fills them and adorns them with. Keep in the faith, keep in the truth, keep in the light, keep in the power; it excludes boasting in or after the feth, and keeps the mind in that humility and poverty of spirit which God hath brought, and daily further and further brings it into; and fo the humility and poverty remains (poor in spirit for ever, humble in spirit for ever, nothing before the Lord for ever) even as that remains which brought into that frame, and keeps in that frame for ever. And so the Lord of life is only exalted, and the creature kept abased before him, and low for ever ; and is nothing but as the Lord pleaseth to fill, and make it to be what it is. So what I am, I am by God's love, by his grace, by his mercy, by his goodness, by his power, by his wisdom, by his righteousness, by his holiness, which he of his own good pleasure communicateth, and causeth to spring in me, and filleth and cloatheth me with, as seemeth good in his light.

The C O N C L U S I O N. .

HERE is mention made in the book of the Revelations, in the TH

epistles from Christ to the seven churches of Asia, of a tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God (the fruit whereof is good for food, and the leaves thereof for the healing of the nations); and of hidden manna, and a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which none knoweth but he that receiveth it; and of a morning-star to be given, and power over the nations, to rule their spirit, even as Christ hath received of his Father; and of being cloathed in white, and his name confessed before the Father, (This is the sheep of my fold, the child of my Father's begetting, who is named by me among the living, I know him by his name, John x. 3.); as also of his being a pillar in the temple of God, and of going no more out, but bearing the name of God, and the name of the city of God, the new Jerusalem (which cometh down from God out of heaven); and of Christ's new name (oh! what is that!) and of sitting with Christ in his throne. This is the generation of spiritual kings, who have a spiritual kingdom, and a spiritual throne, even Christ's kingdom, and Christ's throne, the royal priesthood of God. Oh! precious things! Oh! rich glory! Surely eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor hath it entered into the heart of men to conceive what these things are.

Now he that would witness these things ; he that would know, experience, and enjoy these things, must mind that feed in which they are wrapped up, as in a seed, and out of which they spring, and shoot forth. The kingdom is in the feed, the throne in the feed, the power in the seed. He that is united to the seed, and abidech in the seed, receiveth power from the seed, and overcometh, he shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son, Rev. xxi. 7. But he that will be so, must not be fearful or unbelieving of overcoming sin, or his soul's enemies; but must depend VOL. II.



upon the almighty, and all-fufficient power of God, which will give him victory over sin, and keep him that he touch no unclean thing; that he may be holy, as the Lord his God is holy; and righteous, even as the Lord his God is righteous. Indeed it becometh the heavenly children to partake of the divine life, of the heavenly nature of their Father, and be like him. And he that partaketh of his nature, of his holiness, Heb. xii. 10. is holy, as he is holy: and he that from the holy root of purity and righteousness, doth righteousness; is righteous, even as he is righteous, 1 John iii. 7. So it is written without, and so it is teftified within, by him that is born of God, in whom the feed remaineth, which overcometh the wicked one, bruiseth him and keepeth him under: and the just live by the faith which giveth victory over him.


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I. Concerning the Seed of the Kingdom. YONCERNING the feed of the kingdom, this I have experienced ;

that it consists not in words or notions of the mind, but is an inward thing, an inward spiritual substance in the heart, as real inwardly in its kind, as other seeds are outwardly in their kind : and that being received by faith, and taking root in man (his heart, his earth, being ploughed up and prepared for it) it groweth up inwardly, and bringeth forth fruit inwardly, as truly and really as any outward seed doth outwardly. This feed is known by its contrariety and enmity against the feed of the serpent; against all the seeds of evil in the hearts of men; it discovering them, turning the mind from them, and warring against them, and bruiling and overcoming them in all that receive it, and let in its holy nature; which, as an holy leaven or salt, worketh out that which is unholy and unrighteous, dark and dead, and seasoneth with light, with life, with grace, with the holiness and righteousness of truth.

II. Concerning the Soul's Food. The foul's food is that which nourisheth it, which is the fame with that which giveth it life. Every word proceeding out of the mouth of God, every motion, every quickening, every operation of his Spirit is living, and nourisheth the foul with life, which receiveth it and feedeth on it. The spiritual Manna, the spiritual Water, from the Holy Well or Fountain, the Milk of the Word, the Flesh and Blood of the Son of the living God, his words which are spirit and life, nourish up the living birth unto life

everlasting. everlasting. How comes man to live at first; but by hearing the voice of him that giveth life? And how comes man to live afterwards, and to increase in life, but by hearing the same voice ftill? Incline your ear, and come unto me: bear, and your soul small live, &c. Ifa. lv. 3. This I have also experienced to give me life, to nourish up and strengthen me in life; even fresh life communicated from the living Fountain; and so my life is not in myself, not in any thing I can comprehend concerning Christ; but in being joined to him, in being ingrafted into him the holy root, into him the true olive-tree, into his Spirit: and so by the fap that springs up into me from him, my life is maintained and increased in me daily. Glory to his name for ever.

III. Concerning God's Power. Concerning God's power, this I have experienced ; that that is it which doth the work in the soul. It begets to God, it brings out of the land of darkness, it leads through all entanglements, and preserves in the midst of them all

. It breaks down the old building of fin and iniquity (both inwardly and outwardly, both in heart, and also in life and conversation) and raiseth the new and holy building. It makes willing, it makes obedient, it gives to believe, it gives to fuffer. Oh! blessed be the Lord for the day of his power, which is inwardly broken forth! Oh! what would the poor child do, (the poor Lambs in the midst of the Wolves, inwardly and outwardly) were it not for the Father's hand, the Father's arm, the Father's power, which is still with them, and compasseth them about! Oh! blessed are they that know the ministration of the life inwardly, the power of life inwardly! For in life, in the feed of life, is the holy power; which is manifest, appears and works, as it gains ground on the creature, to put forth and exercise in it the virtue and strength which it daily receiveth from its Father.

IV. Concerning Temptations. Concerning temptations, this I have experienced ; that the strength and hurt of them, as to the soul, lies in the foul's looking at them. For the strength of Godis revealed in his children against the tempter; which being patiently waited for, and trusted in, will never fail them. The least babe, the Lord would not have let in temptation and fin: but watch to that, and keep joined to that, which will preserve out of tempration, and out of sin. God is faithful, who hath care of all his, and whose promise is to all his : and as he would have none sin; so none that diligently wait, shall want his power to stand by them, to preserve out of fin. Look unto me, and be saved, all ye ends of the eartb. It is universally true. Look unto me, trust in me, look not at yourselves, trust not in yourselves; look not at the enemy, fear not the Ff2


enemy; I will save you from every snare, every temptation, as your eye is stedfast upon me. What if the enemy come in like a food ? If the Spirit of the Lord lift up a standard against him, can he prevail? What though he caft fiery darts? What though he besec round about? Will not the shield of faith quench them all? Will not the whole armour of God dcfend and keep safe from them all ? If the enemy be refifted lawfully, (that is, in true faith in that power which is engaged for the soul' against him) doth not the power of the Lord arise and scatter him, and strengthen and establish the soul in the grace, and in the truth? Oh! the holy mystery of the heavenly warfare, and of the working of the pure power against the enemy; which overcomes all his impurities, and keeps clean from them! Look not at the enemy; let not in the reasonings of the mind; keep in the patience, keep in the pure fear, in the holy living sense; be only what thou art in the feed, in the new birth, in the life which God hath' begotten in thee; then art thou safe, then art thou in the name of the Lord, which is the strong tower. The enemy indeed may make a noise about thee with his lusts, with his temptations, with his foods, with his storms, with his fiery darts:. but he cannot enter thy habitation. The spirit of darkness, the prince of darkness, is shut out of the land of the living. : Abide thou there : dwell in the light, and walk in the light, as God is in the light, and he shall never have power over thee.

V. Concerning Prayer. I have experienced prayer to be the breathing of that birth which God begets, to the Father of life which begat it; who by his Spirit makes known to it its condition and wants, and gives a suitable sense of heart, and cries to it. For as it is not in man to beget himself to God; 'no more can he pray to God in his own will or time, but as God pours out the Spirit of prayer and supplication upon him, and by his Spirit teacheth and helpeth him to pray as he ought. Because ye are fons, God halb fent forth the Spirit of bis Son into your hearts, crying Abba, Father. I have had a sense of the natural man, and of the spiritual man; and of the cries and prayers of each; and this I have been taught and learned of God, that the gospel-prayer is the prayer of that birth which is begotten by the Spirit and power of the gospel; and which prays in the Spirit, and in the springing of the holy life and power; whereby it rightly wrestles, and prevails with God, obtaining the mercies and blessings which it wrestles with him for. For to this child there is access from God in the faith, through that holy Spirit of life which makes

way for it, to obtain grace and mercy in the time of need. And through this Spirit it prays to God, and prevails with him on the behalf of others also. For the prayers of the righteous avail much, as it is written.

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VI. Concerning Justification and Sanctification, some things which it

hath pleased the Lord, in bis tender mercy, to give me to experience.

First, That it is the fame Christ, the fame Spirit, the same Life, the same Wisdom, the fame Power, the fame Goodness, Love and Mercy, the same Water, the fame Blood, which both justifies and sanctifies.

Secondly, That justification and fanctification go hand in hand together. There is none justified, but he that is in measure fanctified: and there is none fanctified, but he that is in some measure justified. For God justifieth by a rule (by the new covenant, and according to the law thereof); and men receive and partake of justification, according as they are brought into, and keep within, the compass of that rule. For God acted of old toward, and justified, the children of the old covenant according to the law thereof; and the children of the new covenant are justified, and partake of justification, according to the law thereof.

Thirdly, That justification and sanctification are both of and through the grace. It is fo in the beginning, and it is so al} along. By grace ye are Javed, saith the apostle. The whole work of salvation is begun and carried on through grace. It is through that, God visits and reaches to the soul, with his quickening virtue and power. He regenerates also thereby. Through that he justifies; through that he fanctifies, &c. So that as the work goes on, grace, grace, is to be cried to him that does the work, from his very laying the foundation and fastening the soul thereupon, to his very laying on of the top stone.

Fourthly, Though justification and fanctification be of God's grace and mercy in Christ; yet this doth not exclude faith: but they are also through faith, and not without it. God doth not justify man in the unbelieving state, in the dead state, in his abiding there'; but in the coming out of it, in the repenting and turning from the dead works to the living God, and in believing in him : and so he also sanctifies him..

Fifthly, Faith and obedience are of the same nature, and always go together. So that where-ever there is faith,' there is obedience likewise, and where-ever there is obedience, there is faith. Obedience flows from faith, and cannot be without it; for the very nature and virtue of faith is in it. And faith is obedience. For this is the command of God, that the soul believe on him (and in his appearances) whom he hath sent to save; and this believing is obedience unto him that commands it. And this faith, and this obedience, is holy and just in God's sight; and through it (but not without it) the soul is both justified and fanctified.

Sixthly, That the works of faith, the works of the new life, are not the works of the law, the works of the old covenant ; nor are excluded justification, as the works of the old covenant are. For I have found the Lord, who hath condemned and excluded all my doings, which ever I have been


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