The Washington Historical Quarterly

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Washington University State Historical Society., 1920

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87. oldal - The ratifications of this convention shall be exchanged at Washington within six months from this day, or sooner if possible. In faith whereof we, the respective plenipotentiaries, have signed this convention and have hereunto affixed our seals. Done at Washington the nineteenth day of April, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty.
87. oldal - Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, on the 20th of October, 1818, shall be, and they are hereby, further indefinitely extended and continued in force, in the same manner as if all the provisions of the said article were herein specifically recited.
160. oldal - J. Franklin Jameson, director of the department of historical research of the Carnegie Institution of Washington...
87. oldal - Saving: clause. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to impair or in any manner affect or change any special law touching the schools or school system of any city or incorporated village unless the same is so stated.
87. oldal - ART. 2. It shall be competent, however, to either of the contracting parties, in case either should think fit, at any time after the 20th of October, 1828, on giving due notice of twelve months to the other contracting party, to annul and abrogate this convention; and it shall, in such case, be accordingly entirely annulled and abrogated, after the expiration of the said term of notice.
89. oldal - To prevent future collision it was agreed that no new establishment should be formed by the respective parties to the north or south of the parallel mentioned ; but the question of the right of possession beyond the existing establishments, as it stood previous to, or at the time of, the convention, was left untouched. "By agreeing not to form new establishments north of latitude 54° 40' the United States made no acknowledgement of the right of Russia to the territory abovs that line.
87. oldal - America,] by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of the said states, Robert R. Livingston, minister plenipotentiary of the United States, and James Monroe, minister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary of the said states, near the government of the French Republic; and the First Consul...
270. oldal - ... in Heitman's Historical Register, In 1917, Princeton University Press published Mexican War Diary of George B. McClellan, edited by William Starr Myers. On page 14 is a note of an entry by McClellan on a page otherwise blank, of an event several years after the Mexican War. The note as printed is: "On the 18th June, 1851, at five in the afternoon died Jimmie Stuart, my best and oldest friend. He was mortally wounded the day before by an arrow, whilst gallantly leading a charge against a party...
129. oldal - ... Edward Vernon of the British Navy by Lewis Washington who willed it to his brother George Washington. (Henry Gannett, Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States, page 217.) MOUNT WASHINGTON, see Mount Saint Helens. MOUNT WHITMAN, see Mount Rainier. MOUNT YOUNG, near Wescott Creek, on San Juan Island, in San Juan County. The name first appears on the British Admirality Chart 2689, Richards, 1858-1859. The name does not appear on American charts. MOUNTAIN VIEW, on a hill near Ferndale,...
283. oldal - BLUFF, at the north entrance to Holmes Harbor, Whidby Island. It was named by the Wilkes Expedition, 1841. (Hydrography, Volume XXIII., Atlas, chart 90.) The honor was for James North, acting master of the United States Ship Vincenues of the expedition. For another effort to name a "North Bluff," see Clallam. NORTH HEAD, at the mouth of the Columbia River, in the southwestern part of Pacific County. Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition named it Point Lewis "after my particular friend Lewis." (Reuben...

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