Smith Miss, 52 Montpelier road | Tenbrook Mrs. A. 3 St. Margaret's pl Smith Mrs. 91 London road

Terry John, esq. 9 Hampton place Smith Richd.Carpenter, esq 3 Victoria ter Thomas Mrs. 1 Richmond terrace Smith Samuel, esq. 3 Richmond place Thompson Miss C. 12 Hanover crescent Smith Spencer, esq. 3 Adelaide crescent Thompson John, 8 Brunswick terrace Smith William, esq. 23 Bedford square Thornhill Miss, Furze hill Smith William, esq. 94 London road Thornton George, esq. 4 Richmond ter SmithWm.Corbet.esq.122Marine parade Thornton Mrs. A. C. 48 Brunswick sq Smithe Forster, esq. 13 Lansdowne pl Thornton Miss, 114 Western road Smither John, esq. 89 Montpelier road Tilbury Edward, esq. 1 Patriot place Snart Richard, esa. 3 Charlotte st Tilning Cant. George, 24 Portland pl Snelling Mrs. 23 Hampton place

Till Mrs. M. 13 Richmond terrace Soames the Misses, 1 Victoria ter. Hove Tillbrook Mrs. F. 29 Lansdowne place Sortain Rev. Joseph, 43 Norfolk square Tilsley Mrs. J. 3 St. George's road Southgate Mrs. H. 32 London road . Tilston Wm. Hen. esq. 5 Mills ter. Hove Spalding Rev. Alfred, 2 Montpelier ter Timbrell Mrs. Borough ho.51 Borough st Spencer Mrs. 12 Cannon place

Tindale Mrs. 48 Russell sqnare Stafford William W. esq.82 Grand parade Tippen Mrs. 16 Gloucester place Standen John, esg. 3 St. Peter's place Tomkyns Miss M. 5 Marlborough place Standert Wm. Augsts. esq. 28 Nw.Steine | Toppin Edward, esq. 41 Marlborough pl Statham Thos. esq. 30 York place | Toppin Miss, 5 Grafton street Staton Mrs. 68 Grand parade

Tourle Mrs. 86 Montpelier road Steel Miss M.2 Mills terrace, Hove Towner William, esa. Queens road Stent Mr. George, 51 London road Townsend Wm. esq. 11 Wykeham ter Sterling Mrs. M. 8 Marlborough place Townshend Lady John, 90 & 91 Kings rd Stevens Mrs. 113 Western road

| Tracy Hon.SirHanbury,143 Marine para Stevens Wm. esq. 13 Prince Albert st Tracy Hon. Chas.Hanbury,1 Eastern ter Steward Alexander, esq.8 Vine place Treacher Edwd.esq. 8 St. Georges pl Stewart James, esq. 13 Clifton terrace Trego Rev. James, 6 St. Peter's place Stewart Miss, 23 Sillwood place

Trelawney Mrs. 4 Hampton place Stilwell James, 31 Montpelier road Tribe Thomas, esq. 73 Edward street Stimpson Mrs. M. 22 Montpelier road Trick Capt. T. 7 Montpelier terrace Stonehewer Wm. Scott,esq. 10Brunswk.t Trickey Colonel Thomas, 6 Richmond pl Streeter Mr. Jonathan, 2 Wykebam ter Trist John, esq. 1 Upper Rock gardens Stritch Mrs. 10 Egremont place

Trocke Rev. Thos. M.A. 7 Grand parade Strong Alexander, esq. 14 Hampton pl Trotman Mrs. E. 21 Brunswick terrace Stubberfield Miss, 25 Devonshire pl | Trower John, esq. 9 Brunswick terrace Stuckey W.A. esq. 17 Prince Albert st Tuck Thomas, esq. 10 York place Stucky Mrs. 1 German place

Tudor Henry, esq. 3 Eastern terrace Sutton Henry, esq. 61 Upper North st Tugwell Mrs. P.'16 Oriental pl. Kng's.rd Swainley Mrs. 22 Portland place

Tunstill Miss E. 20 Hanover crescent Tamplin Mrs. E. 57 Old Steine

Turner James, esq. 20 Regency square Tamplin Hen. Pagden, esq. 1 Lennox pl Turner John, M.D. 7 Adelaide crescent Tamplin Richard, esq. 2 Lennox place Turner John, esq. 21 Brunswick square Tancred Sir Thos. bart.25Lewes crescent Turpin Thomas, esq. 92 London road Tanner Mr. William, 41 Clarence place Twysden Lady E. i Adelaide crescent Tapsell Mrs. Frances, 111 London road | Tyler James, esq. Clifton hill Tasker James, esq. 8 Waterloo place Tyler Mrs. 23 Montpelier crescent Taylor Capt. John, 3 Norfolk square Unwin Miss M. 80 Montpelier road Taylor Francis, esc. Devonshire place Upperton Robert, esq. 39 Brunswick ter Taylor Charles, esq. 5 Adelaide cres | Vallance Benjamin, esq. 29 Old Steine Taylor Miss, 119 Marine parade

Vallence John Brooker, esq. Hove Taylor Mrs. E. 4 Egremont place | Vane Wm. esq. 2 Upper Brunswick pl Taylor Robert, esq. 27 Old Steine

Vass Thomas, esq. 6 York prac Taylor Thomas, esq. Furze hill | Vaughan Rev. Jas. B.A.73 Montpelier rd Vernon Miss A. 22 Gloucester place | Wigett Rev. James, 8 Cavendish place Verrall Henry, esq. 35 Old Steine Wigam Mrs. A. 3 Wykeham terrace Verrall William, esq. 3 Gloucester pl | Wildman Miss, 7 Oriental pl. King's rd Veysey Arthur, esq. 11 Grafton street Wilds Henry Amon, esq. 10 Western ter Wagner Rev. Henry Michell, M.A. Wilkinson Miss, 17 'Gloucester place Vicarage, Montpelier road

Willard Major Leonard K. 46 Ship st Wake Miss C. 22 Brunswick terrace | Willard Mr. Smith, 45 Grenville place Wakefield Miss, 13 Clifton terrace Willard William, esq. 14 Cannon place Walder Mr. Charles, 73 Upper North st Williams Capt. Hamlin,57 Brunswick sq Walker Mrs. 6 St. George's road . Williams Captain John, 12 Dorset gdns Walker Miss E. 5 Victoria terrace, Hove Williams Mrs. J. 12 Gloucester place Wall Mrs. 31 Bloomsbury place

Williams Thomas, 42 Brunswick square Waller James, esq. 80 London road Williams Wm. John, esq.21 Richmond pl Wallinger Mrs. M. 23 Marine parade | Willis Mrs. 125 King's road Wallis William, esq. 3 East st

Willis Mrs. M. 45 London road Walter John, esq. 31 Egremont place | Willock Mrs. 85 Montpelier road Walters Mrs. A. 8 St. Peter's place Wills Miss C. E. 3 Waterloo place Ward James F.esq.13Lower Rock grdns Wilmot Sir Henry, bart. 7 Arundel ter Ward Robert, esg. 36 London road | Wilson Alderman, 130 Marine parade Ward Tilleard, esi. 34 West street | Wilson Alex. esq. 40 Bloomsbury place Wardell Miss M. 1 Hervey ter. Kemp tn / Wilson David, esq. 4 St. Peter's place Warneford Mrs. 50 London road

Wilson William, M.D. 38 Cannon place Warren Mrs. 45 Montpelier road Wilson William, esq. 30 London road Warren BrownlowCbas.esq.40Cannon pl Wilton William, esq. 10 St. James'st Warren John, esq. 69 Marine parade Wimble Mrs. 34 Bloomsbury place Waterman Edward, esq. 31 London rd Winchester Mrs. M.31 Norfolk square Watson Rev.Wm. Fk. W.8Montpelier cres Winder John, esq. 41 Devonshire place Watson John, esq. Wick lodge, Wick Winter Mrs. S. 12 Marine square Watson William Scott, esq.46 Norfolk sq Winter Robert, esq.6 Victoria ter. Hove Way Lady M. A. 30 Regency square Winter Thomas B. esq. 24 Cannon place Webb Benjamin, esq. 7 Burlington st Winterton Lady L. 65 Grand parade Webb Mrs. 38 Russell square

Wood Mr. Edward, 9 Vine place
Weekes Hampton, M.D. 54 London road Wood Miss, 12 York place
Weir Miss, 3 Lower Rock gardens Wood Miss M. 23 London road
Weller Mrs. C. 22 New Steine

Wood Mrs. L. 13 Old Steine
Weller Mrs. M. 31 London road Wood Mrs. S. 5 Bond st
Weller Samuel, e34. Vine place

Woodington Miss D. 6 Hanover crescent West Thomas,esq.3 Lewes cres.Kemp tn Woodman Richard, esq. 30 London road Westphal Sir George, 2 Brunswick sa Worley Mrs. J. E. 62 East st Wharton Rev. James, 10 Adelaide cres Worsdell Mı, Thomas, 88 London road Wheeler Miss C. 24 Sussex sq. Kemp tn Worthington Mrs. 11 Lower Rock grds Whibley Richard, esq. Princes place Wray Miss P. 2 Dorset gardens Whichelo Miss, 43 Montpelier road Wright Consett, esq. 7 Richmond place Whichelo Mr. MatthewA.82London road Wright Mr. Edwin, 5 Hampton place Whichelow Mrs. 9 Waterloo place Wright Thomas, 1 Clifton road White Miss, 15 Belgrave place

Wright Wm. Chas.esq.24Western cttgs. White Wm. Drake, esq. Bristol road | Wyndham Col. George, St. James' st Whitecombe Mrs. J. 2 Norfolk square Wvide Mrs. S. 4 Cavendislı place Whitehouse E.O.W. esq.17 Devonshire pl Yates Thomas, MD., 57 Regency square Whittle Misses, 26 York place

Yeates John, esq. ? Rose hill Whittle Miss, 26 Norfolk road

Young Job George, esq. 12 Oriental p Whitton Mrs. 13 Brunswick square 'Young Miss, Russell square



Abbott Charles, hairdresser, 107 Edward street .
Abraham Rev. Isaac, teacher of languages, 12 Hampton pl
Abrahams Abraham, clothier, 3 Meeting house lane
Abrahams Lawrence, silversmith, pawnbroker & elothier,

32 & 33 St. James's st. & 1 & 2 Cavendish st Abrahams Lawrence, tailor & draper, 13 North street Acton William & Son, purveyors of meat to the Queen, 10

North street Adams James, blacksmith, Hove Adams William, boarding academy, Crescent house, Marine

parade Ade Misses Sarah & Eliza, milliners, 30 Richmond place Adnam Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, 34 King's road Adnam Geo. auctioneer, house & estate agent, 31 King's rd Adnam Wm. appraiser & house agent, 25 Grenville place Agates Richard, beer retailer, 16 Kensington place Aicken Graves, watch & clock maker, 48 Grosvenor street Akehurst George, tailor, 41 Bond street Akehurst George Felix, tailor, 11 William street Akehurst Geo. Felix, Artichoke tavern, 12 & 13 William st Akehurst John, lodging house, 33 Egremont place Akeburst Peter, beer retailer, Hove Akehurst Samuel.auctioneer house & estate agent,appraiser,

undertaker & agent to Manchester fire & life assurance

company, Agency house, 10 Prince Albert street Akehurst Wm. fruiterer, 20 Marlborough place Akehurst Wm. saddler & harness maker, 78 King's road Akehurst Wm. sen. saddler & harness mak.125 St.James's st Akhurst James, grocer, 81 St. James's street Alderton Charles, tailor, 139 North street Alderton George, Victoria, Upper North street Alderton William, beer retailer, 38 Wood street Aldridge John, fish salesman, 13 Pool valley Alexander Alfred, furniture broker, 59 West street

Alger William, linendraper, 2 & 3 St. James's street
Allcorn Reuben, grocer, 26 Trafalgar street
Allen & Evershed, soapmakers, Station street
Allen Mrs. Anne, milliner, 35 East street
Allen Benjamin, blacksmith, 44 Cheapside & 19 Dorset st
Allen James, beer retailer, 60 Surrey street
Allen Mrs. Jane, beer retailer, 2 Charles street
Allen John, carpenter, 98 Western road
Allen Richard, hairdresser, 9 Market street
Allen Thomas, M.D. surgeon, 23 Regency square
Allen William, chemist & druggist, 6 Prince Albert street
Allfrey Henry, butcher, 35 William street
Allfrey James, butcher, 134 London road
Altenacker Peter, perfumer, 50 King's road
Amati Frederick, professor of languages, 46 Montpelier rd
Ambrosoni John,french & german fancy repos.57 & 58 East st
Amey John, grocer, 8 Western road, Hove
Anderson James Alexander, tobacconist, teadealer & dealer

in british wines, Queen's road
Anderson Richard, greengrocer, 2 Tidy street
Andre Edward, cabinet maker, 39 Devonshire place
Andrew Henry, day school, 14 Whitecross street
Andrew Samuel, rope & twine warehouse, 7 Little East st
Andrew William, beer retailer, 3 Little East street
Andrews Charles, newspaper agent, bookseller & stationer,

& periodical office, 11' St. James's street Andrews John, academy, 40 Grand parade Andrews Mrs. Mary, circulating library, 65 High street Andrews Thomas, surgeon, 12 Montpelier road Andrews William, lodging house, 105 Marine parade Andrews William, tin plate worker, Montague street Anscomb Zaccheus, baker, 82 Trafalgar street Anscombe Allen, huilder & surveyor, 30 St. George's road Ansell Mrs. Maria, lodging house, 9 Norfolk square Antram Francis, beer retailer, 54 Upper Bedford street Apted Miss Sarah, boys' preparatory school, 24 London road Archard John, coal dealer, 14 Cheltenham pl, North lane Archer Michael, Bristol hotel, 142 Marine parade Arden Hamar H. wine merchant to the Queen, 29 King's rd Arminger Robert, dyer, scourer & calenderer, 44 North st Armstrong John, hatter to H.R.H. P. Albert, 51 A, King's rd Arnold Edwin, grocer, 80 Carlton street Arnott James, pbysician, 28 Oriental place Arthur John, beer retailer, 77 Gloucester lane Ash Alexander, fruiterer, Market Ash George, market gardener, 14 Spring street Ashdowne Richard, baker, 2 Southover street Ashley Robert, shopkeeper, 43 Lavender street Atkins James, mahogany merchant, 31 & 33 Portland street Atkins Samuel, ladies' bootmaker, 65 King's road Atkins William, turner, Dorset street Attree, Clarke & M'Whinnie, solicitors, 8 Ship street Attree Mrs. Elizabeth, wine cooper, 42 Middle street

Attree George, auctioneer, estate & land agt. 23 St. James's so
Attree George Thomas, beer retailer, 21 Oxford street
Attree James, lodging house, 144 King's road
Attree John, furniture broker&cabinetinaker,12Gloucester la
Attree Mrs. Lucy, beer retailer, 21 Osford street
Attree Mrs. Mary, furnishing undertaker & licensed to let

horses, 23 St. James's st. & 42 George street
Attree Robert, hosier & glover, 15 & 18 Castle square
Attree Wm. auctioneer, undrtkr. & paperhanger,154 North st
Attree Wm. pork butcher, 3 Union street
Attrill John, boot & shoe maker, 3 Lower Bedford street
Aubry Edward, teacher of french, 16 Clarence place
Aucock Thomas, french polisher, 18 Bond street
Aukett John, beer retailer & dairyman, Lewes road
Austen Robert, carver & gilder, 49 Russell square
Austen Thomas, beer retailer, 60 Upper Bedford street
Austen Thomas, timber inerchant, 12 Upper, Bedford street
Austin John, baker, 1 Nelson street
Austin Robt. Montague, carver & gilder, 16 Western rd.Hove
Austin Samuel, boot & shoe maker, 38 Portland street
Austin William, lodging house, 24 Preston street
Avers William, butcher, 9 Russell square
Awcock Mrs. Sarah, butcher, 60 Western road
Aylen William, straw hat mannfacturer & milliner, 2 & 3

Royal colonnade, New road Aylin Samuel, grocer, 36 George street Ayling Thomas, coal dealer, 16 Mount pleasant Ayres James, coal merchant, 22 Gloucester lane Ayres Mrs. Phæbe, straw hat maker, 19 Sidney street Ayres William, shopkeeper, 37 St. George's road Bacon Samuel, New Steine hotel, St. James's street Badcock John, chemist & druggist, 128 St. James's street Bagnell Mrs. Ann, toy dealer, the Market Bailey Charles, bout & shoemaker, 18 Cheltenham place Bailey Mrs. Emily, straw hat manufacturer, 7 Regent street Bailey William, linendraper, &c. 22 North street

ker Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker. 6 Western road. Hove Baker Miss Harriet, boys' school, 7 & 8 Western terrace Baker David, saddler & harness maker, 5 Gardner street Baker Miss EmmaHutchinson,ladies'day school,27London rd Baker James, coach proprietor, 15 Egremont place Baker James, tailor, 103 St. James's st ( 168 North st Baker John, printer & publisher of the Brighton Gazette,' Baker John, turner, 4 Gardner street Baker Stephen, straw hat & bonnet shape manufacturer,

wholesale & retail, 42 Market street Baker Thomas, cornchandler, 3 Russell square Baker Thomas Bennett, tailor, 1 Spring gardens Baker William, musical instrument maker, 24 George street Balcomb Moses, grocer, 4 North Quadrant Balcombe Joseph, bouse agent & bricklayer, 17 Hanover ter Baldey & Son, grocers, oilmen & wax chandlers, corner of

St. James's street, & 16 German place

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