofty 15 tower, and upon every fenced wall; and upon 16 all the ships of Tarshish, and upon all pleasant 'Or, 6imagery. And the loftiness of man shall be 17

watc .lowos bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be brought low: and the Lord alone shall be 18 exalted in that day, And the idols shall utterly

19 pass away. And men shall go into the caves of

the rocks, and into the holes of the 1 earth, from 'Heb,</»/.
before the terror of the Lord, and from the
glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake

20 mightily the earth. In that day a man shall
cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of
gold, which they made for him to worship, to

21 the moles and to the bats; to go into the caverns of the rocks, and into the clefts of the ragged rocks, from before the terror of the Lord, and from the glory of his majesty, when

22 he ariseth to shake mightily the earth. "Cease "TheSept. ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: verse. s for wherein is he to be accounted of?

3 1 For, behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah stay and staff, the whole stay of bread, and the

2 whole stay of water; the mighty man, and the man of war; the judge, and the prophet, and

3 the diviner, and the "ancient; the captain of !Or, tUer fifty, and the honourable man, and the counsellor, and the cunning 'artificer, and the skilful 4 Or, charmer

4 enchanter. And I will give children to be their

5 princes, and "babes shall rule over them. And 6 °t\?ith

, 1 1 11 1 1 1 childishness

the people shall be oppressed, every one by shall they rule
another, and every one by his neighbour: the <n"r tkem
child shall behave himself proudly against the
ancient, and the base against the honourable.

6 When a man shall take hold of his brother in
the house of his father, saying, Thou hast
clothing, be thou our "ruler, and let this ruin be "0r.

7 under thy hand: in that day shall he lift up his
voice, saying, I will not be 7 an healer; for in my 7 Heb. a
house is neither bread nor clothing : ye shall not Hnder

8 make me ruler of the people. For Jerusalem
is ruined, and Judah is fallen: because their
tongue and their doings are against the Lord,

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