The Homoeopathic Recorder, 8. kötet

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International Hahnemannian Association, 1893

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555. oldal - The records of these in our journals in this country, in those on the continent of Europe and in the United States of America...
305. oldal - ... arbitrary decision. I could not conscientiously treat the unknown morbid conditions of my suffering brethren by these unknown medicines, which being very active substances, may (unless applied with the most rigorous exactness, which the physician cannot exercise, because their peculiar effects have not yet been examined) so easily occasion death, or produce new affections and chronic maladies, often more difficult to remove than the original disease. To become...
346. oldal - Substances which excite a jkind of fevet^lAS very strong coffee, pepper, Aconite, Ignatia, Arsenic, extinguish the types of the fever. I took by way of experiment, twice a day, four drachms of good China. My feet, finger ends, etc., at first became cold ; I grew languid and drowsy ; then my heart began to palpitate, and my pulse grew hard and small ; intolerable anxiety, trembling (but without cold rigor), prostration throughout all my limbs ; then pulsation in my head, redness of my cheeks, thirst,...
57. oldal - OVER his keys the musing organist, Beginning doubtfully and far away, First lets his fingers wander as they list, And builds a bridge from Dreamland for his lay : Then, as the touch of his loved instrument Gives hope and fervor, nearer draws his theme, First guessed by faint auroral flushes sent Along the wavering vista of his dream.
193. oldal - Truth crushed to earth will rise again ; The eternal years of God are hers; While error wounded writhes in pain, And dies amid her worshippers.
279. oldal - By John V. Shoemaker, AM, MD, Professor of Materia Medica, Pharmacology, Therapeutics, and Clinical Medicine, and Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Skin...
372. oldal - Medical Director and Physician-in-Charge of the Fire Island Quarantine Station, Port of New York ; Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, etc. Illustrated with colored plates and wood engravings.
279. oldal - London, etc., etc. Second Edition. Revised. In two Royal Octavo Volumes. Volume I, 353 pages: Devoted to Pharmacy, General Pharmacology, and Therapeutics and Remedial Agents not Properly Classed with Drugs. Volume II, 680 pages: An Independent Volume upon Drugs. Volume I, in Cloth, $2.50 net; Sheep, $3.25 net.
206. oldal - May i, 1893. It will contain two audience rooms, seating 3,500 each, and a dozen or more halls, seating from 300 to 700 each. Ample facilities will be afforded for introductory exercises, general sessions and committee meetings under the same roof. The...
176. oldal - They to whom my foolish passion were a target for their scorn : Shall it not be scorn to me to harp on such a moulder'd string? I am shamed thro' all my nature to have loved so slight a thing.

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