Standing Committee - The Rev. Messrs. Eaton, Gillette, and Dalzell, and Messrs. W. J. Hutchins and 0. Farish.

Treasurer-S. M. Swenson, of Austin.
Secretary—The Rev. Lucius H. Jones.

Delegates to General Convention--The Rev. Messrs. Eaton, Fontaine, Gillette, and Dalzell, and Messrs. Gray, Nicols, Sartwell, and Dr. Nicholson.

Trustees to the University of the South-The Rev. Mr. Eaton, and Messrs. Raymond and Nicholson.

The Rev. Alexander Gregg, of Cheraw, South-Carolina, was nominated Bishop on the second ballot of the clergy, and was then unanimously confirmed by the laity.

California. - The Annual Convention met at Marysville, California, on Wed. nesday, May 4th, Eight delegates were chosen to the General Convention, to be held in Richmond, Va., on the fifth of next October, namely : From the clergy, Revs. William H. Hill, S. C. Thrall, F. C. Ewer, and F. M. McAllister; and from the laity, Messrs. J. W. Winans, N. H. Davis, C. O. Gerberding, and Edward Stanley.




Badger, W. H.,

Bowman, March 20, 1859, St. Andrew's, Philadelphia.
Dougherty, Geo. D.,

St. James', Milwaukie, Wis.
Dunnell, W.,

H. Potter,
March 6, " ola st Geor

Old St. George's Chapel, New-York. Eddy, Clayton,


May 25, Ch. of Holy Trinity, Middletown, Ct. Hermann, Samuel, Lloyd, W. F.,

H. W. Lee, March 20,“ Grace Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. McGill,


May 26, " Christ Church, Louisville, Ky. Punnett, Thomas W., Williams,

May 25, " Ch. of Holy Trinity, Middletown, Ct. Root, N. W. T. Schramm, Charles, H. Potter,

March 6, " Old St. George's Chapel, New-York, Scott, David,


April 28, 16 St. James', Danbury, Ct. Spaulding, H. W., Kemper, March 20," St. James', Milwaukie, Wis. Tracy, Uriah T.,

H. Potter,

June 2, 46 Church of Ascension, New York. True, E. Hyde,


May 25, Ch. of Holy Trinity, Middletown, Ct. Vaughan, M. H.,

May 5,

St. Stephen's, Goldsborough, N. C.

St. Ster Witherspoon, Orlando,


May 25, Ch. of Holy Trinity, Middletown, Ct.

PRIESTS. 1 me. Bishop. Time.

Place. Abel, Rev. A. M.,

Bowman, March 20, 1859, St. Andrew's, Philadelphia Canfield, Rev. F. D., Doane, March 13, " St. Peter's, Morristown, N.J. Clarke, Rev. Sylvester,


April 27, St. John's, Stamford, Ct. Christian, Rev. William, Whittingham, March 24, " Mt. Calvary Church, Baltimore, Md. Coley, Rev. I. E.,


May 10, 4 St. James', New-London, Ct. Converse, Rev. Geo, S., H. Potter, June 2, " Church of Ascension, New York, Cornell, Rev. T. F., Doane, March 18, " St. Peter's, Morristown, N. J. Curtis, Rev, A. A., Whittingham,

Coventry Parish, Somerset Co., Md. Emery, Rev. Rufus,


April 27, " St. John's, Stamford, Ct. Gatewood, Rev. R., Johns, April 10, " Christ Church, Alexandria, Va. Gregory, Rev. Henry S., Williams, May 10, " St. James', New-London, Ct. Hall, Rev. Samuel,


Bishop. Time,

Hafens, Rev. F. S. Smith, April 1, 1859. Trinity Church, Covington, Ky.
Jones, Rev. S. Russell, Eas tburn, May 7, " St. Matthew's, Boston.
Jones, Rev. L. H.,


May 15, 6 Christ Church, New-Orleans. Langdon, Rev. W. C. Bowman, March 20, St. Andrew's, Philadelpbia. Marshall, Rev. William, A. Lee,

April 18, " St. Andrew's, Wilmington, Del. Mitchell, Rev. W., Williams,

April 27, St. John's, Stamford, Ct. Morrison, Rev. G. F., Whittingham, March 24, Mt. Calvary Church, Baltimore, Md. Ralston, Rev. W. S., Smith,

April 1, " Trinity Church, Covington, Ky. Rice, Rev. D. G., Williams, May 10, " St. James', New-London, Ct. Southgate, Rev. J. B., Burgess,


Christ Church, Gardiner, Me. Spencer, Rev. C. S., Whittingham,

Coventry Parish, Somerset Co., MA. Stansbury, Rev. —

March 14,46 Grace Church, Newark, N. J.
Whiting, Rey. N. F., H. Potter, March 6, " Old St. George's Chapel, New-York.

Bishop. Time.

St. James' Church, McCoskry, Feb. 1, 1859, Dexter, Michigan.

March 3, " Hillsdale,
Trinity Church,

April 5, 4

Shepherdstown, VA
St. Alban's Church,

May 4,

Bovina, Miss.
St. Peter's Church, A. Lee,

May 6,

Smyrna, Del.
St Stephen's Church, Atkinson, May 8, Goldsborough, N. C.
St. John's Chapel, H, Potter, May 10, Newburgh, N. J.
Grace Church,

June 2,

Salem, Mass.
St. Paul's Free Chapel, Elliott,

Savannah, Ga. St. Stephen's Church, Polk,

May 1, " Williamsport, La.

DEATHS. DIED, at his residence in the city of Baltimore, on Good Friday, April 22d, the Rev. HENRY VAN DYKE JOHNS, D.D., rector of Emanuel Church. We copy from a secular paper (the Baltimore American) the following condensed sketch of the life and labors of this earnest workman of God :

He was born in the town of New-Castle, Delaware, in the year 1803, and after passing through a thorough collegiate course, and graduating with the highest bonors, commenced a regular theological course of studies, preparatory to the work of the ministry, and was regularly ordained thereunto by the Episcopate of the diocese of his native State. Not many years elapsed ere he was called to the rectorship of St. Paul's Church, of the city of Cincinnati, and discharged the laborious and responsible duties of that field of usefulness until the month of September, 1843, when the vestry of Christ Church, Baltimore, invited him to become their pastor; an office whose duties for many years had been discharged by his brother, now Associate-Bishop of Virginia. Accepting the call, he entered upon his duties in the following month, and continued there until the year 1854, when Emanuel Church was erected by a portion of the congregation of Christ Church, who had removed to the north-western section of the city.

When the new congregation was first formed, and the newly-elected rector had preached his first sermon in the edifice, and administered the Holy Communion, it was ascertained by the vestry that the number of communicants was two hundred and forty-three. In less than five years they had increased to more than five hun. dred. Entering upon the duties of his high calling in this city, the departed rector first turned his attention to the mission work, and soon afterwards Cranmer Chapel was erected. It is a neat little building, situated in Mulligan street, near

Caroline, where divine services have been conducted regularly up to the present day, doubtless to the spiritual enlightenment of many a disciple of the Master, whom the departed rector so zealously and uniformly imitated in his work of an Evangelist.

Cranmer Chapel, however, is not the only evidence of his love for the promul. gation of the great principles of revealed religion in the midst of the humble and poorer classes of the people. Not long since, another chapel was erected in the north-western section of the city, and a flourishing Sunday-school instituted, together with the regular preaching of the word.

For more than fifteen years the deceased was President of the Maryland Tract Society, and invariably manifested a deep interest for the success of the enterprise, whilst the Bible cause, colonization interests, Sabbath-schools, and other branches of ministerial effort, all uniformly received his warm and valued support.

Died, at his residence in the city of New York, on Thursday, April 14th, 1859, the Rev. Dr. BIRD WILSON, D.D., LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Systematic Divinity in the General Theological Seminary, of New York. At the time of his death, Dr. Wilson was in the 83d year of his age, having filled the chair of Systematic Divinity in the Seminary for more than thirty years. The Episcopal Recorder thus speaks of the position and character of this venerable man:

Dr. Wilson was a Low Churchman and an Arminian, after Bishop White's pattern, as Jately defined by Bishop Onderdonk. In other words, he held a Low Churchmanship not like that of Cecil and Newton, but like that of Burnett and Tillotson; and an Arminianism which receded as much from Arminius as did Arminius from Augustin. Like Bishop White, also, Dr. Wilson was a gentleman of high tone and bearing, and a consistent Christian. His latter days were clouded by disease and affliction. The day he died, witnessed the dismissal of an aged and weary servant from earth. It witnessed, also, we can not but believe, the reception of a crowned and glorified saint in heaven.

Died, at Riverside, near Burlington, on Wednesday, April 27th, the Right Rev. GEORGE W. DOANE, Bishop of the Diocese of New-Jersey. Bishop Doane was born in Trenton, N. J., May 27th, 1799. He graduated at Union College, Geneva, in the State of New York, in 1818. He commenced the study of law in the city of New York, but shortly after abandoned it for the Church. In 1821 he was ordained a deacon by Bishop Hobart, and officiated as assistant minister four years in Trinity Church, New-York. For four years subsequent he was Professor of Belles Lettres and Rhetoric in the New Washington, now Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. In 1828 he became assistant-minister of Trinity Church, Boston, and in 1830 rector. In 1829 he was married to Eliza Greene Perkins, of Boston.

In 1832 he was consecrated Bishop of New Jersey, by Bishop White, being the twenty-ninth Bishop in order of consecration. The year after, he became Rector of St. Mary's Church, at Burlington. In addition to the more immediate duties of his Diocese, he devoted himself to the cause of education in connection with two institutions, known as St. Mary's Hall and Burlington College, the former of which is a female seminary.

Died, in the city of Philadelphia, March, 1859, the Rev. WILLIAM ALEXANDER, aged 65 years. The deceased was for some years Moral Instructor in the Philadelphia County Prison, and for the last two years was assistant to Rev. Mr. Goddard, then laboring in Philadelphia.

Died, at Mount Holly, New-Jersey, April, the Rev. GEORGE Y. MOREHOUSE, Rector of St. Andrew's Church, which position he had occupied for the last forty-four years.

Died, in Cumberland, Maryland, on Thursday, April 21st, the Rev. Dr. WILLIAM W. ARNETT, formerly of the Female Episcopal Institute, of the city of Baltimore, and Rector of the Church of the Mediator. The Western Episcopalian speaks thus:

On the 21st of April, prox., the Rev. William W. Arnett, D.D., Rector of Emanuel Church, Cumberland, Md., departed this life, at the age of 44 years. Mr. Ar. nett was formerly connected with the Methodist Protestant Church. His convictions of right and duty subsequently led him to join the Protestant Episcopal Church. After a brief residence at the Diocesan Theological Seminary, in Gambier, he was admitted to the order of Deacons, by Bishop McIlvaine, in February, 1839, and to that of the priesthood during the same year.

He officiated with much acceptance for several years at Circleville and Dayton, in this Diocese. His labors, particularly during the last years of his ministry at Milwaukee and other important points, were attended with much success, and especially near the close of his life, it pleased the Great Head of the Church to bless his efforts for the salvation of souls, in an uncommon degree. For several years previous to his death, he suffered from an affection of his throat, which, though partially relieved by the temporary suspension of his public duties, was never entirely removed.

During the past winter, he visited the southern part of the United States and Cuba, in the hope of obtaining relief from his increasing malady; but finding himself growing worse, he returned home, and a rapid consumption having seized him, he soon closed his useful life in the comfort of a reasonable, religious, and holy hope, and in the enjoyment of that peace of God which passeth all understanding. To his flock in Cumberland he was greatly endeared, and his memory will be fondly cherished by them. Mr. Arnett was possessed of a mild and amiable disposition, and of engaging manners. His deportment was uniformly modest, unassuming, and attractive. Possessed of a discriminating mind, and an ardent thirst for knowledge, he was an earnest and diligent student of the word of God-evangelical in his theological views, and eminently Catholic in his spirit. He has left a wife and five children to mourn their irreparable loss.

Died, at Polo, Ogle county, I., May 2d, the Rev. CHARLES J. TODD, Rector of Trinity Parish, aged 50 years. The deceased had labored in the ministry of our Church for between twenty and thirty years. Early in life he settled in Joliet, in this State, and there performed the duties of the ministerial calling for several years. He was subsequently a pastor in Huntington, Ct., and at one period in Ogdensburgh, New-York. A few years since he again removed to Illinois, and served the parishes at Dixon, Grand Detour, and Polo, in succession.

Mr. Todd's long labors were blessed to the upbuilding of the cause of Christ, and his loss will be deeply regretted. -- Western Churchman,

Died, at his residence in Bedford county, Va., on Sunday morning, May 29th, the Rev. NELSON SALE.

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